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    The Story of Halle

    It was only three weeks ago, when I photographed the L. Family as they anxiously awaited the arrival of their baby girl. It was a trying pregnancy with preterm labour at 32 weeks, a successful stopping of contractions that led to bed rest, and a fast delivery 24 days early.

    Welcome to this beautiful world sweet and perfect-in-every-way Halle Bri!

    LitNB14-419 web

    She is one loved Little girl. The L. Family are cherished friends to our family, we are very thankful we get to share so many of life’s poetic moments together. Halle was dreamed about for a couple of years before the happy news was finally brought to their hearts when they were least expecting it.

    I will never forget the text I received from Char sharing their amazing news with us. I think our faces tell the story of just how excited we were for their family…

    Char Story

    Halle must have known how lucky she is to be a part of this loving family, that she arrived ahead of schedule. Happily so…

    LitNB14-035r web

    Shy is the best Little big sister ever, she adores Halle. What a beautiful duo, friends for life…

    Little Diptych3 web

    There are few things in life more adorable than newborn details. From her tiny toes, rosebud lips, delicate fingers, to wisps of peach fuzz that covers her tiny body.

    Halle in Detail web

    I love photos that tell a story through the years. The top photo was taken in 2010 when Shy was just days old, the bottom photo was taken a few days ago: Shy (3 1/2 yrs), her little sister Halle (10 days), and their protector Duke…

    Little Diptych web

    The L. Family: 22 days apart, grown by 2 feet…

    Little Diptych2 web

    LitNB14-362 web

    Char and Barry are completely in love with their perfect little princess…

    LitNB14-220 web

    LitNB14-201 web

    LitNB14-174 web

    LitNB14-238 web

    LitNB14-226 web

    A predestined football fan…not sure how this one will pan out as Mom and Dad have different favourite teams ūüėČ

    LitNB14-394 web

    LitNB14-391r web

    Either way, she’ll be happy to cheer along with her family…

    LitNB14-405 web

    As we took a break so Halle could eat, I had this vision of the girls as adults looking back at these photos and seeing how very loved they were from day one.

    LitNB14-182 web

    LitNB14-187r web

    LitNB14-116 web

    Shy has much to teach her. She’s full of personality and spunk

    LitNB14-009 fb web

    LitNB14-353 web

    Thank you for once again asking me to document your family love story. Can’t wait to see what the next years hold for you all.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Welcome Sweet Payton

    Meet my Cousin’s newest addition, sweet baby 2-week-old Payton. She’s a doll.

    3-140 web

    I’ve photographed their family story starting with their wedding, to their maternity session when they were expecting their first, to Logan’s newborn session. And now look at him…He’s growing up so fast!

    3-004 web

    3-007bw web

    I was happy to photograph this next step in their family love story. They are so blessed to have such a beautiful family full of love, faith, and happiness.

    3-028bw web

    3-015 web

    3-014 web

    3-036 web

    3-038bw web

    3-051bw web

    They now have matching photos of the next two images below, we did this same pose with Logan.

    3-054bw web

    3-072 web

    3-089 web

    3-080 web

    3-111 web

    3-157 web

    3-173 web

    3-195 web

    3-248 web

    3-215 web

    3-236bw web

    Welcome to the world (and to our big, loud, crazy family) Payton. You are one loved little girl.

    Congratulations Rob and Kendra!!!

    Love: Christine

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    Hanging with the K. Family

    Meet the K. Family

    0-017 web

    They are lots of fun…

    0-376 web

    I was so excited when Megan asked me to photograph this amazing time in their lives, and also a little nervous since Megan is a talented photographer with such a genuine, pure, and unique style.  She rocks. Check out her work here if you want to feel a whole range of tug-at-your heart emotions: http://www.megankellerphotography.com/index2.php

    As I was getting ready for their session I was remembering my Elementary school days. ¬†Why? Because Megan’s Mom Mrs. Bauer was my favourite Elementary school teacher. She was (and still is) the most patient, engaging, and fun music teacher IN THE WORLD. ¬†She had this commanding yet gentle fun way of gaining the whole school’s attention during assembly. ¬†She would clap a rhythmic little series, and we would clap back. ¬†Vermilion peeps, you know what I’m talking about, there’s undoubtedly clapping going on in your mind right now and if I say “Ta Ta Tee Tee Ta”, you will revert back to your Vermilion Elementary School days.

    So onto more of the story…Megan is creative, talented and musical. We grew up together in the same church and I watched her grow in talent and beauty. The best part about Megan is her authentic, quirky, fun, and genuine personality. ¬†She later fell in love with Kyle who is a funny, kind, and gentle soul. They are a PERFECT match. He’s also a talented musician and they would often lend their musical talent to the Sunday morning worship team. After I moved to Leduc, I was back in Vermilion to shoot a wedding and I ran into Megan at the wedding. She told me she had a passion for photography and I told her about Hope Walls who I was taking workshops from in Edmonton. Megan took the workshops the next year, and we had the opportunity to both be a part of team “Clickin’ Cancer’s Butt” photographing the Edmonton Relay for Life a few years ago.

