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    The Family We Choose

    Meet the Little Family…

    Lit14-361 web

    Lit14-362 web

    They are our family. Not by blood, but through years of growing, memories, good times & hard times, much laughter, many bottles of red wine (soon Char can toast with us again), and a whole lot of love. We’ve been through so many of life’s roller coaster events together, and I am so honoured to be a part of documenting this next exciting chapter for their beautiful family…baby #2.

    Our plan was to rent a Studio location downtown to achieve the full-of-light, ethereal, romantic feel we were going for, but they were thrown a big curve ball when Char went into pre-term labour. Thankfully, they were able to stop the contractions; however, at a cost of one Momma at home for the next few weeks putting her feet up and relaxing.  This is no small task for active, vivacious, full-of-energy Char.

    So an at-home session it was, and I’m really pleased with how it all turned out. Sometimes things are just meant to be.

    Shy, proud to be 3, and her little buddy Duke…

    Lit14-027r web

    She’s going to be the best Little big sister ever…

    Lit14-067 web

    She’s so adorable! She’s our little buddy.

    Lit14-128 web

    Her Mom and Dad shower her with a ridiculous amount of love and support…

    Lit14-108 web

    Lit14-408 web

    Lit14-404 web

    Lit14-410 web

    Lit14-159 web

    Lit14-146 web

    Lit14-138bw web

    Lit14-225bw web

    Char is glowing at 34 weeks…

    Lit14-186r web

    Char and Barry compliment one another perfectly. They are an amazing couple who we love and respect so much…

    Lit14-171 web

    Lit14-343 web

    Lit14-214 web

    Lit14-389 web

    Lit14-175 web

    Lit14-305r web

    Lit14-156 web

    Lit14-437 web

    Thank you for another great session! I can’t wait to meet “Mini” Little.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Cassey will soon be a Big Sister!

    Meet the M. Family…

    mil13-039r web

    mil13-031r web

    They will soon welcome a new addition to their family…

    Miller Diptych WEB

    Cassey has a lot of love to give! She’s going to be an incredible big sister. She’s already named the baby, and her amazing parents have decided to actually use the name Cassey has been calling the baby for months. How cool is that?!

    Miller Triptych WEB

    We’ve gotten together for the past four years for photos, and I truly appreciate the time they put into driving to see me. At some point during previous sessions, Cassey finds her way to a big pile of leaves. This year was no exception…

    mil13-270 web

    mil13-268 web

    Isn’t she adorable?!

    mil13-131 web

    I asked her to pick whatever pose she wanted for this next shot, love it!

    mil13-061 web

    mil13-068r web

    mil13-087r web

    mil13-081r web

    mil13-223r web

    mil13-221 web

    mil13-018r web

    Miller Diptych2 WEB

    Thank you so much for travelling to see me, I can’t wait to meet your newest addition!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Acreage Life with the O. Family

    I’ve photographed the O. Family through the years, before they were engaged, expecting their first baby, welcoming beautiful Brynn, a family session, and yesterday I made the trip to their beautiful acreage to capture their next exciting chapter…

    Oly4-454 web

    Olynyk Diptych WEB

    The best part is, they didn’t find out what they are having. Perfect surprise, I vote girl.

    We were blessed with the most beautiful sky that changed with every minute that passed allowing rays of sunlight to flood through…

    Oly4-488 web

    Oly4-503 web

    Oly4-512 web

    Oly4-521 web

    Oly4-527 web

    Oly4-534 web

    Oly4-546 web

    The acreage photo-bomber…

    Oly4-587 web

    Oly4-588 web

    Oly4-596 web

    Oly4-612bw web

    Oly4-623bw web

    Oly4-573bw web

    Brynn’s Dad brought home these matching tops from Mexico. We looked around their beautiful property for the perfect place to take the last photos.  We thought the garden would be fitting; Mom and Daughter by the garden they plant, weed, and eat together. These are the types of photos daughter’s treasure when they grow up and look back on their childhood. There is something so special and memorable about Mom’s garden…

    Olynyk Triptych WEB

    Thank you for once again asking me to capture your amazing family! I can’t wait to meet your newest addition.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Niki & Josh

    Meet Niki and Josh (and their baby bump too)

    Hop1-177 web

    This beautiful couple happens to be family. In March, they will welcome a new addition to their lives, their first baby. I’m so happy for them.

    I love that they wanted outdoor snow photos for their maternity session and they were troopers as they stood in the snow listening to me repeat “Just one more shot” over and over. Thankfully a couple of blankets and heated vehicle seats made for some relief between shots.

