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    Welcome to the World Amelia!

    You may recognize my fancy British friend Sarah from other sessions I’ve blogged.  They welcomed a beautiful healthy baby girl Amelia to their family, and I’m so happy for them!

    Gro16-196 webGro16-049 web

    Sarah brought out her wedding dress and head piece for a few photos, a treasured image celebrating the past and the present.

    If Amelia could talk, I’m sure she’d offer you a spot of tea. 😉

    Gro16-069 web

    Amelia has two very loving caretakers and friends for life. They argue over who gets to hold her first, and they are a great help to their parents.

    Gro16-015bw webGro16-016bw web  Gro16-135 web Gro16-164 web Gro16-158 web

    She is one loved little girl…

    Gro16-185 web  Gro16-216 webGro16-207 web  Gro16-060 web

    The clock is set to the time of her birth…

    Gro16-230 web Gro16-238 web

    An Amelia out-take as we were waiting for her to show us her little dimples…

    Gro16-097 web

    Ahhhh, there’s those fleeting dimples…

    Gro16-086r web

    Thank you so much for having me into your home to capture Amelia and your beautiful family. I sure do love your family!

    From my heart to yours,

    Christine (Clicky)


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    Welcome to the World Sweet Evan

    Meet sweet baby Evan…

    Per16-124 web

    He has two very special protectors and life long friends…Per16-019bw web

    There’s a whole lot of love within this busy family…Per16-158rbw web

    Per16-056 web  Per16-034 web  Per16-025 web

    Per16-105 web

    Per16-070 web    Per16-131r web  Per16-199 web Per16-214 web Per16-215 web Per16-218 webPer16-082 webThank you so much for inviting me into your home to photograph your beautiful family! Evan is a sweetheart!

    From my heart to yours,




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    Welcome to the World Sweet Jordyn

    Meet sweet little Jordyn, she’s an absolute doll…

    Joh15-048 web

    She’s a very special early Christmas present to her adoring Mom. I’m happy to call this beautiful Mamma my friend and I can’t wait to watch Jordyn grow right along with her ever expanding heart.

    Joh15-344 webJoh15-250 webJoh15-491 webJoh15-374 web Joh15-281 web Joh15-201 web

    She’s already an Oiler’s fan…

    Joh15-293 web Joh15-307 web  Joh15-357 web  Joh15-381 web Joh15-385 web Joh15-394 web Joh15-402 web Joh15-430 web

    Thank you so much Kristina for having me over to photograph Jordyn. She’s such a precious gift. You are doing amazing at Motherhood, as I knew you would. I love you both!

    From my heart to yours,




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    Welcome to the World Mallie

    I’ve had the pleasure of capturing this family’s milestones through the years. I was so honoured to photograph their newest bundle of joy…Mallie, a beautifully perfect 9 pound 2 ounce baby girl.

    Mallie Olynyk Collage copyOLY15-096 webOLY15-292 web

    A sister for the girls. Three little beauties who will always be one another’s best friend and confidant…

    OLY15-073 web OLY15-083 web OLY15-257bw web

    Mallie is one loved little girl…

    OLY15-114bw web OLY15-220 webOLY15-133 webOLY15-174 webOLY15-103 web

    OLY15-165bw web        OLY15-276 web OLY15-268 web

    A comparison photo of each sweet baby girl, taken on the steps leading to their family home full of love.

    Olynyk Triptych web2

    Congratulations! Your family is very blessed, Merry Christmas!

    From my heart to yours,



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    The Story of Halle

    It was only three weeks ago, when I photographed the L. Family as they anxiously awaited the arrival of their baby girl. It was a trying pregnancy with preterm labour at 32 weeks, a successful stopping of contractions that led to bed rest, and a fast delivery 24 days early.

    Welcome to this beautiful world sweet and perfect-in-every-way Halle Bri!

    LitNB14-419 web

    She is one loved Little girl. The L. Family are cherished friends to our family, we are very thankful we get to share so many of life’s poetic moments together. Halle was dreamed about for a couple of years before the happy news was finally brought to their hearts when they were least expecting it.

    I will never forget the text I received from Char sharing their amazing news with us. I think our faces tell the story of just how excited we were for their family…

    Char Story

    Halle must have known how lucky she is to be a part of this loving family, that she arrived ahead of schedule. Happily so…

    LitNB14-035r web

    Shy is the best Little big sister ever, she adores Halle. What a beautiful duo, friends for life…

    Little Diptych3 web

    There are few things in life more adorable than newborn details. From her tiny toes, rosebud lips, delicate fingers, to wisps of peach fuzz that covers her tiny body.

    Halle in Detail web

    I love photos that tell a story through the years. The top photo was taken in 2010 when Shy was just days old, the bottom photo was taken a few days ago: Shy (3 1/2 yrs), her little sister Halle (10 days), and their protector Duke…

    Little Diptych web

    The L. Family: 22 days apart, grown by 2 feet…

    Little Diptych2 web

    LitNB14-362 web

    Char and Barry are completely in love with their perfect little princess…

    LitNB14-220 web

    LitNB14-201 web

    LitNB14-174 web

    LitNB14-238 web

    LitNB14-226 web

    A predestined football fan…not sure how this one will pan out as Mom and Dad have different favourite teams 😉

    LitNB14-394 web

    LitNB14-391r web

    Either way, she’ll be happy to cheer along with her family…

    LitNB14-405 web

    As we took a break so Halle could eat, I had this vision of the girls as adults looking back at these photos and seeing how very loved they were from day one.

