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Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Amelia

It’s been a year since I photographed sweet Amelia. ┬áTo celebrate her first birthday, I was invited over to capture her smashing her first birthday cake, loving made by her creative Mom.

We started with a few photos before brining out the cake, which was quite the task…she’s one active girl, always on the go. She also has a very easy going, happy personality. She compliments her family perfectly.

GRO17A-015 web GRO17A-030 web GRO17A-038 web GRO17A-069 web GRO17A-079 web GRO17A-132 web GRO17A-147 web GRO17A-162 web GRO17A-165 web GRO17A-170 web GRO17A-179 web GRO17A-180 web GRO17A-181 web GRO17A-183 web GRO17A-188 web GRO17A-192 web GRO17A-197 web GRO17A-204 web GRO17A-206 web GRO17A-216 web GRO17A-227 web GRO17A-231 web GRO17A-240 web

Happy birthday baby girl!

From my heart to yours,




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