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    Outdoor Cake Smash!

    Meet the B. Family…

    Bec4-032 web

    It’s been a little over a year since I photographed their family back when they were anxiously awaiting baby B.’s arrival to their family. And now, she’s One! With a perfect +24 September day, we thought we’d take advantage of the beautiful weather and capture her cake smashing outside. Perfect.

    We started with family photos first…

    Bec4-013 web

    Bec4-026 web

    Bec4-047 web

    Bec4-059 web

    Bec4-185r web

    Bec4-192r web

    Bec4-261 web

    Bec4-249 web

    Onto the cake smashing! Mom made her sweet birthday girl an amazing big cupcake, nice work!

    Bec4-284 web

    Bec4-290 web

    Bec4-308 web

    Bec4-331 web

    Bec4-334 web

    Bec4-342 web

    Bec4-345 web

    Bec4-346 web

    Her brother and sister were itching to get in there and help a sista’ out…

    Bec4-371 web

    Bec4-393 web

    Thank you for the fun night! I loved spending time with your family.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Hailey Smashes a Cake

    Hailey is One! To celebrate her first birthday, she smashed a cake (with a little help from her big sis)!

    She has such a sweet and gentle personality. Isn’t she a doll?

    10-041 web

    Hailey is one lucky little girl to have such an amazing Mom. I love that she asked if they could have a birthday picture together.

    Mom Hailey Collage web

    Her big sister is her little caretaker, they are so close.

    10-018 web

    10-052 web

    Onto the cake smashing…

    The beautiful cake was made by Annie Cakes in Leduc.

    10-057 web

    10-064 web

    10-066 web

    10-081 web

    10-082 web

    10-089 web

    10-107 web

    10-116 web

    10-124 web

    10-128 web

    As Hailey enjoyed her cake, her big sister waited for the word that she could join in the fun, it wasn’t that long ago that she was here to smash her own 1st birthday cake! Every 30 seconds or so she would ask “My turn? Please, is it my turn?”  She was so patient and well-mannered and let out a squeal of excitement when she was asked if she wanted some cake too.

    Oh my, these sweet sisters are too cute for words…

    10-172 web

    10-178 web

    10-198 web

    10-201 web

    10-209 web

    10-220 web

    10-214 web

    10-236 web

    10-240 web

    10-246 web

    10-254 web

    Happy Birthday Hailey!  Thank you for the fun morning, you are such a joy.

    Merry Christmas,


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    Cake Smashing with Shy

    Meet the L family.

    4_-007 web

    They are very dear friends to our family. I’ve had the pleasure of capturing their maternity session, and baby Shy’s newborn session.  Yesterday on Shy’s first birthday, after a quick series of family photos, they celebrated one amazing year of oh-so-loved Shy with a cake smashing session. How did a year go by so fast?!

    4_-002 web

    4_-009r web

    4_-017 web

    4_-026 web

    4_-047 web

    4_-056 web

    4_-070 web

    Onto the cake smashing!

     We started out with one of Shy’s newest loves…the sucker.

    4_-097 web

    4_-111 web

    Time to bring her beautiful cake out, made by Once Upon a Cake in Leduc.  It was so much fun watching her enjoy her cake.

    4_-088 web2

    4_-117 web

    4_-118 web

    4_-137 web

    4_-141 web

    4_-145 web

    4_-156 web

    4_-159 web

    4_-161 web

    4_-169 web

    4_-170 web

    4_-191 web

    4_-200 web

    Happy first birthday sweet Little girl!

    Lots of love,


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    Jayden’s Cake Smash

    I haven’t seen Jayden since I took his newborn pictures.

    2-003 web

    At just 10 days old, he was already full of personality and now that he has turned one (just yesterday), his personality has grown right along with him.

    3-259bw web

    3-006bw web

    3-050bw web

    3-082bw web

    3-030r web

    Jayden Collage web

    Onto the cake smashing!  The fabulous cake was supplied by Fuss Cupcakes. So delicious!