    LitNB14-182 web

    LitNB14-187r web

    LitNB14-116 web

    Shy has much to teach her. She’s full of personality and spunk

    LitNB14-009 fb web

    LitNB14-353 web

    Thank you for once again asking me to document your family love story. Can’t wait to see what the next years hold for you all.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Welcome Beautiful Ellie

    Meet the O. Family…

    Oly5-230r web

    Sitting on the same steps leading to their family home, these photographs are a little over two years apart…

    Olynyk family diptych

    They didn’t know if they were having a boy or girl, and they patiently awaited their treasured arrival a week over due. She was worth the wait, perfect in every way. Welcome to the world Ellie!

    Oly5-059 web

    Brynn is very excited to be a big sister

    Brynn Ellie Olynyk diptych

    Oly5-019 web

    Being a week overdue, her little soft nails are peeling and her delicate skin is flaking. These details are important to capture so they are always remembered, newborn love…

    Oly5-061bw web

    Oly5-118bw web

    Oly5-047bw web

    Oly5-054bw web

    Oly5-089bw web

    Oly5-090bw web

    Oly5-072 web


    There is nothing cuter than a newborn yawn…

    Oly5-152 web

    Oly5-188 web

    Oly5-204 web

    Oly5-224 web

    Thank you for asking me to photograph sweet baby Ellie, I adore your family! You are so blessed.

    From my heart to yours,



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    Welcome to the World Sweet Lawson

    On a beautiful day back in January, I met with Rachel and Trevor who were getting ready to meet their baby boy.

    Millar1-288 web

    He’s finally here!!! Welcome to the world sweet baby Lawson! He’s absolutely perfect.

    Millar2-285 web

    Millar2-052 web

    It’s always an honour to capture the first official family portrait (and of course these parents look FABULOUS and make parenting look easy!)

    Millar2-202 web

    They are completely in love with him…

    Millar Diptych web

    Millar2-265bw web

    Millar2-223bw web

    Millar2-249 web

    Millar2-310 web

    Millar2-245 web

    Love the way Lawson looks up at his Mom…how sweet is that?!

    Millar2-085 web

    Millar2-062 web

    Millar2-060 web

    Millar2-049 web

    And so it begins. I’m sure there will be many more years to come of Lawson sticking out his tongue when Mom and Dad kiss. 😉

    Millar2-151 web

    Congratulations!!! I’m so very happy for you all. You have a very special family, full of love and joy. You are blessed.

    Thank you for driving to see me (a trip I understand was a little more tricky with a newborn this time)

    From my heart to yours,


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    Welcoming Lucas with Love

    Welcome to the world sweet bright-eyed Lucas.

    12-106 web

    Oh my, he’s adorable! As the G. family walked into my house for his newborn session, I could feel the huge amount of love for this tiny little boy. A few week ago, we met for a maternity session (click HERE to see the post). The girls were excited to finally meet their baby brother and now that he’s here they are full of devotion (and kisses) for him.

    12-010 web

    12-006 web

    12-014 web

    12-133 web

    Their excitement is infectious!

    Lucas was bright-eyed for most of the session, he finally gave in to sleep thanks to his Mom’s gentle touch.

    12-066 web

    12-084 web

    12-110bw web

    12-082bw web

    12-201rbw web

    12-241 web

    12-271 web

    12-225 web

    12-236 web

    Congratulations G. Family.  I’m over the moon happy for you all. Much love!


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    Welcome Beautiful Baby Hannah

    Meet my cousin’s sweet addition, Miss Hannah…

    2-179 web

    2-199 web

    Isn’t she beautiful?! She’s 8 weeks old, and has the brightest eyes.

    Meet her big sister Hailey…

    2-036 web

    2-021 web

    I hadn’t officially met Hailey until this session, the last time I saw her she looked like this…

    Jax1 web

    If you have the honour of spending any amount of time with their family you will feel a whole lot of love within it. They are amazing.

    2-071 web

    2-272bw web

    2-056bw web

    2-057bw web

    2-016bw web

    2-174bw web

    2-245 web

    2-101 web

    2-127 web

    2-300 web

    Congratulations!!! My kids are so excited to have another baby cousin to love. You are very blessed!

    Love: Christine

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    Welcome Sweet Payton

    Meet my Cousin’s newest addition, sweet baby 2-week-old Payton. She’s a doll.

    3-140 web

    I’ve photographed their family story starting with their wedding, to their maternity session when they were expecting their first, to Logan’s newborn session. And now look at him…He’s growing up so fast!

    3-004 web

    3-007bw web

    I was happy to photograph this next step in their family love story. They are so blessed to have such a beautiful family full of love, faith, and happiness.

    3-028bw web

    3-015 web

    3-014 web

    3-036 web

    3-038bw web

    3-051bw web

    They now have matching photos of the next two images below, we did this same pose with Logan.

    3-054bw web

    3-072 web

    3-089 web

    3-080 web

    3-111 web

    3-157 web

    3-173 web

    3-195 web

    3-248 web

    3-215 web

    3-236bw web

    Welcome to the world (and to our big, loud, crazy family) Payton. You are one loved little girl.

    Congratulations Rob and Kendra!!!

    Love: Christine