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    The Loving M. Family’s Session: a Thanksgiving Tradition

    It has become a tradition now to get together with this beautiful family for a family session on Thanksgiving week-end as they travel through visiting family. I can’t say enough good things about their family, they are kind, considerate, and so very genuine. I love capturing their family love story.

    Mil15-026r web

    The girls have grown so much! Little Jane doesn’t sit still for long, we chased her around for most of the session which made for some sweet candid personality shots. Adorable kids, well-behaved dogs, loving parents…sweet perfection!

    Mil15-010 webMil15-003 web   Mil15-059 web Mil15-096 web Mil15-104 web Mil15-118 web Mil15-135 web Mil15-138 web Mil15-170 web  Mil15-200 web Mil15-230 web Mil15-240 web Mil15-302 web Mil15-308 web Mil15-315 web Mil15-321 webMil15-186r web Thank you so much for another great session! It was a pleasure as always!

    From my heart to yours,



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    Lawson’s Loves

    Meet smart, adorable, active, inquisitive, Lawson….

    Millar15-140 web

    I last photographed this little guy when he was one. He sure has changed, he talks a mile a minute and he runs even faster! Now he’s 2…

    Millar15-152 web

    And so very loved and cherished…

    Millar15-078r webMillar15-058 webMillar15-121 webMillar15-090 web    Millar15-158 web  Millar15-203 web Millar15-085 webMillar15-207 web  Millar15-284 web

    This beautiful family travelled to see me for their photos, the morning of their session the sky opened up and poured rain. We decided since they had already travelled, we would just hope for the best. The rain stopped for the exact amount of time it took to capture their family love story and made for some fun puddle jumping opportunities….

    Millar15-347 web Millar15-348 web Millar15-363 web Millar15-409 webMillar15-268 webMillar15-392 web Millar15-183 web

    Thank you so much for the fun afternoon, as always you are a pleasure to photograph!

    From my heart to yours,


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    The W. Family’s Love Story

    Meet the W. Family…

    wig15-094 web

    I just love photographing this family. They are really laid back, fun, and all around amazing people (with a great sense of style too!)

    wig15-255 webwig15-235 webwig15-241r webwig15-013 web wig15-019 web wig15-037 web wig15-045rbw webwig15-194r webwig15-059 web  wig15-066 web  wig15-111bw web  wig15-208 web

    This has to be one of my favourite jumping photos of all time, everything just came together perfectly and they are some pretty high jumpers.

    wig15-275 web

    Thank you for the beautiful evening! You are blessed.

    From my heart to yours,




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    Michelle and Rob’s Connection

    Michelle & Rob recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and booked a connection session to honour this milestone. The much loved hotel symbolizes how far they’ve come in 25 years. When they were first married so young and just starting out, staying at a place like this was beyond reach…they dreamed of a day they could stay there with all the trimmings.

    They’ve built a beautiful life…3 amazing children, and a relationship full of love and respect. Their connection is one of fun, adventure, and adoration.

    Bra15-014 web  Bra15-206 webBra15-254 webBra15-174 webBra15-097 web Bra15-115vintage web Bra15-148 web      Bra15-194 webBra15-006 web  Bra15-077 web Bra15-332bw web Bra15-359bw webBra15-328 web Bra15-421 webBra15-301 web Bra15-294 web

    Congratulations on 25 beautiful years.

    From my heart to yours,




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    Meredith & Darina’s Connection

    Meet Meredith and Darina…

    Jur14-016 web

    This is the fabulous life they have built together…

    Jur14-009r web

    I have known Darina for many years, she’s my best friend. We didn’t get to know one another until our senior year of high school even though we were raised in the same small town (a town where one can be chased by a Cow down main street…just ask Darina) 😉 We were just two awkward girls who had an awkward conversation and ended up realizing that we shared the same mind with the very same twisted sense of humour. We became fast friends and shared life’s moments with support, love, & humour…the good times and the hard times too.  Talking to Darina is like writing in a diary. I love her so much.