    Despite the chilly temperatures, they sure do exude a whole lot of warmth and love…

    Hop1-038bw web

    Hop1-163bw web

    Hop1-103bw web

    Hop1-133bw web

    Hop1-069 web

    Hop1-061 web

    I’ve been waiting for just the right couple to photograph by this blue wall to make those blue eyes pop.

    Hop1-188 web

    Hop1-191 web

    Hop1-205 web

    Hop1-206 web

    Hop1-194 web

    Hop1-251 web

    Hop1-273r web

    Thank you for travelling to see me. I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby. Congratulations!!!


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    Trevor and Rachel

    Meet Rachel and Trevor

    Millar1-168rbw web

    In 5 short weeks, they will welcome a baby boy into their world. This was my first time meeting them in person. I was immediately struck by their positive energy and love for one another. I had e-mailed Rachel back and forth leading up to the session; when I finally met her in person, I had no idea she would be sporting THE BEST Australian accent!

    They are a fun couple with a zest for life. They radiate excitement as they await the arrival of their much loved Valentine’s baby.

    I love the way Trevor looks at her…

    Millar1-191bw web

    Millar1-078 web

    Millar diptych web

    Millar1-061 web

    LOVE the striped socks too…

    Millar1-082 web

    Rachel rocks pregnancy with style and grace…

    Millar1-228r web

    Millar1-154r web

    Millar1-335 web

    Millar1-349bw web

    Millar1-322 web

    Millar1-295 web

    Millar1-289 web

    Millar1-288 web

    Millar1-291 web

    Millar1-301 web

    Thank you for travelling to see me; I had so much fun! I can’t wait to meet your baby boy.


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    The Best Surprise of All

    Meet M. and A.

    dec1-095 web

    dec1-101 web

    They will soon be welcoming a new addition to their family.  This is their first child and they have no idea if it’s a boy or a girl.  There are few surprises in life and this will be the best surprise of all.

    dec1-034 web

    dec1-038bw web

    dec1-127 web

    dec1-130 web

    A. is glowing and she’s so photogenic!

    dec1-140 web

    dec1-160 web

    As I was photographing them, I was touched by their tender and loving connection.  They laughed through out the session and they both have the best laugh ever! It’s the kind of laugh that makes you want to laugh along with them and you just can’t help but feel happy in their presence. I know they will be incredible parents and a strong example of love and devotion just as they have built within their strong marriage.

    dec1-191 web

    dec1-197 web

    dec1-213 web

    dec1-220 web

    dec1-222 web

    dec1-228 web

    dec1-238 web

    dec1-221 web

    Thank you so much for the wonderful evening! I can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or a girl!


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    Welcoming a boy into the mix

    If you’ve visited my blog before, you will recognize the G. Family…

    Glim11-017r web

    Glim11-100 web

    As I was getting ready for their session, I realized this will be our 11th session together. We’ve laughed through maternity, newborn, and family sessions for 4 years. This session was bitter sweet. Exciting changes happened for their family and they are moving to the States for a career opportunity. Dad was missing from the photos as he is already working there, but he’ll be back to Canada very soon to join in the waiting game as they prepare to welcome their newest addition.

    We’ve become friends through our 11 sessions together. Their sincerity, generosity, and kindness has made a memorable impact on me. They’ve invited me to their kid’s birthday parties, brought me home-made chocolate treats at Christmas, and most importantly they’ve shared the gift of their time. Truthfully, I have tears in my eyes as I write this blog post…I feel such a close bond with them as a family and I sure will miss them.

    Very soon they will be welcoming a baby boy into the mix of all-things-girl. A BOY!!!!

    Glim11-206 web

    Glim11-025 web

    Glim11-026 web

    Glim11-120 web

    Glim11-115 web

    Glim11-194 web

    J. is stunning as always. She’s an incredible Mom and pulls off the role with grace, patience, and beauty…

    Glim11-066 web

    Glim11-174 web

    Glim11-145 web

    We took a small break for snack time, and even during their snack-break they provided the most adorable displays of love to photograph…

    Glim11-148 web

    Glim11-150 web

    Glim11-152 web

    Glim11-035bw vintage web

    Glim11-212bw vintage web

    Glim11-159r web

    Thank you so much for asking me to document this exciting time in your life, and for the memories through our previous sessions as well.