    Fast forward to today…Megan and Kyle have a sweet, curious, full-of-energy 2 year old little boy named Sully, and baby #2 on the way. Yesterday, I was lucky to capture this incredible stage in their lives. I was so excited when Megan told me her Mom would be coming along to the session, it brought back great childhood memories and I wanted to clap when I saw her. ūüėČ

    Without further adieu…Meet the BEST music teacher in the world, Mrs. Bauer (who is obviously head-over-heels in love with her grandson)

    0-323 web

    Enough talk, onto a sneak peek of their fun family love story….

    0-328 web

    0-170 web

    0-122 web

    0-068bw web

    0-098bw web

    0-216bw web

    0-188bw web

    0-186 web

    0-240 web

    0-247 web

    0-286 web

    0-299 web

    0-340 web

    0-398 web

    0-418bw web

    0-421 web

    0-442 web

    0-446 web

    0-450 web

    Thank you so much for the fun morning. You are so blessed (and the best part is: you know just how blessed you truly are).

    Love: Christine

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    The F. Family of Four, Soon to be Five

    Meet the F. Family…

    0-115rbw web

    They will soon welcome a new addition! There is no doubt this baby will be surrounded by a lot of love….

    0-164bw web

    0-168 web

    0-188 web

    0-133 web

    0-130 web

    0-102 web

    0-059 web

    0-178r web

    These two love birds celebrated their anniversary the day after our session.¬†There’s so much tenderness and love between them. Happy Anniversary!!!

    0-082bw web

    0-195bw web

    0-322bw web

    0-217 web

    0-302 web

    0-304 web

    You are so beautiful C.!

    0-399 web

    0-407 web

    0-334 web

    0-224 web

    I was just about to take the photo below, when at the very last second, sweet T.

    popped in behind Mom and Dad. The look on her face is full of love.

    0-425 web

    0-432rbw web

    Congratulations F. Family! I can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or a girl. You are one lucky family.


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    Canucks, Moustaches, & Family Love in Movember

    Meet the ridiculously beautiful R. family…

    3-010 web

    They also happen to be a family that I love so much! I first met them soon after we moved to the Edmonton area. They had also recently moved from B.C. and not long after we met, Tawny approached me to take their family photos. Click HERE to peek back to 2008. ¬†It’s funny looking back to that blog post, because I clearly remember that while I was taking those photos, I wished I knew this family better. They had this amazing connection within their family that was full of warmth, acceptance, love, and fun. Little did I know then, that years later Tawny would make a profound and amazing impact on my life.

    I consider myself very blessed to count her as a close friend who knows me better than

    I know myself. ¬†She supports, loves, and gives with a generous heart, and she has this uncanny way of knowing exactly what to say at the exact moment I need to hear it. ¬†I’m so thankful that our roads to a new place met…even if embracing the snow in Alberta is tough (although snow seems to show up in symbolic ways). She has a selfless and beautiful Spirit: http://christinehopaluk.com/blog/2010/01/17/tawnys-spirit/

    If you have the pleasure of spending any amount of time with this fun family, count yourself lucky! They always give more than they take (and they rarely take).  They are the gatherers of friends for special occasions, opening their home with an endless supply of love, acceptance, and a whole lot of laughter.

    Simply put: They. Are. Amazing.

    3-019 web

    3-026 web

    3-032bw2 web

    3-054r web

    3-042 web

    3-066 web

    3-091 web

    3-097 web

    3-122r web

    3-131 web

    3-132 web

    Jay has a huge heart, and he’s growing his Moustache out for Movember in support of Men’s health. http://ca.movember.com/mospace/990704

    This photo seems only fitting! Happy Movember ūüôā

    3-147 web

    3-149 web

    3-151 web

    3-156 web

    3-177 web

    3-185 web

    3-188bw web

    3-200bw web

    Now, I have to end by saying that even though I love them to death, there is one ‘lil annoying, competitive, and at times aggressive part of our friendship. This Oiler Girl has to put up with this during Hockey Season….

    Robertson Collage web

    Thank you for meeting me for photos! Love you!



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    A Stroll Down Memory Lane with the B. Family

    Meet the B. Family

    5-023 web

    We’ve shared many great memories as families, and I’m so thankful our paths crossed in life.

    I took a stroll down memory lane to dig out this photo. How much stuff do two families need to bring for a day at the beach? ¬†Apparently, this much….