    When she met Meredith, I was over the moon happy for her. They compliment one another perfectly and he brings so much happiness out of Darina. They just get one another, and if you spend any amount of time with them you will have a ridiculous amount of respect for their connection and love. They are a ton of fun too, if you can find that one person in life who makes you laugh daily, then you are pretty blessed…

    Jur14-177 web

    Jur14-066 webJur14-070r webJur14-074 webJur14-080 web Jur14-043r web Jur14-031 web        Jur14-090 web Jur14-106 web Jur14-108 web Jur14-038rbw webJur14-123r web Jur14-133 web   Jur14-147 web Jur14-146 webJur14-142 webJur14-159 web

    This photo sums our session together up pretty well. Poor Chase wasn’t feeling well, so he took some NyQuil before the shoot (I have dozens of yawning frames!) And Darina…this is why I love her so much. She makes everyone around her laugh constantly…

    Jur14-156r web

    I’ll end with my favourite photo from our session together, they are so much fun! Poor Jess also wasn’t feeling good, but he was a trooper.

    Jur14-047 web

    Merry Christmas my friends! Thank you so much for meeting up with me, I loved every second of our time together.

    From my heart to yours,



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    Strength and Beauty: Bonnie

    Meet my fun, beautiful, strong friend Bonnie (otherwise known as Bon Bon…fits her perfectly).

    Lan14-070 web

    Lan14-056 web

    We met at a Mom’s playgroup years ago. Yup, this stunning woman is the proud Mom to three amazing kids.

    Lan2-006bw vintage web

    When she told me her plans to walk the stage at Northern’s in Edmonton this year, I knew she would give her whole heart and soul to this journey. She’s one tough chick with amazing motivation and drive.

    Lan14-270 web

    Lan14-299 web

    I am so honoured to have been able to capture all her tenacity and hard work. I adore her, no matter how much time passes between seeing each other, we just pick up where we left off. Genuine friendship without pressure is a gift; I’m very thankful Bon Bon is in my life.

    Along with photos of her physique, she also wanted photos with the love of her life…her husband Trevor. Together they support one another through life’s goals and dreams. Powerful team…

    Lan14-131 web

    Lan14-096 web

    Lan14-023 web

    Lan14-027r web

    Langton Diptych web

    Lan14-113 web

    Lan14-213 web

    Lan14-106 web

    Lan14-100bw web

    Lan14-266 web

    Lan14-186 web

    Lan14-246 web

    Lan14-154 web

    Lan14-305 web

    Congratulations my friend, much respect and love. xoxo

    From my heart to yours,


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    The Family We Choose

    Meet the Little Family…

    Lit14-361 web

    Lit14-362 web

    They are our family. Not by blood, but through years of growing, memories, good times & hard times, much laughter, many bottles of red wine (soon Char can toast with us again), and a whole lot of love. We’ve been through so many of life’s roller coaster events together, and I am so honoured to be a part of documenting this next exciting chapter for their beautiful family…baby #2.

    Our plan was to rent a Studio location downtown to achieve the full-of-light, ethereal, romantic feel we were going for, but they were thrown a big curve ball when Char went into pre-term labour. Thankfully, they were able to stop the contractions; however, at a cost of one Momma at home for the next few weeks putting her feet up and relaxing.  This is no small task for active, vivacious, full-of-energy Char.

    So an at-home session it was, and I’m really pleased with how it all turned out. Sometimes things are just meant to be.

    Shy, proud to be 3, and her little buddy Duke…

    Lit14-027r web

    She’s going to be the best Little big sister ever…

    Lit14-067 web

    She’s so adorable! She’s our little buddy.

