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    BMS Bootcamps and Fitness

    I was invited to one of BMS Bootcamps and Fitness classes. With the kids by their side, these ladies worked so hard and they had a lot of fun in the process (I mean who smiles while they wall-sit…these ladies do!)  I was very impressed by their work ethic and the way they support and motivate one another. It’s an inspiring community of strong, dedicated, and motivating people. The uplifting trainers push them on as they work toward their individual fitness goals. If you haven’t checked out BMS Bootcamps, what are you waiting for! Click HERE for their website, and HERE for their Facebook page.

    BMS15-017 webBMS15-001 webBMS15-008 webBMS dyptich web    BMS15-032 web BMS15-075r web BMS15-121 web BMS15-208 web BMS15-216 web BMS15-226 web BMS15-274 web BMS15-282 web BMS15-299 web

    The beautiful, strong, and motivating trainers of BMS Bootcamps & Fitness…

    BMS15-429 webBMS15-373 web BMS15-369 webBMS15-334 webBMS15-315 web    BMS15-458 web BMS15-479r web BMS15-484 web BMS15-511r web

    Thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your amazing group. I had a blast with you all, you made me want to drop my camera and join in. 🙂

    From my heart to yours,



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    Citadel Drilling Rig 3 Olympus

    I was honoured to photograph Citadel Drilling Rig 3 ~ Olympus

    Impressive is an understatement. As I pulled up to photograph the Rig, I couldn’t have ordered a more perfect sky if I tried.

    Citadel Drilling Rig3r_HDR2 web

    I photographed Citadel Rig 3 over the span of 3 different occasions.

    Here is a time lapse as they raised the derrick.

    CitRig3-066 web CitRig3-049 web CitRig3-276 web CitRig3-300 web

    We took the shoot to the air! What an incredible experience! Thank you Wes from Edmonton Regional Helicopters for the flight over the Rig (and for taking our photo when we landed). It was my first helicopter ride, and this one had no doors on it so we could get the best shots! I was able to photograph the rig from every angle without having to shoot through glass and I felt completely safe.

    Cit3Aerialb-200 web Cit3Aerialb-011 web Cit3Aerialb-125 web

    Citadel Rig 3 from the air…

    Cit3Aerial-274 web Cit3Aerial-267 web Cit3Aerial-260 web Cit3Aerial-229 web Cit3Aerial-209 web

    A view of Edmonton on the way back.

    Cit3Aerialb-301 web

    I returned again when the Olympus sign went up! Citadel asks their crews to name each rig, which gives each Rig it’s own identity. “Olympus” ~ perfect name for Rig 3.

    CitRig3-337 web  CitRig3-319 web

    Thank you Citadel Drilling for the opportunity to photograph beautiful Rig 3. Can’t wait to see Rig 4 (and more).

    From my heart to yours,


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    Citadel Drilling Rig #1 Opening

    I was excited I was asked to photograph the brand new Citadel Drilling Rig #1 as they celebrated with a Rig Opening.

    As I pulled up, there was the most brilliant perfect sun dog around the towering Rig…lucky sign!

    CitRig1-003 web

    CitRig1-339 web

    CitRig1-548 web

    CitRig1-196 web

    CitRig1-221 web

    CitRig1-226 web

    CitRig1-118 web

    There was a great sense of pride within all who are involved with this beautiful Rig. A true labour of love.

    CitRig1-363r web

    CitRig1-023 web

    The crew is anxious to get Rig 1 out drilling…

    CitRig1-464 web

    CitRig1-469 web

    Along with the beautiful weather and an amazing lunch, the day also held tours of the Rig and the equipment.

    CitRig1-073 web

    CitRig1-087 web

    CitRig1-103 web

    CitRig1-095 web

    CitRig1-326 web

    CitRig1-173 web

    CitRig1-184 web

    CitRig1-139 web

    CitRig1-147 web

    CitRig1-144 web

    CitRig1-285 web

    CitRig1-155 web

    CitRig1-106 web

    CitRig1-318 web

    CitRig1-361 web

    CitRig1-286 web

    CitRig1-280 web

    CitRig1-041 web

    Citadel Collage2 web

    Being an Oilfield Wife myself, my favourite part of the day was when friends and family came to show their unyielding support. Kids walking hand-in-hand with a parent to get a tour of this huge amazing rig they’ve heard so much about.

    CitRig1-529 web

    CitRig1-533 web

    An Oilfield life is a family investment. Through the trials, blood/sweat/tears, hard work, time apart from family… there is an incredible amount of pride that lives within this culture.

    As I was taking these photos of families standing in front of the Rig they’ve invested their lives within, I couldn’t help but realize this moment captured within a photograph is one that will be remembered within the time vault of their life story. The start of something amazing, and worth every bit of sacrifice…

    CitRig1-486 web

    CitRig1-446 web

    CitRig1-398 web

    CitRig1-515 web

    CitRig1-519 web

    CitRig1-437 web

    CitRig1-542 web

    Citadel web

    Cheers to all your hard work and making this dream into a reality. Congratulations on the unveiling of Citadel Rig #1! Can’t wait to see Rig #2 (and many more). 🙂

    From my heart to yours,