    3-157 web

    3-167 web

    And this is the moment Jayden decided he didn’t like the feeling of icing on his skin…

    3-179 web

    3-192 web

    3-201 web

    3-218 web

    3-236 web

    3-244 web

    3-275 web

    3-291 web

    3-293 web

    3-321 web

    3-334 web

    At some point in every cake smashing session, there is a break down when enough is enough…

    3-343 web

    3-302bw web

    It’s his birthday, he can cry if he wants too…

    Happy Birthday Jayden!

    Thank you for coming over and smashing a cake! It was so good to see you all again.

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    Cassey Smashes a Cake

    Meet Cassey.

    0-028 web

    0-042 web

    Isn’t she adorable?  Although it’s not quite her birthday yet, she came over to celebrate her first birthday a little early by smashing a cake.

    Penny Zulke made a fabulous two tiered cake for the occasion. What an amazing cake in honour of the soon-to-be birthday girl.  Thank you Penny!

    0-018 web

    As soon as Mom put Cassey down, she went straight for it.

    0-047 web

    Her Mom (who also comes from the same hometown as me…Vermilion) told me that Cassey loves pushing buttons. Since the cake was polka dotted, she focused most of her energy on pressing each little dot.

    0-048 web

    0-077 web

    0-087 web

    0-080bw web

    0-107bw web

    I’m not sure what she was thinking here…maybe “Do you expect me to eat this whole cake by myself?!”  She did more playing with the cake than actually eating it!

    0-093 web

    0-095 web

    0-125 web

    Grandma was also there to lend a helping hand…

    0-133 web

    0-139 web

    0-130 web

    0-150 web

    0-161 web

    0-180 web

    0-192 web

    Sometimes cake smashings end in tears when the birthday girl has had enough.  This particular cake smashing ended with flying cake. 🙂 Thanks for coming to play Cassey!  Happy early birthday sweet girl!

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    Cake Smashing with Cameron

    Meet Cameron.

    0-036 web

    He’s one!  Along with his sister, he came over to smash a cake to celebrate his first birthday. His birthday was actually the beginning of September, but he came into the world 5 weeks early.  The day we did this cake smashing, was a year to the day of  what should have been his scheduled C-Section.  🙂

    Meet his big sister Emma.

    0-003 web

    She is a real care-taker to Cameron.  Her eyes light up when she interacts with him and she’s so gentle and loving. It’s amazing to see such a close connection between siblings that are a few years apart.

    0-013 web

    0-033bw web

    Onto the cake smashing!  Cameron’s Mom made the cake, and she did a wonderful job. Such a great keepsake for Cameron to be captured through photos.  Nice work Mom!

    0-042 web

    0-053 web

    Cameron was impressed as well!

    0-063 web

    It took him awhile to figure out that he was allowed to touch the cake!  He took his time before digging in, he circled the cake a few times.

    0-070 web

    I love that you can see their personalities come out in how they choose to smash the cake. Cameron was quite deliberate and enjoyed every bite with cute expressions in between.

    0-087 web

    0-091 web

    0-098 web

    0-099 web

    0-104 web

    0-109 web

    0-119 web

    0-130 web

    0-132 web

    0-140 web

    0-154 web

    0-168 web

    0-188 web

    Happy birthday Cameron!  Thanks for the fun morning!

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    Celebrating Sawyer with a Cake Smash

    How fast a year can go by! Meet the birthday boy Sawyer who has graced the blog as a precious newborn, a wide-eyed 3 mo. old, a lucky 6 mo. old, and a curious 9 mo. old.

    6-393 web

    We met for an outdoor cake smashing!

     Big sister Addison was the most excited!

    6-051bw web

    6-086 web

    6-097 web

    6-126 web

    Thank you Penny Zulke for making the fabulous cake!  Sawyer’s eyes lit right up when he saw it.

    6-128 web

    6-133 web

    6-137 web

    6-148 web

    6-157 web

    6-169bw web

    6-175 web

    Sawyer took his time eating the cake while Addison waited patiently off to the side.  Once Sawyer got a little overwhelmed, Addy was right there to help a brotha out!