    Lit14-128 web

    Her Mom and Dad shower her with a ridiculous amount of love and support…

    Lit14-108 web

    Lit14-408 web

    Lit14-404 web

    Lit14-410 web

    Lit14-159 web

    Lit14-146 web

    Lit14-138bw web

    Lit14-225bw web

    Char is glowing at 34 weeks…

    Lit14-186r web

    Char and Barry compliment one another perfectly. They are an amazing couple who we love and respect so much…

    Lit14-171 web

    Lit14-343 web

    Lit14-214 web

    Lit14-389 web

    Lit14-175 web

    Lit14-305r web

    Lit14-156 web

    Lit14-437 web

    Thank you for another great session! I can’t wait to meet “Mini” Little.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Cassey will soon be a Big Sister!

    Meet the M. Family…

    mil13-039r web

    mil13-031r web

    They will soon welcome a new addition to their family…

    Miller Diptych WEB

    Cassey has a lot of love to give! She’s going to be an incredible big sister. She’s already named the baby, and her amazing parents have decided to actually use the name Cassey has been calling the baby for months. How cool is that?!

    Miller Triptych WEB

    We’ve gotten together for the past four years for photos, and I truly appreciate the time they put into driving to see me. At some point during previous sessions, Cassey finds her way to a big pile of leaves. This year was no exception…

    mil13-270 web

    mil13-268 web

    Isn’t she adorable?!

    mil13-131 web

    I asked her to pick whatever pose she wanted for this next shot, love it!

    mil13-061 web

    mil13-068r web

    mil13-087r web

    mil13-081r web

    mil13-223r web

    mil13-221 web

    mil13-018r web

    Miller Diptych2 WEB

    Thank you so much for travelling to see me, I can’t wait to meet your newest addition!

    From my heart to yours,


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    8 Years of the S. Family’s Love

    Meet the S. Family. We have met on the same beautiful fall week-end every year for 8 years now.

    swe13-198 web

    We’ve known one another since we were kids, growing up in the same small town. And now, I get to photograph their kids as they grow and change. I love getting to know them a little better with each session. They are so expressive and have so much to say!

    swe13-008 web

    swe13-041 web

    swe13-064 web

    swe13-052r web

    swe13-106 web

    swe13-105r web

    swe13-102 web

    swe13-162 web

    swe13-188 web

    swe13-110 web

    swe13-211 web

    swe13-219 web

    swe13-205 web

    swe13-239r web

    swe13-229 web

    We’ve picked the same location for the past few years, so we can do comparison shots of their family silhouette. I can just imagine their future family wall covered with their yearly silhouettes.

    Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with me again, it was so great to see you all!

    Till next time, from my heart to yours,


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    Catching up to Jayden

    Meet my beautiful friend Jill and her amazing little family.  I always look forward to our yearly sessions together. Life is busy and it’s been years since we shared a dorm room at boarding school. I just love seeing her with her family, in fact it never gets old…because to me she’s still that girl I met back at Caronport High School with the infectious giggle and the ear to ear smile. We’ve shared so many great memories, and I adore being able to capture her loves in a photograph.

    Imp6-057 web

    Imp6-017 web

    Jayden is growing up so fast! He’s very inquisitive, smart, and wow is he active. We chased him around the park for most of the session. He switches gears so quickly! One minute he’s laughing, the next he’s trying to figure something out which involves many questions…

    Imp6-193 web

    Imp6-191 web

    Imp6-185bw web

    He’s surrounded by a ridiculous amount of love…

    Imp6-138rbw web

    Imp6-159bw web

    Imp6-045rbw web

    Imp6-174bw web

    Imp6-142 web

    Imp6-145r web

    Imp6-206 web

    Imp6-066 web

    Oh how life has grown in love for my dear friend Jillian.
    I love comparison photos because you just don’t realize the full extent of a memory captured within a photograph until life moves forward and you look back with a full heart. <3 Photos are 3 years apart

    Oh how life has grown in love…I love comparison photos because you just don’t realize the full extent of a memory captured within a photograph until life moves forward and you look back with a full heart. These photos are 3 years apart…

    Jill diptych web

    Imp6-176 web

    Imp6-029 web

    Imp6-098 web

    Thank you for once again asking me to capture your family love story. It was so good to see your family!

    From my heart to yours,