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    Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Amelia

    It’s been a year since I photographed sweet Amelia.  To celebrate her first birthday, I was invited over to capture her smashing her first birthday cake, loving made by her creative Mom.

    We started with a few photos before brining out the cake, which was quite the task…she’s one active girl, always on the go. She also has a very easy going, happy personality. She compliments her family perfectly.

    GRO17A-015 web GRO17A-030 web GRO17A-038 web GRO17A-069 web GRO17A-079 web GRO17A-132 web GRO17A-147 web GRO17A-162 web GRO17A-165 web GRO17A-170 web GRO17A-179 web GRO17A-180 web GRO17A-181 web GRO17A-183 web GRO17A-188 web GRO17A-192 web GRO17A-197 web GRO17A-204 web GRO17A-206 web GRO17A-216 web GRO17A-227 web GRO17A-231 web GRO17A-240 web

    Happy birthday baby girl!

    From my heart to yours,




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    Happy Birthday Sweet Jordyn

    It’s been a year since I photographed sweet Jordyn. She still sports a full crown of beautiful raven hair. What a doll!

    She came over to smash her 1st birthday cake…only it turns out she doesn’t like cake on her hands. Depths of despair level 😉

    Her Mom brought over the cutest outfits, so we had some fun leading up to the cake smash (and even a Santa visit too)…

    joh16-043-web joh16-047-web joh16-053-web joh16-059-web joh16-063-web joh16-073-web joh16-089-web joh16-096-web joh16-103-web joh16-105-web joh16-106-web joh16-112-web joh16-115-web joh16-116-web joh16-120-web joh16-121-web joh16-122-web joh16-124-web joh16-127-web joh16-128-web joh16-136-web joh16-140-web

    Happy birthday Jordyn! Thanks for the great afternoon.

    From my heart to yours,




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    Halle Smashes a Cake!

    Sweet Little Halle is one! It’s been a whole year since I last blogged her family, it seems fitting to blog their newest chapter in their family love story on Mother’s Day (I know how much you love the blog post Char!)

    Halle was so excited about her beautiful cake, no one could hold her back from taking a little taste test.
    thank you Once Upon a Cake

    LitH15-094 web

    LitH15-097 web LitH15-099 web LitH15-101 web

    As ever, her big sister was there to cheer her on. These two have a very special bond. Their personalities compliment one another perfectly. Best friends for life.

    LitH15-030 webLitH15-043 web  LitH15-120 web

    Onto the cake smashing! Halle was hilarious as she attacked her cake.

    LitH15-134 web LitH15-136 web LitH15-164 web LitH15-175 web LitH15-184 web LitH15-200 web LitH15-234 web LitH15-240 web LitH15-263 web LitH15-276 web  LitH15-298 web LitH15-312 web LitH15-319 web LitH15-342 web LitH15-358 web LitH15-374 web LitH15-386 web

    Happy birthday hilarious, adorable, sweet Halle. I can’t wait to photograph more of your milestones (and the moments in between).

    From my heart to yours,



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    Sophie’s One: a Cake Smash & a Bath

    Happy Birthday Sophie! To celebrate her special day, she came over to smash a cake, followed by a bath…

    Sophie Diptych Web

    She has grown since I last saw her, and she’s almost walking!

    SHopaluk13-003 web

    SHopaluk13-005 web

    SHopaluk13-020 web

    SHopaluk13-026 web

    Onto the cake smash! Her Mom did a fabulous job making and decorating her little girl’s first birthday cake. A special gift for her little love that will always be remembered through these photos…

    SHopaluk13-034 web

    SHopaluk13-040 web

    SHopaluk13-050 web

    SHopaluk13-055 web

    SHopaluk13-063 web

    SHopaluk13-068 web

    She wasn’t a fan of the icing on her hands, so a bubble bath was the perfect solution. She sure does love her baths…

    SHopaluk13-086 web

    SHopaluk13-097 web

    SHopaluk13-103 web

    SHopaluk13-106 web

    SHopaluk13-110 web

    SHopaluk13-113 web

    SHopaluk13-138 web

    SHopaluk13-153r web

    SHopaluk13-155 web

    Happy birthday beautiful girl!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Lawson Stands on His Own

    The last time I photographed Lawson, he was a sweet and bright-eyed newborn. I love that Lawson’s parents brought that special suitcase to his one year birthday shoot to show how much he’s gown.

    Lawson Triptych web

    Millar13-035 web

    He’s very close to walking now! His eyes continue to sparkle.

    Onto the cake smash! Once again the fabulous cake was provided by “Once Upon a Cake” in Leduc.

    Lawson pulled out some surprises during his cake smash, a few firsts! His Mom and Dad said he’s never crawled this particular way before…

    Millar13-061 web

    Millar13-063 web

    Millar13-075 web

    Millar13-078 web

    Millar13-080 web

    Millar13-088 web

    Millar13-093 web

    Millar13-099 web

    Millar13-106 web

    Millar13-112 web

    While I was photographing, and his Daddy was videotaping, Lawson stood on his own for the first time ever! How lucky to have this milestone both photographed and recorded!

