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    Brandy’s Back!

    You may remember Brandy from last year, she’s back with even more focus and determination and ready to compete once again!  When we began our session, I immediately saw differences from last year’s shoot. First of all she has this glow!

    Der3-363 web

    We thought it would be fun to do another comparison shot. The white backdrop photos were taken exactly a year ago (six weeks apart from one another) and the black backdrop is this year. I can definitely see you added more muscle and definition Brandy!

    Brandy Comparison web

    Look at that back!!!!

    Der3-276r web

    Der3-285bw web

    Der3-289bw web

    Der3-394bw web

    Der3-116bw web

    Der3-017 web

    Der3-337 web

    Der3-385 web

    Stay tuned for part 2 of our session, Brandy and her two gorgeous girls (yes, this strong woman as 2 kids!).  We had lots of fun together and I loved photographing their connection.

    Thank you Brandy, best of luck in your competitions!


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    My Beautiful Friend Amy Tatreau

    Meet my hilarious, talented, smart & beautiful friend Amy Tatreau…

    Tat1-078 web

    When I met Amy a few years ago, I instantly liked her. She oozes confidence in a way that’s so welcoming because of her genuine spirit. It goes without saying, she is always entertaining. We got together so I could photograph the many faces of Amy.

    I’m proud to call her my friend! Without further delay this is my fabulous friend Amy…

    Tat1-129 web

    Tat1-154 web

    Tat1-149bw web

    Tat1-155bw web

    Tat1-166 web

    Tat1-193 web

    Tat1-212 web

    Tat1-316 web

    Tat1-351bw web

    These next two photos are so very Amy…

    Tat1-424bw web

    Tat1-425 web

    Tat1-263r blur web

    Thank you so much for asking me to capture you Amy!

    From my heart to yours,


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    The Face Painting Talents of Mélissa Zizanis

    Mélissa Zizanis is an amazing face painter. I was invited over to a birthday party at a friend’s house to capture Mélissa’s face painting talents. The kids sat perfectly still as she expertly painted each of their faces, and they were so proud to get their photo taken after.

    The beautiful birthday girl…

    Ziz1-004 web

    Ziz1-035 web

    Ziz1-017 web

    They wanted matching faces 🙂

    Ziz1-043 web

    Ziz1-025 web

    Ziz1-049 web

    Ziz1-068 web

    Princess twins!

    Ziz1-072 web

    Ziz1-080 web

    Ziz1-092 web

    Ziz1-094 web

    I was so impressed with her wonderful way with kids and talents that I invited her to my daughter’s birthday party.  She was the highlight of the whole party! The kids had a blast. Thank you so much Mélissa!

    This is my happy girl, proudly posing on her 8th birthday…

    sept23-035 web

    and her friends who loved the whole face painting experience…

    sept23-065 web

    sept23-070 web

    sept23-112 web

    sept23-145 web

    sept23-150 web

    sept23-058 web

    sept23-094 web

    I think the expressions of pure happiness on all the kid’s faces are a true testament to what a great artist Mélissa Zizanis is! I highly recommend booking her for your next party.

    She also carries temporary glitter tattoos.

    To book her services in the Edmonton and surrounding area simply e-mail Mélissa: melissa.zizanis [at] gmail.com

    Thanks again for making my daughter’s party so memorable!


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    Beautiful Brandy Six Weeks Later

    If you follow my blog, you will no doubt remember buff Brandy!  She booked two fitness shoots six weeks apart to document her hard work as she trains for the Alberta’s which is only days away.

    Click HERE to view her fitness shoot from six weeks ago. My jaw literally dropped at the difference in her body within such a short six week period!  I have so much respect for her dedication, motivation, and work ethic.

    Here are two comparison shots to show what Brandy has accomplished with her hard-work!

    Brandy's 6 Week Transformation web

    Brandy's 6 Week Transformation2 web

    You amaze me Brandy!