    Family Beach Day 2008
    Family Beach Day 2008

    They’ve also been great sports when I get bored and want to do a creative shoot simply for the fun of it.

    ttd17a web
    Trash the Dress Creative Shoot

    It’s been almost two years since we met (on toboggans) for photos, and I was excited to capture their beautiful family once again. If you have the good fortune of spending any amount of time with them, you will see a lot of laughter, love, and fun within this family. ¬†Yup, they’re amazing (and wildly entertaining I must say)…

    5-039 web

    5-042 web

    5-051 web

    5-012 web

    5-028bw web

    5-063bw web

    Back in 2007, I took this photo of Rob and Michelle….

    0__199 2007 web

    We thought it would be fun to reproduce it…These two just get better as the years go by.

    5-083bw web

    5-073 web

    5-079 web

    5-103 web

    5-100 web

    Thanks for the fun afternoon mini-session. As always, it was a pleasure.

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    The G Family’s Love and Gratitude

    Let me introduce you once again to the G. Family.

    9-157 web

    I’ve photographed this loving family many times over the past three years as their lives have grown in love and gratitude. ¬†It’s always a pleasure! ¬†Every time I photograph them, I leave with a full heart and a big smile. They are amazing.

    The girls are so sweet together, and their close sisterly bond is beautiful.

    9-015 web

    9-016 web

    9-018 web

    9-078 web

    9-082 web

    9-129 web

    9-097 web

    9-041rbw web

    9-161 web

    9-162 web

    9-170 web

    9-176 web

    9-211 web

    9-222 web

    9-264 web

    9-237 web

    9-259 web

    9-241 web

    9-287bw web

    Thank you once again for asking me to document your family story. It’s an honour!

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    Sawyer is Two!

    Meet Sawyer.

    8-026bw web

    It’s been a year since he smashed a cake in the park, the very same park we met when he was a newborn.

    And now he’s two. Full of spirit, curiosity, laughter, and energy. He’s quite the talker now! I was shocked when he ran up to me and said “Hi Christine!” He’s such a sweetheart.

    8-028 web

    8-033 web

    8-046 web

    8-049 web

    8-079 web

    8-095 web

    8-102 web

    8-136 web

    8-149 web

    8-158 web

    8-163 web

    8-188 web

    8-201 web

    8-216 web

    8-221 web

    8-232 web

    I love that his shoelaces are untied in the photo below. It accurately depicts exactly how much energy he has…he runs his laces loose.

    8-294 web

    8-269 web

    8-274 web

    8-259bw web

    Happy birthday little man! Thank you for a fun evening!

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    The K. Family One Year Later

    Meet the K. Family. ¬†It’s been a year since our last session together. ¬†One of my favourite parts about being a family photographer is that I’m asked to document a family’s story and so much changes in just a year. The kids grow in size and personality and their parents fall even more in love with each of their amazing little personalities.

    These girls pack a lot of personality in their small frame.

    3-017 web

    3-024 web

    3-013 copy

    3-014 copy

    3-056 web

    3-044 web

    3-033 web

    3-039 web

    3-042 web

    3-085 web

    3-087 web

    3-092 web

    3-011bw web

    3-115bw web

    3-120bw web

    3-128 web

    3-145 web

    Ava had an idea for the end of our session to dress up as pirates. She has a vivid imagination and her parents foster her great imagination with confidence and love. Perfect. Thank you for the entertaining evening!

    3-160 web

    3-164 web

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    Trevor and Bonnie Trash the Dress

    My beautiful friend Bonnie recently married the love of her life, Trevor. ¬†I’m so happy for her! ¬†When she asked me to capture her Trash the Dress session, I was so excited. Trash the Dress sessions are a newer idea, rather than dry cleaning and boxing the dress as they did even a few years ago when I got married. The boxed dress never again sees the light of day. Many people don’t understand why a bride would “Trash” her dress. ¬†In reality, it’s a celebration of the dress and the marriage. It allows the bride to wear her dress all over again and have fun with it without worrying about getting dirty like most do on their wedding day. ¬†In fact, that’s the goal of the session…to get messy and have fun. ¬†Bring on the water!

    Bonnie wanted photos on the beach, so we were on the search for a local lake that would work for their session. ¬†We decided on Miquelon Lake, AB. and lucky for us, the beach was completely clear of people as it had just rained. ¬†For once I didn’t stress about rain during a session. The more water, the better. Trevor and Bonnie braved the cold waters and had lots of fun with it. ¬†They have such a great connection, like they’ve known one another for a lifetime already.

    Their marriage is full of fun, laughter, and love. Congratulations you two!

    0-053 web

    0-052 web

    0-040 web

    0-077 web

    0-101bw web

    0-104bw web

    0-121 web

    0-126bw web

    0-127bw web

    0-128 web

    0-134 web

    0-152 web

    0-161 web

    0-205 web

    0-216 web

    0-266 web

    0-274 web

    0-237bw web

    0-346 web

    0-348 web

    Thank you for asking me to document this amazing moment in your lives. I had so much fun with you both!