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    My Lovely Neighbours

    Meet my lovely neighbours, the B. Family….

    I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful, fun-loving, tight-knit family for over a decade.  Our sessions together are always full of laughter.

    First things first, it was important to capture the newest member of their family…Lily.  She doesn’t stray far from home, so we captured a few photos of her before leaving. She’s so very adored…

    Onto more family photos while Lily chilled happily at home…


    Now I will say, photographing a family you’ve known for over a decade has it’s challenges…when you tell them to group together for one last photo.

    “Like this?”


    “Is this better..?”


    I love the personality they always display within their family photos!

    Thanks once again for asking me to capture your family love.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Graduation 2017 ~ Austin and Family

    Meet Austin….

    I’ve taken photos of this beautiful family for a few years, and I was so excited when they contacted me to capture such an important milestone, Austin’s high school graduation. He has changed a lot since the last time I photographed him! He’s matured and grown in grace and carries with him that little twinkle in his eyes still.

    They are a very close family, and so very proud of him….


    Thank you so much for travelling to see me! Congratulations Austin! You have a very bright future (and a whole lot of support and love to carry you through each moment).

    From my heart to yours,


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    Leduc Grad 2017 ~ Jenna

    Meet beautiful Jenna

    A couple of years ago, her Mom Debbie (whom I adore) booked these photos dreaming of this special day. It was very important to her that this moment was captured and I was honoured to have been asked to document this milestone.

    As the final countdown of days to Grad progressed, their family had to say good-bye to a very important and adored Patriarch. A deep loss for their family.

    In addition to that, after the grad ceremony, the family was stuck in a packed parcade attempting to get downtown Edmonton to meet me for pictures. Luckily, Jenna had alternative transportation in the form of a limo and I was able to photograph her and her friends. Unfortunately, her family could not make it there in time to join in the photos.


    After I packed up…I had a nagging feeling. It just didn’t sit right with me, knowing all they were dealing with on this special day, that her big loving family did not have those photos Debbie dreamed of.

    Debbie and I texted back and forth during the Grad banquet back in Leduc, and they were able to sneak away just outside of the venue for those special photos. It’s not about the “background”, but rather capturing the pride within the day. They were so gracious; even though they were pressed for time and were inwardly dealing with heavy hearts. The sun enveloped them as they gathered together in love and solidarity.  This family is so special; full of gratitude and respect.

    Mr. Personality (Jenna’s little brother) was my light-tester-outer…


    The pride and love within their expressions says it all. Congratulations Jenna and family!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Leduc Grad 2017 ~ Terrence

    I have gotten to know this beautiful family through the years, and I respect the life they have built together.

    Their kids are respectful, kind, hardworking, and very loving. Good job raising them, amazing kids! One very genuine, caring, authentic family…

    I was invited out to their beautiful family acreage to capture this very special milestone.

    Terrence’s grad…  Lots of love and pride to celebrate!


    Congratulations Terrence, your future is bright!

    From my heart to yours,


  • Family,  Grad

    Celebrating Brennan 2017

    I was invited out to their family acreage to capture a very special event celebrating not only Mother’s day, but also Brennan’s Graduation. This big family is full of love and laughter.


    Thank you for having me out to photograph your beautiful family.  Congratulations Brennan!


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    Welcome Sweet Baby Finnigan

    Meet adorable Finn, the adventurer…

    I loved the meaningful touches they wanted to incorporate into these photos, their family of 3 moved to Canada from England. They have grown in many ways since they moved here.

    They have many loved ones back home who anxiously awaited a glimpse of this much loved little boy blue.


    Finn was showered with affection from the moment they brought him home…

    This particular shot was tricky to capture, they are a year apart (and Millie thinks he a real life doll)…. 

    This busy mamma had a birthday yesterday. Happy birthday my beautiful friend. You are so blessed.     

    Thank you for the honour of capturing this amazing milestone in your lives. Love you lots G. Family!


  • cake smashing,  Children

    Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Amelia

    It’s been a year since I photographed sweet Amelia.  To celebrate her first birthday, I was invited over to capture her smashing her first birthday cake, loving made by her creative Mom.

    We started with a few photos before brining out the cake, which was quite the task…she’s one active girl, always on the go. She also has a very easy going, happy personality. She compliments her family perfectly.

    GRO17A-015 web GRO17A-030 web GRO17A-038 web GRO17A-069 web GRO17A-079 web GRO17A-132 web GRO17A-147 web GRO17A-162 web GRO17A-165 web GRO17A-170 web GRO17A-179 web GRO17A-180 web GRO17A-181 web GRO17A-183 web GRO17A-188 web GRO17A-192 web GRO17A-197 web GRO17A-204 web GRO17A-206 web GRO17A-216 web GRO17A-227 web GRO17A-231 web GRO17A-240 web

    Happy birthday baby girl!

    From my heart to yours,




  • cake smashing,  Children

    Happy Birthday Sweet Jordyn

    It’s been a year since I photographed sweet Jordyn. She still sports a full crown of beautiful raven hair. What a doll!

    She came over to smash her 1st birthday cake…only it turns out she doesn’t like cake on her hands. Depths of despair level 😉

    Her Mom brought over the cutest outfits, so we had some fun leading up to the cake smash (and even a Santa visit too)…

    joh16-043-web joh16-047-web joh16-053-web joh16-059-web joh16-063-web joh16-073-web joh16-089-web joh16-096-web joh16-103-web joh16-105-web joh16-106-web joh16-112-web joh16-115-web joh16-116-web joh16-120-web joh16-121-web joh16-122-web joh16-124-web joh16-127-web joh16-128-web joh16-136-web joh16-140-web

    Happy birthday Jordyn! Thanks for the great afternoon.

    From my heart to yours,




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    The L. Family 4 years later

    My beautiful and full-of-life friend Bonnie asked me to photograph her family once again. As always, it was a pleasure.


    It’s been 4 years since their last family session, and a whole lot of change happened in those 4 years. Look at how much their beautiful kids have grown and matured.


    lan16-034-web lan16-054-web lan16-089-web lan16-102-web lan16-116-web lan16-131-web lan16-142-web lan16-157-weblan16-010bw-web lan16-170bw-web lan16-174-web lan16-226-web lan16-245-web lan16-268-web Thank you so much for the great family session and braving the cold. You have such an amazing family. Much love!

    From my heart to yours,