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    Graduation 2017 ~ Austin and Family

    Meet Austin….

    I’ve taken photos of this beautiful family for a few years, and I was so excited when they contacted me to capture such an important milestone, Austin’s high school graduation. He has changed a lot since the last time I photographed him! He’s matured and grown in grace and carries with him that little twinkle in his eyes still.

    They are a very close family, and so very proud of him….


    Thank you so much for travelling to see me! Congratulations Austin! You have a very bright future (and a whole lot of support and love to carry you through each moment).

    From my heart to yours,


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    Leduc Grad 2017 ~ Jenna

    Meet beautiful Jenna

    A couple of years ago, her Mom Debbie (whom I adore) booked these photos dreaming of this special day. It was very important to her that this moment was captured and I was honoured to have been asked to document this milestone.

    As the final countdown of days to Grad progressed, their family had to say good-bye to a very important and adored Patriarch. A deep loss for their family.

    In addition to that, after the grad ceremony, the family was stuck in a packed parcade attempting to get downtown Edmonton to meet me for pictures. Luckily, Jenna had alternative transportation in the form of a limo and I was able to photograph her and her friends. Unfortunately, her family could not make it there in time to join in the photos.


    After I packed up…I had a nagging feeling. It just didn’t sit right with me, knowing all they were dealing with on this special day, that her big loving family did not have those photos Debbie dreamed of.

    Debbie and I texted back and forth during the Grad banquet back in Leduc, and they were able to sneak away just outside of the venue for those special photos. It’s not about the “background”, but rather capturing the pride within the day. They were so gracious; even though they were pressed for time and were inwardly dealing with heavy hearts. The sun enveloped them as they gathered together in love and solidarity.  This family is so special; full of gratitude and respect.

    Mr. Personality (Jenna’s little brother) was my light-tester-outer…


    The pride and love within their expressions says it all. Congratulations Jenna and family!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Leduc Grad 2017 ~ Terrence

    I have gotten to know this beautiful family through the years, and I respect the life they have built together.

    Their kids are respectful, kind, hardworking, and very loving. Good job raising them, amazing kids! One very genuine, caring, authentic family…

    I was invited out to their beautiful family acreage to capture this very special milestone.

    Terrence’s grad…  Lots of love and pride to celebrate!


    Congratulations Terrence, your future is bright!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Celebrating Brennan 2017

    I was invited out to their family acreage to capture a very special event celebrating not only Mother’s day, but also Brennan’s Graduation. This big family is full of love and laughter.


    Thank you for having me out to photograph your beautiful family.  Congratulations Brennan!


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    My Ty

    Meet My Ty…

    GradA2015-084 web

    After years of photographing Grads, I had the proud honour of capturing our own ridiculously handsome Grad. We are so proud of the man he’s grown to be….kind, funny, smart, strong-willed, determined, witty, and full of life.

    LCHGrad15-066 web LCHGrad15-068 web

    Our little family watched with pride as he confidently walked the stage to receive his diploma…

    untitled-199 web

    Our 3 amazing kid, love them so much!

    untitled-168 web

    untitled-173 web untitled-177 web

    Ty and his gorgeous, kind-hearted girlfriend Kaila…

    untitled-328 web

    Ty asked his Aunty Brenda (my little sister) to be his escort for the March (isn’t that awesome?)  Love, love, love this moment…

    untitled-366 web

    My boys at the banquet…

    untitled-379 web

    GradA2015-167 web

    I’m a pretty proud Mom…

    untitled-336 web

    We don’t have many family photos, what’s that saying: the shoe maker’s kids have no shoes? 😉  Thank you so much Laurie for capturing our family on such a special day.

    untitled-311 web

    Congratulations Ty, we are so proud of you! Can’t wait to see what your future holds.

    All my love,


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    Leduc Composite High School Grad 2015

    I was honoured to capture a few of the Leduc Composite High School graduating class of 2015. They were lots of fun to photograph, their excitement was infectious.

    I love photographing Grads, and this year really pulled at my heart-strings as one of the grads is my son Ty (I’ll blog another post devoted to him, I’m so proud!)

