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    Sean and Liam’s Connection

    Meet Sean and Liam…

    Sean picked this amazing location which is a perfect fit for their personalities.

    They have the best fun-loving relationship full of respect and a whole lot of laughter too…

    Liam is definitely his father’s son, they are one in the same. They are very close and their special bond and love for one another is evident to see if you have the pleasure of spending any amount of time with them…      

    Thank you for the fun session!

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    Generations of Love

    K. contacted me on to book a Generations Photoshoot as a Mother’s Day gift. What a great gift for years to come to celebrate the special connection within this beautiful family.

    It was pretty special to watch the pride and love within Grandma’s eyes as I photographed each special relationship.

    She’s a strong selfless woman who has raised an amazing family full of love…

    Bec16-248 webBec16-019 web Bec16-032 web Bec16-050 web Bec16-088 web Bec16-102 web Bec16-118 web Bec16-120 web Bec16-134 web Bec16-154 web Bec16-160 web Bec16-181 web Bec16-191 web Bec16-217 webBec16-209 web  Bec16-224 web Bec16-228 web  Bec16-286bw web

    Thank you so much for asking me to document your strong family bond! It was a pleasure!

    From my heart to yours,




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    The K. Family’s Connection

    I’ve had the good fortune of photographing this beautiful family through their family milestones. I started when A. was just a few months old, and continued as she grew into her awesome personality and welcomed a little brother with an equally awesome personality. You can’t help but smile around this family.

    This session was the first session we focused on their family connection rather than one of the kid’s milestones. I just love photographing their close connection. They are a fun-loving family and are so very in tune with one another.

    Ker15-014 web Ker15-041 web Ker15-050 web Ker15-089 web Ker15-098 web Ker15-104 web Ker15-146 web Ker15-145 web  Ker15-239 web Ker15-265 web Ker15-341 web Ker15-379 web Ker15-395 web Ker15-411 web Ker15-431 web Ker15-461 web Kerr Collage web Ker15-307 web Thank you so much for the fun afternoon. It was a pleasure as always.

    From my heart to yours,



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    Michelle and Rob’s Connection

    Michelle & Rob recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and booked a connection session to honour this milestone. The much loved hotel symbolizes how far they’ve come in 25 years. When they were first married so young and just starting out, staying at a place like this was beyond reach…they dreamed of a day they could stay there with all the trimmings.

    They’ve built a beautiful life…3 amazing children, and a relationship full of love and respect. Their connection is one of fun, adventure, and adoration.

    Bra15-014 web  Bra15-206 webBra15-254 webBra15-174 webBra15-097 web Bra15-115vintage web Bra15-148 web      Bra15-194 webBra15-006 web  Bra15-077 web Bra15-332bw web Bra15-359bw webBra15-328 web Bra15-421 webBra15-301 web Bra15-294 web

    Congratulations on 25 beautiful years.

    From my heart to yours,




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    Jace and Joni’s Connection

    Meet Jace and Joni…

    Qui15-216 web

    Joni contacted me with a fun idea for their shoot, tailored not only around their love for one another, but also their love of baseball. They are an active and fun couple, and so very in love. I absolutely loved photographing them. Their connection is very sweet, fun-loving, and full of admiration and respect. Of course there’s a bit of competitiveness too 😉

    Quick Diptych web

    We started the session with Joni’s other love, Volleyball. Isn’t she stunning?

    Quick diptych2 web

    I love that they brought a baseball with the date they first became a couple.

    Qui15-184 webQui15-103 web  Qui15-145 webQui15-130 web Qui15-134 web  Qui15-179 web  Qui15-203 web Qui15-087 web Qui15-251 webQui15-241 web   Qui15-281bw web Qui15-283bw web Qui15-311bw webQui15-289 web   Qui15-323 webQui15-222 webQui15-332 web Qui15-364 web

    Thank you both for an amazing session! You 2 were a dream to photograph!

    From my heart to yours,


    P.S. Special thanks to Jessica for your help in finding the perfect ball diamond, and to Sarah Grose for Joni’s fabulous Makeup!



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    Brandy and her Beautiful Girls

    We started the day off with Brandy’s fabulous fitness shoot, and in the golden light of the evening we ended with a mother/daughter session celebrating their connection.

    These girls are confident, fun, and full of energy! I loved spending time with them and watching their close bond as I photographed them. Activity and love are a big part of their daily lives.

    There’s a whole lot of power, determination, respect, and adoration between these girls…

    Der4-071 web

    This photo just might be one of my most favorite personality photos ever…

    Der4-158 web

    Der4-123 web

    Der4-130r web

    Der4-039 web

    Der4-021 web

    Der4-113 web

    Der4-082 web

    Der4-227 web

    Der4-277 web

    Der4-248 web

    Der4-254 web

    Der4-284 web

    Der4-287 web

    Der4-363 web

    Der4-368 web

    Brandy Family Love web

    Thank you so much for asking me to capture the special relationship you have with your daughters Brandy! My heart was full after our day together.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Trevor and Bonnie Trash the Dress

    My beautiful friend Bonnie recently married the love of her life, Trevor.  I’m so happy for her!  When she asked me to capture her Trash the Dress session, I was so excited. Trash the Dress sessions are a newer idea, rather than dry cleaning and boxing the dress as they did even a few years ago when I got married. The boxed dress never again sees the light of day. Many people don’t understand why a bride would “Trash” her dress.  In reality, it’s a celebration of the dress and the marriage. It allows the bride to wear her dress all over again and have fun with it without worrying about getting dirty like most do on their wedding day.  In fact, that’s the goal of the session…to get messy and have fun.  Bring on the water!

