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    Meeting a Superhero in an Alley

    I met up with the most adorable little superhero in an alley…

    Ker11-003 web

    Sawyer turned 4! Every year we get together to celebrate his birthday so I can capture exactly who Sawyer is at each year of his active little life.

    His parents give him complete freedom to do whatever he wants during the session (which is awesome for me as a photographer). The results are 100% Sawyer…

    Ker11-016 web

    Ker11-040 web

    Ker11-017 web

    A little superhero love after saving his damsel in distress, all in a day’s work…

    Ker11-027 web

    Ker11-054 web

    Ker11-056bw web

    Ker11-063bw web

    Ker11-102bw web

    Ker11-123bw web

    Ker11-084 web

    Sawyer Triptych2 web

    Sawyer Triptych web

    Every superhero needs a side kick, lucky for Sawyer his side kicks enables him to fly…

    Ker11-215 web

    Ker11-218 web

    Ker11-180 web

    Ker11-196 web

    Ker11-312 web

    Ker11-252bw web

    Thank you for another fun session, I can’t wait to see what year 5 brings!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Brandy’s Back!

    You may remember Brandy from last year, she’s back with even more focus and determination and ready to compete once again!  When we began our session, I immediately saw differences from last year’s shoot. First of all she has this glow!

    Der3-363 web

    We thought it would be fun to do another comparison shot. The white backdrop photos were taken exactly a year ago (six weeks apart from one another) and the black backdrop is this year. I can definitely see you added more muscle and definition Brandy!

    Brandy Comparison web

    Look at that back!!!!

    Der3-276r web

    Der3-285bw web

    Der3-289bw web

    Der3-394bw web

    Der3-116bw web

    Der3-017 web

    Der3-337 web

    Der3-385 web

    Stay tuned for part 2 of our session, Brandy and her two gorgeous girls (yes, this strong woman as 2 kids!).  We had lots of fun together and I loved photographing their connection.

    Thank you Brandy, best of luck in your competitions!


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    My Beautiful Friend Amy Tatreau

    Meet my hilarious, talented, smart & beautiful friend Amy Tatreau…

    Tat1-078 web

    When I met Amy a few years ago, I instantly liked her. She oozes confidence in a way that’s so welcoming because of her genuine spirit. It goes without saying, she is always entertaining. We got together so I could photograph the many faces of Amy.

    I’m proud to call her my friend! Without further delay this is my fabulous friend Amy…

    Tat1-129 web

    Tat1-154 web

    Tat1-149bw web

    Tat1-155bw web

    Tat1-166 web

    Tat1-193 web

    Tat1-212 web

    Tat1-316 web

    Tat1-351bw web

    These next two photos are so very Amy…

    Tat1-424bw web

    Tat1-425 web

    Tat1-263r blur web

    Thank you so much for asking me to capture you Amy!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Three Fun Years of Sawyer!

    Meet Sawyer (I adore this boy)!

    Sawyer 3 yr Triptych web

    I’ve been taking photos of Sawyer and his sister since they were babies. Every year their parents book me for their birthdays to document exactly who they are at each stage of life. The BEST part about this arrangement is their parents give them complete freedom to do whatever they want during their sessions. It’s completely unstructured and I just chase them around for an hour.

    Because they each get their very own birthday shoot, the only tricky part for the kids is that it’s frustrating when it’s not their turn.  Take for example Sawyer’s expression during his sister’s artistic birthday shoot earlier this year…

    9-250 web

    Now it’s Sawyer’s turn and he’s into dump trucks, playing in dirt making mud pies, exploring with walking sticks, and making “alphabet soup potion” in the water.

    He’s lively, inquisitive, energetic, talkative, and 100%  hilarious.

    Ker10-056 web

    Ker10-066 web

    Ker10-067 web

    Ker10-075 web

    He was enthralled with making mud pies, until he realized he was dirty…

    Ker10-180 web

    Then he beckoned for wipes…immediately. STAT.

    Ker10-208 web

    All clean…

    Ker10-228 web

    His big sister and Dad joined in for a couple photos (by the way, that tree trunk has magical powers).

    Ker10-043 web

    Ker10-047 web

    You may not be able to tell from these photos, but he’s really fast. He had us all running the entire session!

    Ker10-240 web

    Ker10-255 web

    Ker10-257 web

    Ker10-261 web

    Ker10-263 web

    Ker10-127 web

    Happy birthday Sawyer!

    Thank you for yet another fun session. I can’t begin to explain how much I love documenting the kid’s milestones.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Leah at the Lake

    Meet my beautiful niece Leah.