    6-200 web

    6-222 web

    6-224 web

    6-273 web

    6-276 web

    6-302 web

    6-329 web

    6-389bw web

    6-416bw web

    6-424bw web

    6-061bw web

    Happy Birthday Sawyer!  You are one adored little man. I have loved photographing your changing personality over the past year.  Looking forward to more!

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    Cake Smashing with Caris

    Meet Caris.  She has amazing cheeks! Isn’t she adorable?

    0-011bw web

    She’s turning 1 in a few days!  To celebrate the event, she came over for a cake smashing!

    Her mom made the cake and what a beautiful cake it was!  I am so impressed with your cake making skills Carmen. Can you believe this is the very first fondant cake she’s ever made? Amazing! 🙂 Even though the cake gets smashed, it’s such a treasured keepsake for Caris…captured in photos. Nice work! I have to tell you Carmen, motherhood looks stunning on you.

    0-008 web

    0-036 web

    Caris is just learning to walk.  She’s almost there.

    Onto the cake smashing!  The best thing about cake smashings is that you really get to see their personality come out in how they smash the cake. Caris took her time before she sampled the cake. It was like she understood how much time and work her Mom poured into that beautiful cake.

    0-047 web

    Don’t you just love her Sumo Wrestler pose?

    0-052 web

    0-053 web

    0-058 web

    0-059 web

    0-061 web

    0-068 web

    0-077 web

    0-082 web

    0-104bw web

    0-124bw web

    0-158 web

    0-165 web

    0-168 web

    0-173 web

    0-186 web

    0-197 web

    Happy Birthday sweet Caris! Thanks for the entertainment!

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    Family Love & a Cake Smash

    Meet Brynn.

    3-221 web

    She just turned one!  She’s grown so much since I took newborn pictures of her!

    Meet her sisters…Madison

    3-176 web

    and Rylee…

    3-194 web

    She climbed a tree on our last family session too 🙂

    We first met for family photos before the big cake smashing in honour of Brynn’s first birthday.

    They are such a beautiful family full of love and laughter.

    3-035 web

    3-043 web

    3-039 web

    3-059bw web

    3-104bw web

    3-117bw web

    3-257 web

    Madison’s a little artist as well!

    Jackie, who I am also blessed to count as a friend of mine, makes the job of Mom to three girls look effortless.  Madison and Rylee wanted to take a few pictures with my camera, so here’s a little behind the scene’s look! 🙂 They are already little photographers!

    3-234 web

    Now onto the cake smashing!  Jackie made the cake. What a special memory to give to her girls!  Is there anything this Mom can’t do?!

    3-268 web

    3-281 web

    3-282 web

    3-285 web

    3-290 web

    3-309 web

    3-314 web

    Brynn’s patient sisters were waiting in the wings for a chance to join in!

    3-327bw web

    3-342bw web

    And to end it all…the token “I’ve had too much, I’m overwhelmed, come save me” cake smashing shot…

    3-351 web

    Happy birthday Brynn!

    Thanks for the fun!
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    Cake Smashing with Sierra

    I have taken pictures of Sierra a few times since she came into the world.  She turned one a couple of days ago!  Where did the time go?

    6-029 web

    6-031 web

    6-036 web

    To celebrate her birthday, she came over to smash a cake. 🙂 Thank you to Penny Zulke for once again creating a beautiful cake.

    6-011 web

    Sierra loved it!  She was very focussed on eating all the pretty flowers.

    6-066 web

    6-082 web

    6-094 web

    6-102 web

    6-113 web

    6-121 web

    6-150 web

    6-163 web

    6-168 web

    6-171 web

    6-185 web

    6-198 web

    6-200 web

    At some point in every cake smashing, the birthday babe gets a little overwhelmed…

    6-206 web

    But, the look she gave her Mom when she had enough was priceless!  Baby stink eye…

    6-208 web

    Happy birthday sweet baby girl!  Thanks for spending the morning with me.