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    Terri Gosse of TLC Mindset

    Meet Terri…


    She is a Certified Coach Practitioner and owner of “TLC Mindset”  based out of Beaumont, Alberta. I have the utmost respect for Terri…she is strong in mind/body/spirit, driven, motivating, hard-working, and truly authentic.

    She helps clients to eliminate their limiting beliefs and empower them to take action. Her belief is that a richer more fulfilling life comes from taking consistent small steps towards your goal.

    Visit her website HEREhttps://tlcmindset.ca

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tlcmindsetbeaumont/

    It was an honour to photograph you Terri!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Beautiful Brennan Skates

    For quite some time Laurie and I have talked about doing a shoot for her daughter Brennan celebrating her love and talent for skating.  Weather, ice conditions, and one thing or another delayed us.  And then….everything came together on a beautiful sunshiny day. Bren looked so graceful, powerful, happy and beautiful skating while her proud Mom looked on. They have such a close connection, I was very honoured to capture both Bren’s love for skating and their close Mom/Daughter relationship.

    Oh, and it also happens to be Laurie’s birthday today, so I hope these photos bring you much joy on your special day!!! 🙂

    sir16-270r websir16-282 web sir16-152 web sir16-157 web sir16-173 web sir16-224 web sir16-243 web   sir16-071 websir16-311 web sir16-314 web sir16-318 web sir16-346 web sir16-359 web sir16-364 web sir16-386 web sir16-397 web sir16-407 web

    Thank you so much for the amazing afternoon!

    From my heart to yours,



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    Inspiring, Strong & Beautiful Kathi

    Meet beautiful, strong, inspiring and motivated Kathi…

    Ber15-062 web

    I was so excited to captured her dedication and hard work. I love photographing milestones, especially fitness, and this is one Kathi should be very proud of. Strong, confident and proud, love it!

    Ber15-244 webBer15-098 web Ber15-046 web

    She’s also a fabulous personal trainer and a fitness kickboxing instructor. Woman of many talents. Check out her FB page: Total Balance Personal Training.

    Thank you to Glam Girl Hair & Makeup Artistry for the beautiful job on hair and makeup!

    Ber15-145 webBer15-174 web


    Ber15-102 webBer15-049 web  Ber15-087 web      Ber15-203 web  Ber15-261 web

    Thank you so much for the fun morning Kathi! Congratulations on reaching another fitness goal, you inspire me!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Pinup Bride

    Pinup Bride ~ MUA: Makeup by Kailee

    Meet the gorgeous, confident, full-of-life, vivacious Megan.


    Mil14-043 web

    Isn’t she absolutely stunning?

    Mil14-066 web

    She contacted me with the BEST gift idea for her soon-to-be hubby, a pinup shoot. In fact, as I’m typing this, it’s their wedding day and her hubby is about to be blown away by his gorgeous wife’s pinup beauty.

    This is her other love, her Harley. Megan and her husband share a passion for riding, what a fun adventurous couple!

    Mil14-139 web

    Mil14-100 web

    She has the best infectious laugh ever, you can’t help but laugh along with her.

    Mil14-105 web Mil14-131 web Mil14-132 web   Mil14-160 web Mil14-180bw web Mil14-206 web

    Mil14-137r webMil14-217 web Mil14-224 web Mil14-261 web

    Congratulations to you both on your wedding day! May your life together be an amazing adventure full of love and laughter. Thank you so much for asking me to capture your beautiful spirit Megan.


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    Power & Beauty ~ Kayla

    Meet beautiful, strong, confident, and creative-hair-genius Kayla.

    Tho14-103 web

    She tackled a big goal this year, to step on stage and compete. She gave it her all, and placed 4th in her class! I’ve seen first hand the dedication and hard-work Kayla puts into each and every workout.

    She’s one powerful woman…

    Tho14-063 web

    Tho14-043 web

    Tho14-055 web

    Tho14-034 web

    Tho14-108 web

    Tho14-037 web

    Tho14-011 web

    Tho14-096 web

    Tho14-015 web

    Tho14-118 web

    Congratulations Kayla, you should be so proud of yourself! You are amazing.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Symmetry in Strength ~ Beautiful Brandy

    You may remember strong and beautiful Brandy from previous posts, she’s back for another round of competition.

    In just two days, she’ll step on stage for Masters and Open Class for Women’s Physique. When she talks about competing, her face lights up and her spirit shines…it is truly her passion.

    She’s an important woman to many, her two beautiful girls who look up to her with pride, as well as the many women she works with through personal training, contest prep, and nutrition coaching. She’s respected by many.

    Der14-211 web

    Der14-008bw web

    Der14-257bw web

    Der14-108 web

    Der14-028 web

    Der14-339 web

    Der14-269bw web

    Der14-113 web

    Der14-061 web

    Der14-156 web

    Der14-232 web

    Der14-054bw web

    Der14-338 web

    I know you are going to kill it on stage Brandy! Congratulations on another year of competing with a ridiculous amount of dedication and focus. Thank you once again for trusting me to capture all your hard-work!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Citadel Drilling Rig #1 Opening

    I was excited I was asked to photograph the brand new Citadel Drilling Rig #1 as they celebrated with a Rig Opening.