    2-005 web

    2-107 web

    2-092 web

    2-093 web

    2-141 web

    2-126 web

    Brandy's Poses web2

    2-228bw web

    2-298bw web

    2-171rbw web

    2-255 web

    Good luck Brandy! I have no doubt you will be successful.

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    Jump Jordan Jump!

    Three years ago, my beautiful neighbour friend Michelle mentioned to me that she would like to capture her son Jordan’s Taekwondo skills since he reached 3rd Dan (which I learned means third degree black belt). Jordan trained at Tiger Studios in Leduc for 8 years.

    We never really set a date for this shoot but we would talk about it here and there. Finally, we decided last minute to do a sunset shoot given the beautiful +24 day we had. Poor Jordan was given one days notice and it had been three years since he last formally trained.

    I knew Jordan reached 3rd Dan, but I had no idea what that meant as far as his amazing capabilities. I was in awe of how high he could kick!

    We decided on a location near the water, and Telford Lake was our best bet and made for a beautiful sun-kissed backdrop for our shoot.

    Michelle brought her video camera along, like the proud Mom she is. I’m sure in the background of her footage you can hear Michelle and I yelling “Jump Jordan, Jump! OK now jump again. Jump higher! Jump once more! Jump Jordan, Jump! The sun is in the wrong spot, jump again. Jump over the sun. My timing was off, can you jump again? Are you hurt? No? Good, because I need you to jump one more time. I lied, jump again. Do that round-about-jumpy-thingy now.”

    JBranda-004 web

    Do a hand-stand now Jordan! Do hand-stands have anything to do with Taekwondo? No? Wouldn’t it be fun to do anyway?

    JBranda-194 web

    Jordan was a great sport, and I have so much respect for his technique and skill. Amazing!!!

    JBranda-132 web

    JBranda-020 web

    JBranda-077 web

    JBranda-081 web

    JBranda-086 web

    JBranda-088 web

    JBranda-092 web

    JBranda-197 web

    JBranda-206 web

    JBranda-236r web

    Thank you for the fun evening, much respect Jordan!

    Your friendly neighbour,


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    Beautiful M.

    Meet beautiful M.

    2-300 web

    This session was a celebration of who she is as a woman. She is beautiful both inside and out.

    If I could use one word to describe her, it would be Authentic. Through times of adversity in her life, her spirit has grown in strength and character. Through it all, she has tapped into her true self. Her authenticity is a gift; it allows others the freedom to be themselves. A genuine and accepting heart is a rare find; it’s a true measure of beauty.

    Among the gift of authenticity, she is also confident, intelligent, fun, spiritual, kind, and soft-hearted. She has this brilliant genuine smile that travels to her eyes and turns into a twinkle. Her smile immediately transfers to others and you can feel the joy in her heart when you spend time with her.  During the session, her favourite music played in the background. She has music in her soul let me tell you! I spent the entire session with a smile on my face and at one point, broke out into spontaneous dance along with her. You just can’t help but feel her amazing energy. Thank you for that!

    2-263 web

    2-341 web

    2-342 web

    2-336 web

    2-443 web

    2-183 web

    2-187 web

    This last photo touches my heart, with tears in her eyes I could feel the range of emotions she felt as we celebrated the amazing woman she is. Thank you M. for sharing the gift of your true self with me, I left with a full-heart. You inspire me.

    2-238 web

    There is nothing better than capturing a woman’s true beauty.

    All you women out there, you are beautiful!  We can be so hard on ourselves.  We wait for the “right” time to be photographed, but the right time is now! Beautiful is confidence, wisdom, knowledge, and strength.

    Be good to yourself, because you are amazing.


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    Meet Stephen.

    1-090 web

    I met Stephen a few years ago through a dear friend. I was so happy he contacted me to photograph him for his business head shots.

    Stephen is the Business Development Manager for Iamfx.com

    He’s kind, genuine, smart, and talented. The future is very bright for you my friend!

    1-219 web

    1-161 web

    1-200bw vintage web

    1-168bw vintage web

    1-088bw vintage web

    1-106 web

    1-249 web

    Thank you for the fun morning!