    Millar13-131 web

    Millar13-138 web

    And then he stood on his own a again…

    Millar13-153 web

    Proud boy!

    Millar13-165 web

    Millar13-170 web

    Millar13-059 web

    Happy 1st birthday Lawson! Thanks for coming to see me (and for upping your game with a new crawl and a new all-by-yourself stance!)

    From my heart to yours,


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    Ryker Smashes a Cake!

    Meet the sweetest little birthday boy, Ryker…

    dec13-047 web

    He came over to smash his birthday cake. Before we got into the cake fun, we took some time to focus on the closeness and love that is so abundant within this family.

    dec13-086 web

    dec13-090 web

    dec13-118 web

    Onto the cake smashing! Once again,the amazing cake was made by “Once Upon a Cake” in Leduc. They always make the most detailed perfect cakes…

    dec13-123 web

    This little monkey really loved the little monkey…

    dec13-126 web

    dec13-129 web

    dec13-137 web

    dec13-138 web

    dec13-158 web

    dec13-164 web

    dec13-167 web

    dec13-173 web

    He wasn’t sure what to think about his first ever taste of cake…

    dec13-180 web

    dec13-184 web

    dec13-198 web

    dec13-213 web

    He’s so very close to walking on his own, luckily he always has a helping hand from Mom and Dad through this transition…

    dec13-219 web

    dec13-231 web

    dec13-234 web

    And with that, he had his fill! Happy birthday Ryker!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Lucas Smashes a Cake

    Meet Lucas, he just celebrated his first birthday.

    Glim13-064 web

    He has two big sisters who adore him.

    Glim13-009 web

    Glim13-019 web

    Glim13-029 web

    I have taken photos of their family for years, and was sad to hear they were moving to the States last year.  I’m so happy they made time in their busy schedule while visiting for a one year cake smashing session followed by a family sunset session.

    Onto the cake smashing! The fabulous cake was made by “Once Upon a Cake” in Leduc.

    Glim13-077 web

    Glim13-082 web

    Glim13-119 web

    Glim13-122 web

    Glim13-124 web

    Glim13-128 web

    Glim13-148 web

    Glim13-153 web

    The girls thought they should help a brother out…

    Glim13-167 web

    Glim13-187 web

    Glim13-195 web

    Glim13-201 web

    Glim13-202 web

    Visit Part 2, their family sunset session photographed at their family homestead: http://christinehopaluk.com/blog/2013/09/15/the-g-family-at-their-family-homestead/

    Happy birthday Lucas!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Ethan Teaches Bella How to Smash A Cake

    Meet Ethan…

    Per1-059 web

    Isn’t he adorable?! He turned one last week, so he came over to smash a birthday cake. He is also a proud big brother to beautiful baby Bella, two weeks old.

    Per1-097 web

    Per1-113 web

    So much hair!

    Per1-145bw web

    What a pair of cuties; a very busy and blessed family.

    Per1-138r web

    Onto the cake smashing! Once again “Once Upon a Cake” made a fabulous cake for the birthday boy…the poor little monkey never stood a chance.

    Ethan Diptych web

    Per1-205 web

    Per1-214 web

    Per1-221 web

    Per1-227 web

    Per1-233 web

    Per1-236 web

    Per1-242 web

    Per1-250 web

    Per1-256 web

    Per1-257 web

    Per1-262 web

    Per1-264 web

    Per1-258 web

    And with that he had enough! Thank you so much for asking me to document his birthday cake smash, it was so much fun!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Reina’s Cake Smash

    Meet sweet little Reina…

    Cer1-011 web

    Isn’t she a doll?! She brought along a special outfit that her Daddy bought her…

    Cer1-029 web

    After a couple of outfit changes, Reina spotted her beautiful birthday cake (made by “Once Upon a Cake” in Leduc, AB). She was so excited to dig in, and it was all her Mom could do to keep her entertained long enough to set the cake down and for me to get into position.

    Cer1-043 web

    Cer1-046 web

    Cer1-047 web

    Cer1-048 web

    Cer1-063 web

    Cer1-071 web

    Cer1-087 web

    Cer1-090 web

    Cer1-097 web

    Cer1-110 web

    Cer1-119 web

    Cer1-130 web

    So close to walking (with a little help from her Mom)…

    Cer1-138 web

    Cer1-144 web

    Cer1-153 web

    And with that, it was over.  You did so good birthday girl! Thanks for coming over to smash your birthday cake.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Jude Smashes a Cake

    Meet adorable Jude…

    Hug5-022 web

    You may remember him from his newborn session and a family session last July. He continues to light up the room with a smile that couldn’t possibly get any bigger.

    He came over to celebrate his soon-to-be-first birthday with a cake smashing. Jude’s fabulous cake was made by Amanda Durocher.

    How cute is his hat and bow tie?!

    Hug5-047 web

    Hug5-056 web

    Hug5-068 web

    Hug5-081 web

    Hug5-083 web

    Hug5-084 web

    Hug5-087 web

    Hug5-089 web

    Hug5-095 web

    Hug5-101 web

    Hug5-105 web

    And then, just like that, he decided he had enough and the cake smash was over…

    Hug5-118 web

    Happy soon-to-be birthday Jude!