    Aug4-165 web

    Leah graduated this year from high-school. We live a couple hours away from one another, so unfortunately I wasn’t there to photograph her on her actual grad day.  We decided the perfect time for a grad session would be during our family vacation at Loon Lake, SK (Makwa Lake).  I come from a large family; I’m one of six girls. Every year since my sisters and I were little, we’ve vacationed at Loon Lake.  We have many great family memories spending our summers together swimming, boating, fishing, and huddled around campfires talking over one another . We’ve continued our yearly vacation tradition as we’ve all grown up and now have kids of our own.  Leah is my sister Sharon’s daughter, and she’s the youngest of three. Sometimes it’s hard to believe she’s grown up.  I still have flash backs of Leah as a little girl sporting her huge smile and long flowing black hair.  I feel a special bond with Leah, and she often gets told that she looks a little like her Auntie Chrissy.

    We started our session on Jumbo Beach.  A special thank you to my sister Brenda, and to my niece Dianna for helping me for Leah’s shoot. You made the perfect “wind” and held the off-camera flash at just the right angle. 🙂

    Aug4-132 web

    Aug4-133 web

    Aug4-169 web

    At Steel Narrows there is a gorgeous view of upper Makwa lake that I’ve admired every time I’ve driven past it. I’ve always wanted to photograph it…this was the perfect opportunity.

    Aug4-218 web

    It was just after 8 p.m.  The sun was setting over the lake and the weather was perfect.

    Here’s a behind the scenes shot of my sister Brenda helping us out.  After 5 minutes of holding the light stand like that, I realized I didn’t tell her that she could simply drop the legs and tilt it rather than hold it up. Ooooopsie Daissssey 😉

    Aug4-216 web

    Aug4-230 web

    Aug4-231 web

    Just when the light was at it’s prettiest, we heard the coyotes howling. At first it was just a few, and they sounded (to me anyway) like they were far away. My sister looked at me with big scared eyes and says “WOLVES!!! We are surrounded by Wolves!” and I replied “It’s just a couple of coyotes, keep holding the light.”

    All of a sudden in the opposite direction, more coyotes joined in. I will admit they did sound very close and I’ve never actually heard that many all together howling. I looked at Brenda and she was panicking…running around in a small circle holding my light stand.  Her panic transferred to Leah who thought for sure we should run for our lives. Both of them were screaming “Wolves!!! Let’s get out of here! The shoot is over.”

    And what did I do?  I just kept shooting, even when Leah tried to run away. “Don’t move! Stand still. Don’t look so scared. it’s perfect light! They won’t hurt us I’m sure. Brenda stop running in circles and hold the light steady.”

    I will admit, when I got home I kind of expected to see 200 coyotes (or as Brenda would say “Wolves”) in the background of these photos. That would have been awesome!

    Aug4-222 web

    I can only assume the coyotes were scared off by Brenda and Leah’s screaming, and as quickly as they started…they stopped and we continued on for the best light of the night.

    Aug4-240 web

    Aug4-264 web

    Aug4-271 web

    Aug4-273 web

    Thank you so much Leah for the fun night! Love you and I’m so proud of you!

    Auntie Chrissy

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    Beautiful Brandy Six Weeks Later

    If you follow my blog, you will no doubt remember buff Brandy!  She booked two fitness shoots six weeks apart to document her hard work as she trains for the Alberta’s which is only days away.

    Click HERE to view her fitness shoot from six weeks ago. My jaw literally dropped at the difference in her body within such a short six week period!  I have so much respect for her dedication, motivation, and work ethic.

    Here are two comparison shots to show what Brandy has accomplished with her hard-work!

    Brandy's 6 Week Transformation web

    Brandy's 6 Week Transformation2 web

    You amaze me Brandy!

    2-005 web

    2-107 web

    2-092 web

    2-093 web

    2-141 web

    2-126 web

    Brandy's Poses web2

    2-228bw web

    2-298bw web

    2-171rbw web

    2-255 web

    Good luck Brandy! I have no doubt you will be successful.

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    Sun-Kissed Mariah in the Cherry Blossoms

    Meet beautiful Mariah…

    McGrann1-102 web

    Last year for a Graduation present, family friends got together and bought Mariah a photo session. We decided to book a date when cold, white Alberta turned green once again.  She picked the perfect week, rays of sunshine kissed blooming trees while orbs of fuzz floated lightly in the breeze like little pixie dust. Perfect.

    As I was going for a run wondering what location we would use, I ran by these Cherry Blossom trees which happened to be close to the train tracks.  The flowers were budding and I hoped they would bloom enough for her session.  Thankfully after a good rain pour and some sun, the vibrant pink blooms opened just enough to take advantage of them.  I love Cherry Blossom photos, but I’ve never hit the right time to use them for colourful framing.  Thank you Mariah for making it happen!

