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    Pinup Bride

    Pinup Bride ~ MUA: Makeup by Kailee

    Meet the gorgeous, confident, full-of-life, vivacious Megan.


    Mil14-043 web

    Isn’t she absolutely stunning?

    Mil14-066 web

    She contacted me with the BEST gift idea for her soon-to-be hubby, a pinup shoot. In fact, as I’m typing this, it’s their wedding day and her hubby is about to be blown away by his gorgeous wife’s pinup beauty.

    This is her other love, her Harley. Megan and her husband share a passion for riding, what a fun adventurous couple!

    Mil14-139 web

    Mil14-100 web

    She has the best infectious laugh ever, you can’t help but laugh along with her.

    Mil14-105 web Mil14-131 web Mil14-132 web   Mil14-160 web Mil14-180bw web Mil14-206 web

    Mil14-137r webMil14-217 web Mil14-224 web Mil14-261 web

    Congratulations to you both on your wedding day! May your life together be an amazing adventure full of love and laughter. Thank you so much for asking me to capture your beautiful spirit Megan.


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    Sarah’s Spirit

    Meet Sarah. She’s simply stunning.

    S-093 web

    “Your Spirit” sessions are a celebration of who you are…right now at this stage of your life.  Sarah just turned 30 and wanted to celebrate this next stage with a photo shoot.  How amazing is that!?

    You can’t tell through these pictures, but Sarah sports an English accent. Everything she says sounds fancy! 🙂

    On a personal note, I have to tell you how I met Sarah.  She used to live in the UK and along with her husband, daughter, and a son on the way, they bravely decided to pull up roots and move to Canada.  I was part of an online group for individuals who were new to the Edmonton area.  Sitting in her home in the UK, Sarah googled “Online Mom Groups in Edmonton” and happened upon the same group I was part of  (which our friend Tawny moderated) and we “met” there countries apart.  So yes it’s true we “met online”.

    When I first met Sarah face-to-face I immediately loved her.  She has a heart of gold. She is soft-hearted, kind, silly, fun, cheeky, welcoming without judgement, and carries with her an infectious zest for life.  She has a laugh and smile that transfers to the people in her presence.  She’s one of those people that is a giver of energy.

    Since we’ve met, I have watched an amazing transformation within Sarah over the past 2 1/2 years that brings a smile to my face.  Since moving to Canada, she has welcomed a beautiful baby boy to their lives, has continued to foster the curiosity and bright spirit within her daughter, and is a great strength of happiness and support to her husband. She’s a treasured friend.  She has recently gone back to work as a hairdresser and let me tell you, she is wicked at what she does!  She has a real talent for bringing out the confidence in her clients.

    Amy and I were so excited to capture her spirit. She exudes a vintage vibe with a modern flare.

    A little background over the theme behind her photo shoot…The suitcase and train tracks symbolizes the journey she has been on which honours her routes but also holds so much possibility for her bright future.  This is also the reason for her choice of wardrobe…It’s a mixture of old and new. Past and Present. Honour and Promise.

    Without further ado…this is Sarah’s Stunning Spirit.

    S-039 web

    S-138 web

    S-187 web

    S-172 web

    S-238 web

    S-269 web

    S-294 web

    S-310 web

    S-332bw web

    S-366bw web

    S-392bw web

    S-361 web

    S-348 web

    S-387 web

    S-377 web

    S-433 web

    S-471 web

    S-399 web

    And one last one that shows her fun side when a farmer happened upon our little photoshoot…

    S-319 web

    Thanks Sarah…to steal one of your sayings “I Loves Yer Heaps Sweet Pea”. XOXO

    To view Amy’s capture of Sarah’s Spirit, visit her blog post HERE.

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    Tawny’s Spirit

    Amy and I jumped at the opportunity to capture Tawny’s spirit.  Tawny is one of those people that light up a room when she enters.  She is reflective, passionate, vivacious, but also carries with her a peaceful demeanor that just puts others at ease.

    These pictures signify a place that she has come from, but most importantly a future that she is embracing with a spirit of promise and enduring power.  The blanket of clean fresh snow represents the new, the tree represents a time in her past, and the red is all about empowerment .

    This is Tawny’s Spirit.

    TS__001 web

    TS__092 web

    TS__159 web

    TS__154 web

    TS__189 web

    TS__255 web

    TS__240 web

    TS__261 web

    TS__315 web

    TS__273 web

    TS__361 web

    TS__330 web

    TS__368 web

    Thank you Tawny for sharing your beautiful spirit with us!

    For more information about Your Spirit sessions, please visit my website and click the “Coming Soon” tab or check out the Spirit Session tab under the Categories menu above.

    To see Amy’s capture of Tawny’s Spirit, please visit her post here.
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    Tammy’s Spirit

    My talented friend Amy and I got together for our second Your Spirit session. Your Spirit sessions are all about capturing the spirit and beauty found within every woman.

    I treasure the photos I have of my parents through out the years, and adore the photos that truly capture their spirit.

    Amy and I are so excited about the chance to capture the spirit of women for those who love them most.

    For more information about Your Spirit sessions, please visit my website and click the “Coming Soon” tab or check out the Spirit Session tab under the Categories menu above.

    To see Amy’s capture of Tammy’s Spirit, please visit her post here.

    Meet Tammy. She is confident, beautiful, kind, and so much fun.

    This is Tammy’s Spirit…

    S__091 web

    S__210 web

    S__207 web

    S__144 web

    S__304 web

    S__347 web

    S__082 web

    Tammy Layout copy web

    S__270 web

    Thank you Tammy for allowing us to capture your beautiful spirit!