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    The Loving L. Family

    Meet the loving L. Family…

    KLit14-105r web

    This was my first time meeting them, and I was immediately struck by how much they support one another. They show their deep loving & fun connection within their interactions. In between shots, I could hear their laughter behind me. It was a pleasure to photograph them.

    This photo maybe an unconventional family photo, but one that is true to life. This amazing couple have shared 33 years of marriage and adore their family. Through the busy years (4 girls which include twins!) they have persevered through life’s trials and joys, and through it all they stand proud in love and strength.

    KLit14-282r web

    Their eyes light right up when they are with their grandsons…

    KLit14-197r web

    Just months apart, these cousins will be life long friends…

    KLit14-202 web

    KLit14-154 web

    KLit14-093r web

    KLit14-165 web

    KLit14-178r web

    KLit14-245 web

    KLit14-022 web

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    KLit14-262 web

    KLit14-231 web

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    KLit14-160 web

    It was so great to meet you all, thank you for the amazing evening! Much respect for your beautiful family

    From my heart to yours,


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    Symmetry in Strength ~ Beautiful Brandy

    You may remember strong and beautiful Brandy from previous posts, she’s back for another round of competition.

    In just two days, she’ll step on stage for Masters and Open Class for Women’s Physique. When she talks about competing, her face lights up and her spirit shines…it is truly her passion.

    She’s an important woman to many, her two beautiful girls who look up to her with pride, as well as the many women she works with through personal training, contest prep, and nutrition coaching. She’s respected by many.

    Der14-211 web

    Der14-008bw web

    Der14-257bw web

    Der14-108 web

    Der14-028 web

    Der14-339 web

    Der14-269bw web

    Der14-113 web

    Der14-061 web

    Der14-156 web

    Der14-232 web

    Der14-054bw web

    Der14-338 web

    I know you are going to kill it on stage Brandy! Congratulations on another year of competing with a ridiculous amount of dedication and focus. Thank you once again for trusting me to capture all your hard-work!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Animal Kingdom!

    I had the opportunity to photograph 4 stunning horses and a beautiful dog yesterday.  I wanted to capture a feeling of freedom and strength in these pictures.  Fortunately for me, they were very well trained by their owner and I was able to get the shots I was hoping for.








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    I decided it was time that I started blogging.  I’ll try my best to update this blog often as I continue my photography in Leduc!  I’m having a great time working with such great, fun-loving families and I am looking forward to the Spring, Summer, and Fall time that are always full of great colours, textures, and beautiful weather.

     Last week I had the opportunity to take pictures of a beautiful little girl named Addison.  She was so good during our photo shoot and I was able to catch some great character shots. We had such a great time together!