    We started out at Telford Lake where the hugo limo-bus pulled up to take them all to their ceremony….

    LCHGrad15-148r webLCHGrad15-093 web  LCHGrad15-136r web  LCHGrad15-114 webLCHGrad15-154 web

    The ceremony was full of tributes, speeches, and words-of-wisdom as a theatre full of loving families watched with pride.  We met again at the Legislative grounds in Edmonton, it was packed with other grads from all over Edmonton and surrounding communities. I was thankful to find a little patch of somewhat unoccupied space to photograph them all.  Don’t they look amazing?

    untitled-222 webuntitled-225 web untitled-227 web untitled-212 webuntitled-217 webuntitled-218 webuntitled-245 web untitled-247 web  untitled-298 web untitled-299 web untitled-300 webuntitled-250 web

    Congratulations to you all and thank you for your patience during the two mini-sessions! You all have a bright future!

    A note to the parents and grads: The private online gallery of images is ready to view should you wish to order, please use the contact section to request the password and information. Thank you!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Dalton Graduates!

    Meet kind, genuine, sincere Dalton..

    GradA2015-028 web

    He graduated last week-end! I was honoured to capture this important milestone, taken at their family acreage where their family-love lives. Thank you for asking me!

    GradA2015-054bw web GradA2015-060 web GradA2015-109 web GradA2015-120 web GradA2015-134 web

    These two have a great relationship. Mom was watching with pride as I was taking these photos.

    GradA2015-147 web

    She had one request, to recreate a photo captured when they were little….

    GradA2015-194 web

    GradA2015-198 web

    GradA2015-201 web

    I was happy to capture their beautiful family on Graduation day.

    untitled-305 web

    Congratulations Dalton! All the best in your future.

    From my heart to yours,







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    Brandon Graduates!

    Meet the W. Family…

    web14-138 web

    They are a fun, laid-back, very-connected family full of love (and a ridiculous amount of laughter too). They haven’t had family photos for many years since their now grown-up kids were little.  It was definitely time, and during a memorable occasion…Brandon’s Grad.

    The final high school grad in their home! It wasn’t that long ago when I captured Paige and Brogan’s grad. Time flies…

    web14-292 web

    web14-283 web

    web14-309 web

    web14-310 web

    They are so proud of him!

    web14-223bw web

    web14-118bw web

    web14-121 web

    web14-079 web

    web14-090 web

    web14-085 web

    Seriously, could this couple be any more amazing?!

    web14-056 web

    web14-077bw web

    web14-208bw web

    web14-199 web

    Paige and Brogan are connected by the pinky swear. 😉 They are so much alike and are one another’s best friend! Lucky sisters!

    web14-237 web web14-242 web web14-246 web

    web14-102r web

    This final photo was Dad’s idea… ha!

    web14-193 web

    Thank you so much W. Family for asking me to capture all your Graduates! I have so much respect for your connected loving family!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Chandler’s Grad

    The last time I had the opportunity to photograph the beautiful H. family was back in 2009.

    I was invited out to their family farm to capture a pretty amazing life event for Chandler, her High school grad.

    She has grown into a confident, brilliant, kind, genuine young woman.

    Hof14-065 web

    Hof14-031 web

    Hof14-101 web

    Hof14-140 web

    Hof14-091 web

    Hof14-128bw web

    Hof14-121 web

    Hof14-149 web

    She’s surrounded by a whole lot of love and support…

    Hof14-169r web

    Hof14-182 web

    Hof14-178 web

    Her adoring parents are ridiculously proud of her…

    Hof14-228 web

    Hof14-221 web

    Hof14-215 web

    Hof14-198r web

    Hof14-246 web

    Hof14-255 web

    We took a break so they could change into something more comfortable.

    Hofstra Collage Web

    Hof14-314 web

    Hof14-327 web

    Hof14-337rainbow web

    Thank you so much for asking me to capture this amazing event in your lives. Enjoy your grad today Chandler!

    From my heart to yours,