    As I pulled up, there was the most brilliant perfect sun dog around the towering Rig…lucky sign!

    CitRig1-003 web

    CitRig1-339 web

    CitRig1-548 web

    CitRig1-196 web

    CitRig1-221 web

    CitRig1-226 web

    CitRig1-118 web

    There was a great sense of pride within all who are involved with this beautiful Rig. A true labour of love.

    CitRig1-363r web

    CitRig1-023 web

    The crew is anxious to get Rig 1 out drilling…

    CitRig1-464 web

    CitRig1-469 web

    Along with the beautiful weather and an amazing lunch, the day also held tours of the Rig and the equipment.

    CitRig1-073 web

    CitRig1-087 web

    CitRig1-103 web

    CitRig1-095 web

    CitRig1-326 web

    CitRig1-173 web

    CitRig1-184 web

    CitRig1-139 web

    CitRig1-147 web

    CitRig1-144 web

    CitRig1-285 web

    CitRig1-155 web

    CitRig1-106 web

    CitRig1-318 web

    CitRig1-361 web

    CitRig1-286 web

    CitRig1-280 web

    CitRig1-041 web

    Citadel Collage2 web

    Being an Oilfield Wife myself, my favourite part of the day was when friends and family came to show their unyielding support. Kids walking hand-in-hand with a parent to get a tour of this huge amazing rig they’ve heard so much about.

    CitRig1-529 web

    CitRig1-533 web

    An Oilfield life is a family investment. Through the trials, blood/sweat/tears, hard work, time apart from family… there is an incredible amount of pride that lives within this culture.

    As I was taking these photos of families standing in front of the Rig they’ve invested their lives within, I couldn’t help but realize this moment captured within a photograph is one that will be remembered within the time vault of their life story. The start of something amazing, and worth every bit of sacrifice…

    CitRig1-486 web

    CitRig1-446 web

    CitRig1-398 web

    CitRig1-515 web

    CitRig1-519 web

    CitRig1-437 web

    CitRig1-542 web

    Citadel web

    Cheers to all your hard work and making this dream into a reality. Congratulations on the unveiling of Citadel Rig #1! Can’t wait to see Rig #2 (and many more). 🙂

    From my heart to yours,


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    Chaundra’s Journey to Success

    Meet the incredibly strong, vibrant, driven, kind & beautiful Chaundra..

    Sar14-188 web

    I’m so happy she found her way to me so I could photograph her amazing accomplishment. She also happens to be the proud Mom of 2.

    I love hearing other’s story, in her own words: “I set out on a journey back in Sept 2013 toward improved health and vitality. I was unhappy with my weight and was ready to make change for myself. As I began to lose weight and improve my physique I found myself falling in love with fitness. My ultimate goal evolved into wanting to step on stage at a figure competition with the best body I could. On June 7th I realized my goal and walked proudly on stage with a brand new physique, outlook on life, strength and confidence. Success!” Chaundra

    Chaundra’s hard work paid off, she placed 4th in her figure class! An amazing accomplishment after all of her hard work. Congrats girl!

    Sar14-018bw web

    Sar14-121 web

    Sar14-227 web

    Sar14-137 web

    Sar14-201 web

    Sar14-280bw web

    Sar14-182 web

    Sardoff Diptych web

    Sar14-273 web

    Sar14-107 web

    Sar14-191 web

    Sar14-048bw web

    Chaundra and I wanted an image showcasing motion and colour that symbolized freedom, strength, and the courage it takes to conquer a goal. This last image was a collaboration towards those feelings…

    Sar14-288 web

    Thank you Chaundra for making the trip to see me. You should be so proud of yourself. You are ridiculously amazing and have inspired me simply in the time we spent together.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Strength and Beauty: Bonnie

    Meet my fun, beautiful, strong friend Bonnie (otherwise known as Bon Bon…fits her perfectly).

    Lan14-070 web

    Lan14-056 web

    We met at a Mom’s playgroup years ago. Yup, this stunning woman is the proud Mom to three amazing kids.

    Lan2-006bw vintage web

    When she told me her plans to walk the stage at Northern’s in Edmonton this year, I knew she would give her whole heart and soul to this journey. She’s one tough chick with amazing motivation and drive.

    Lan14-270 web

    Lan14-299 web

    I am so honoured to have been able to capture all her tenacity and hard work. I adore her, no matter how much time passes between seeing each other, we just pick up where we left off. Genuine friendship without pressure is a gift; I’m very thankful Bon Bon is in my life.

    Along with photos of her physique, she also wanted photos with the love of her life…her husband Trevor. Together they support one another through life’s goals and dreams. Powerful team…

    Lan14-131 web

    Lan14-096 web

    Lan14-023 web

    Lan14-027r web

    Langton Diptych web

    Lan14-113 web

    Lan14-213 web

    Lan14-106 web

    Lan14-100bw web

    Lan14-266 web

    Lan14-186 web

    Lan14-246 web

    Lan14-154 web

    Lan14-305 web

    Congratulations my friend, much respect and love. xoxo

    From my heart to yours,