    Much love (mixed with sadness that you are moving, but also mixed with excitement for your future),


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    Hanging with the K. Family

    Meet the K. Family

    0-017 web

    They are lots of fun…

    0-376 web

    I was so excited when Megan asked me to photograph this amazing time in their lives, and also a little nervous since Megan is a talented photographer with such a genuine, pure, and unique style.  She rocks. Check out her work here if you want to feel a whole range of tug-at-your heart emotions: http://www.megankellerphotography.com/index2.php

    As I was getting ready for their session I was remembering my Elementary school days.  Why? Because Megan’s Mom Mrs. Bauer was my favourite Elementary school teacher. She was (and still is) the most patient, engaging, and fun music teacher IN THE WORLD.  She had this commanding yet gentle fun way of gaining the whole school’s attention during assembly.  She would clap a rhythmic little series, and we would clap back.  Vermilion peeps, you know what I’m talking about, there’s undoubtedly clapping going on in your mind right now and if I say “Ta Ta Tee Tee Ta”, you will revert back to your Vermilion Elementary School days.

    So onto more of the story…Megan is creative, talented and musical. We grew up together in the same church and I watched her grow in talent and beauty. The best part about Megan is her authentic, quirky, fun, and genuine personality.  She later fell in love with Kyle who is a funny, kind, and gentle soul. They are a PERFECT match. He’s also a talented musician and they would often lend their musical talent to the Sunday morning worship team. After I moved to Leduc, I was back in Vermilion to shoot a wedding and I ran into Megan at the wedding. She told me she had a passion for photography and I told her about Hope Walls who I was taking workshops from in Edmonton. Megan took the workshops the next year, and we had the opportunity to both be a part of team “Clickin’ Cancer’s Butt” photographing the Edmonton Relay for Life a few years ago.

    Fast forward to today…Megan and Kyle have a sweet, curious, full-of-energy 2 year old little boy named Sully, and baby #2 on the way. Yesterday, I was lucky to capture this incredible stage in their lives. I was so excited when Megan told me her Mom would be coming along to the session, it brought back great childhood memories and I wanted to clap when I saw her. 😉

    Without further adieu…Meet the BEST music teacher in the world, Mrs. Bauer (who is obviously head-over-heels in love with her grandson)

    0-323 web

    Enough talk, onto a sneak peek of their fun family love story….

    0-328 web

    0-170 web

    0-122 web

    0-068bw web

    0-098bw web

    0-216bw web

    0-188bw web

    0-186 web

    0-240 web

    0-247 web

    0-286 web

    0-299 web

    0-340 web

    0-398 web

    0-418bw web

    0-421 web

    0-442 web

    0-446 web

    0-450 web

    Thank you so much for the fun morning. You are so blessed (and the best part is: you know just how blessed you truly are).

    Love: Christine

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    The F. Family of Four, Soon to be Five

    Meet the F. Family…

    0-115rbw web

    They will soon welcome a new addition! There is no doubt this baby will be surrounded by a lot of love….

    0-164bw web

    0-168 web

    0-188 web

    0-133 web

    0-130 web

    0-102 web

    0-059 web

    0-178r web

    These two love birds celebrated their anniversary the day after our session. There’s so much tenderness and love between them. Happy Anniversary!!!

    0-082bw web

    0-195bw web

    0-322bw web

    0-217 web

    0-302 web

    0-304 web

    You are so beautiful C.!

    0-399 web

    0-407 web

    0-334 web

    0-224 web

    I was just about to take the photo below, when at the very last second, sweet T.

    popped in behind Mom and Dad. The look on her face is full of love.

    0-425 web

    0-432rbw web

    Congratulations F. Family! I can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or a girl. You are one lucky family.


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    Christmas Bump in the Snow

    Meet my dear friend Linda…

    2-039 web

    Isn’t she stunning?

    Linda and Greg are so excited for the much anticipated arrival!

    2-149 web

    2-014 web

    In just 6 weeks, Linda and Greg will find out if they are welcoming a boy or a girl. Oooooh, there is nothing better than a surprise, I can’t wait to find out!

    2-107 web

    2-093 web

    2-095 web

    2-087 web

    2-100 web

    2-124bw web

    2-114bw web

    2-142bw web

    2-177bw web

    2-069 web

    2-017 web

    2-029 web

    Meet their adorable puppy Max (love his crooked Santa hat). I must say, he doesn’t sit still for long so photographing him was a bit of a challenge! As I was taking pictures of Linda and Greg, he poked me several times with a stick (actually it was more of a log) wanting to play. He has a HUGE personality. 🙂

    2-056 web

    2-151 web

    2-182 web

    2-174 web

    2-171 web

    2-163 web

    You are absolutely glowing my friend!

    Thank you both so much for braving the snow. I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait for the newborn session…coming soon. xoxo

    Love, Christine