    McGrann1-026 web

    McGrann1-074 web

    McGrann1-131 web

    McGrann1-113 web

    Mariah brought her younger brother Dylan with her. I quickly took advantage of his services and enlisted him as my lighting assistant. ha! Thank you Dylan for doing such a great job, you added just the right pop of light into the photos.

    I had to giggle because without even asking him, he walked backwards while holding the reflector for this shot. The quality of highlights just wouldn’t have been the same without you!

    McGrann1-353 web

    McGrann1-183 web

    McGrann1-227 web

    McGrann1-151 web

    McGrann1-271 web

    McGrann1-319 web

    McGrann1-327 web

    McGrann1-284 web

    McGrann1-420bw web

    McGrann1-476bw web

    McGrann1-460 web

    McGrann1-469 web

    There’s an element of movement involved with almost every shoot (I’m a sucker for movement), and this was no exception…

    McGrann1-359vintage web

    Thank you so much for the fun night! I loved every minute of it!


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    Maddy Graduates with Old-Hollywood Flare

    Meet Maddy…

    Olt1-051 web

    She graduates this week-end! I love her complexion…like a porcelain doll. She’s not only beautiful, but she has an amazing personality too. Kind, fun, witty, smart, sweet and cheeky all at the same time.

    Olt1-069 web

    Olt1-063 web

    Her dress is stunning! Timelessly beautiful, with old-Hollywood dazzle. Love it!

    Olt1-080 web

    She exudes vintage flare…

    Olt1-046bw vintage web

    Olt1-105bw vintage web

    Olt1-208bw vintage web

    Olt1-230vintage bw web

    Her beautiful Mom (who I am honoured to call a friend) brought this intricate laced umbrella back from New Orleans. A perfect purchase to add to the glamour of Maddy’s dress.

    Olt1-183r web

    Olt1-186 web

    Olt1-237 web

    Olt1-284 web

    Olt1-262 web

    Olt1-369 web

    Olt1-335r vintage web

    Congratulations Maddy! I loved every minute of our session together. Enjoy your Grad beautiful!


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    Beautiful Brogan Graduates

    Meet Brogan…

    Brog1-055 web

    This week-end is her Graduation! It was just three years ago that her sister Paige was over to capture her Grad photos. How time flies!

    Brogan was a dream to photograph, as was her boyfriend/escort Greg. They make a cute couple. 🙂

    Brog1-031 web

    Brog1-034 web

    During the session, Brogan channelled a little Cinderella and a little Marilyn Monroe (both creative ideas from her Mom)…

    Brog1-125 web

    Brog1-112 web

    Isn’t she stunning?! I just loved the movement of her vibrant dress.

    Brog1-142 web

    Brog1-144 web

    And now for a little shoe envy! Love, love, love her shoes…

    Brog1-132 web

    Brog1-137 web

    Brog1-050 web

    Brog1-182 web

    Brog1-191 web

    Brog1-220 web

    Brog1-247 web

    Brog1-248 web

    Brog1-178bw vintage web

    Congratulations Brogan! I had so much fun capturing this amazing time in your life! Enjoy every minute of your Grad.


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    Jump Jordan Jump!

    Three years ago, my beautiful neighbour friend Michelle mentioned to me that she would like to capture her son Jordan’s Taekwondo skills since he reached 3rd Dan (which I learned means third degree black belt). Jordan trained at Tiger Studios in Leduc for 8 years.

    We never really set a date for this shoot but we would talk about it here and there. Finally, we decided last minute to do a sunset shoot given the beautiful +24 day we had. Poor Jordan was given one days notice and it had been three years since he last formally trained.

    I knew Jordan reached 3rd Dan, but I had no idea what that meant as far as his amazing capabilities. I was in awe of how high he could kick!

    We decided on a location near the water, and Telford Lake was our best bet and made for a beautiful sun-kissed backdrop for our shoot.

    Michelle brought her video camera along, like the proud Mom she is. I’m sure in the background of her footage you can hear Michelle and I yelling “Jump Jordan, Jump! OK now jump again. Jump higher! Jump once more! Jump Jordan, Jump! The sun is in the wrong spot, jump again. Jump over the sun. My timing was off, can you jump again? Are you hurt? No? Good, because I need you to jump one more time. I lied, jump again. Do that round-about-jumpy-thingy now.”

    JBranda-004 web

    Do a hand-stand now Jordan! Do hand-stands have anything to do with Taekwondo? No? Wouldn’t it be fun to do anyway?

    JBranda-194 web

    Jordan was a great sport, and I have so much respect for his technique and skill. Amazing!!!

    JBranda-132 web

    JBranda-020 web

    JBranda-077 web

    JBranda-081 web

    JBranda-086 web

    JBranda-088 web

    JBranda-092 web

    JBranda-197 web

    JBranda-206 web

    JBranda-236r web

    Thank you for the fun evening, much respect Jordan!

    Your friendly neighbour,