    Bonnie wanted photos on the beach, so we were on the search for a local lake that would work for their session.  We decided on Miquelon Lake, AB. and lucky for us, the beach was completely clear of people as it had just rained.  For once I didn’t stress about rain during a session. The more water, the better. Trevor and Bonnie braved the cold waters and had lots of fun with it.  They have such a great connection, like they’ve known one another for a lifetime already.

    Their marriage is full of fun, laughter, and love. Congratulations you two!

    0-053 web

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    0-077 web

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    0-104bw web

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    0-152 web

    0-161 web

    0-205 web

    0-216 web

    0-266 web

    0-274 web

    0-237bw web

    0-346 web

    0-348 web

    Thank you for asking me to document this amazing moment in your lives. I had so much fun with you both!

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    Shannon and Tim’s Connection

    My passion for photographing Connection Sessions comes from a place of understanding and respect.  Many couples that have been together for years don’t have many photos taken of just the two of them…especially when kids come along. Life turns into the hectic pace that comes when a family grows, and the photos they have to look back on are often snapshots during family vacations and while attending various functions. Of course those photos are as precious as any other, but Connection Sessions are all about capturing the love that grows between couples through out the years.  That deepening love is something to cherish and celebrate.

    I want you to have photos of the Connection that lies between just the two of you.

    Because it’s important.

    It’s the foundation for the life you have built together.

    This is Shannon and Tim’s Connection. They have been in love for 10 years, and will soon be celebrating their 8th Wedding Anniversary in November. Congrats!

    1-188 web

    1-018 web

    1-015 web

    1-152 web

    1-169 web

    1-044 web

    1-265 web

    Olsen Collage web

    1-223 web

    1-213 web

    1-138 web

    1-245 web

    1-251 web

    1-130 web

    1-260 web

    1-254r web

    1-295 web

    1-291 web

    I’m so thankful I was able to get the above photo out of my head and into an actual image…it’s been in my head for months. 😉

    Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your Connection. It’s full of love, respect, and laughter.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Megan and Brad’s Connection

    A few years ago, at my hubby’s company Christmas party, I met Megan and Brad. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, the Company Christmas Party was their first “date” (is that right Megan?).

    Back in 2008, I knew that I wanted to build on the idea that was in my mind for years…Connection Sessions.  While it’s certainly not an original idea, I knew early on that it was the direction I wanted to take in my photography because the connections we all share with those we love are so beautiful! I put out an open invitation asking friends to be my models for this theme and Megan volunteered her and (her then boyfriend) Brad. It was the very first “Connection Session” I did, and when I think back to that time, Megan and Brad really helped me develop the type of photography I wanted to explore.  Thank you so much!  Click HERE to go back to 2008.

    Fast forward to 2011, they are now married and about to welcome their first baby.

    M-214bw web

    I feel a lot of responsibility when I shoot a maternity session to accurately document the very best of the life they have built together.  Here’s the way I approach it. I’m only with the parents-to-be for an hour or two, but these photos are a record of this amazing time in their lives. These photographs document the anticipation, the love, and the dreams they share before even meeting their baby.  Their baby will grow up and look back at these photos and see how much they were cherished before they were even born. There’s where the responsibility on my part comes in! It’s my goal to document this connection in a way that one can feel it when they view the photos, because it’s so beautiful and it’s uniquely their own!  It’s not just a connection Brad and Megan share between the two of them, but one they also share with their baby who they will soon hold in their arms and love more than they ever thought possible. It’s what life’s all about.

    There are few surprises in life, but Megan and Brad will soon experience the ultimate surprise. They have no idea if they will be welcoming a baby girl or a boy.  So exciting!

    M-057 web

    M-019 web

    M-099 web

    M-114 web

    M-121bw web

    M-183bw web

    This row of trees beside their house, will most certainly be a great place for their child to play and explore one day.  I can almost picture it. 🙂

    M-228 web

    M-202 web

    Megan’s due date falls on Easter week-end.

    M-220 web

    M-249bw web

    M-270 web

    M-306 web

    M-334bw web

    M-340bw web

    A love letter from Mom…

    M-387bw web

    Congratulations Megan and Brad!  I can’t wait to hear if it’s a girl or a boy.  Thank you for braving the cold.  The fact the sun made an appearance for you after weeks of hiding is a sign of amazing sun-shiny moments for you as a family.

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    The G. Family’s Connection

    Meet the G. Family…who are soon going to welcome another baby into their family. They are a family full of love, patience, and respect. I love taking their photos. Their connection is always so visible and we are so comfortable with one another.

    7-120 web

    I have had the pleasure of taking photos of the G. Family many times now.  So much so, that they can read me!  I was setting up the following series of shots and asked if they could move to the driveway as I loved the texture of the stone.  Tony sat down and said “Do you want us to sit or stand” to which I said “Which ever you prefer”. He quickly followed with “You wanted us to stand, I can read you now!”  Ha!  I’m glad he chose to sit as I love how these photos turned out.

    7-108bw web

    7-116bw web

    7-021bw web

    7-155 web

    7-166 web

    7-182 web

    7-186 web

    7-209 web

    7-232 web

    Sierra has the bluest eyes, she’s so adorable.

    7-322 web

    She also has a new pooch!  I loved that he jumped into the frame in this photo…totally not planned.

    7-356 web

    7-394 web

    Since the time Sierra was born, she sucked on her two fingers.  These are details that need to be captured so they will be remembered.

    7-435 web

    7-460r web

    7-533 web

    7-543 web

    7-555 web

    7-570 web

    7-575 web

    7-600 web

    7-637 web

    7-643 web

    7-652 web

    7-657 web

    Thank you for inviting me out to your home.

    I can not wait to meet your miracle, and I’m sure Sierra will be an amazing little playmate.  Hmmm…will baby be a boy or girl, that is the question!