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    My Beautiful Sister Roxanne

    Meet my talented and beautiful sister Roxanne.

    Rox-048 web

    Roxanne was in need of some updated headshots for her business. She is the owner of “Right at Home Redesigns” based out of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  Another great love of Roxanne’s is Theatre and she continues to direct productions and instruct drama courses, so we wanted to capture a variety of headshots that would serve dual purpose for both of her passions.

    I’m so proud of my sister: an interesting, creative, devoted, and lively woman who is faithful and kind to her core.

    She’s had a profound impact on who I am today.  At a very early age, she introduced me to the arts, and I fell in love with a world of colour, expression, creativity, and thinking outside the box. Without her influence, I don’t think I would have found the world of photography that encompasses much of the same elements as does design and her world of theatre. Thank you Roxy.  I owe you so much.

    Not long ago, I wrote a blog post about Roxy on my “Reclaiming Life” blog:  http://reclaiminglife.wordpress.com/2011/06/21/heres-to-different/

    Rox-067 web

    Rox-046 web

    Rox-059 web

    Rox-079bw web

    Rox-040bw web

    Check out her website if you want to update and transform your living space.  She’s a decorating genius! 🙂

    Right at Home Redesigns: http://www.rightathomeredesigns.com

    Thank you for the honour of taking your photos Sis! xoxo

    Love, Chrissy

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    The Beautiful and Talented Elena

    Meet my beautiful friend Elena

    1-162 webI first met Elena almost 7 years ago.  We were both part of a healthy living group, and we made fast friends.  We’ve shared many laughs over the years. When she asked me to take her Head shot I jumped at the chance to capture her beauty.

    She’s also an extremely talented writer.  All you Readers of Women’s Fiction…Elena will soon be featuring her Women’s Fiction novel: “NOTHING STAYS IN VEGAS” set for release mid July 2011 on Kindle.

    Check out her website for more information: http://elenaaitken.com/

    1-052 web

    1-129 web

    1-091bw web

    1-141r web

    Congratulations on all you’ve achieved Elena, I can’t wait to read your novel!  Your talent and gift for writing inspires me and I’m so thankful for your friendship. xoxo

    Love, Christine

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    Beautiful Julie

    Meet Julie.

    1-019bw web

    Julie is a fabulous hair dresser. I first heard about Julie while I was taking family pictures for my neighbour Amanda. As I walked up to Amanda for her photography session, the first thing I noticed was her fabulous hair. I said to her, “I must know who did your hair. Dish it.” and she replied “The best hair dresser I’ve ever been to, her name is Julie”. Ever since that session, I’ve been sitting in Julie’s chair with a cup of coffee in one hand and a magazine in the other, trusting her with my hair and talking her ear off.  Seriously kudos to Julie, my hair has a life of it’s own (and it’s a crazy fuzzy life)…finger snaps and a head bow to you.  When I leave the salon, I secretly wish Julie could just do my hair everyday…she’s a hair genius.

    I trust her with my fuzzy hair, and I was so happy when she trusted me to capture her beauty.  She honestly doesn’t even realize just how stunning she is (which is another reason why I enjoy her so much). My favourite part about Julie, is her sweet & modest nature.

    She’s a stunning woman who’s so down-to-earth, personable, and kind.  When I told Julie that I would be donating her session fee towards our Team Hope for the Leduc Relay for Life, she generously donated over and above her session fee to support our cause to fight back against cancer. Thank you!

    If you need an amazing cut and colour,  book an appointment with Julie Anderson at Melange Salon & Spa. Click HERE to visit their web page, and then book an appointment, you can even book online by clicking HERE!  Your hair will thank you.

    1-100 web

    1-087 web

    1-089 web

    1-080 web

    1-045 web

    1-035r web

    Thank you for the fun evening Julie!  You are beautiful, both inside and out.

    P.S. Excuse me for almost passing out when that bird aggressively swooped in at me. Lucky for me I wasn’t standing on my ladder. 😉