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    Michele’s Loves

    Anyone who knows me, knows I love to tell a story. So here is the story of how I got to know Michele.

    But first, let me introduce you to her…isn’t she stunning? Best part about her is she’s beautiful both inside and out.

    Ken16-216 web

    I met her at the gym awhile back, but first I stalked her workouts. ha! You see, I really appreciate the people at the gym who pour everything they have into a workout. They inspire and motivate me to work harder, and I get caught in a rut at times in doing the same thing over and over. There was Michele always jumping around, adding circuits and weights in unexpected ways. She either wore an expression of fierce determination or a huge smile that travelled to her eyes. When I got to know her a little, I quickly realized she is not only physically strong, but mentally strong too. She’s a very uplifting, positive, energetic, go-after-your-dreams type of person and I’m a better person for knowing her.

    I was so excited when she asked me to photograph her beautiful family on family day week-end. Her parents were in town and she had a very specific vision in mind to capture their loving family. I so appreciate when there’s direct communication about a vision for family photos, it makes my job so easy to transform photos in their dreamy heads into reality. Thank you Michele!

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    Seriously, doesn’t your heart just melt looking at these two….

    Ken16-066 web Ken16-072 web Ken16-093 web Ken16-100r web Ken16-107 web Ken16-136 web Ken16-168 web Ken16-190 web Ken16-209 web   Ken16-280 web Ken16-291 web Ken16-305 webKen16-264 webThanks again for a great afternoon! So great to meet your family.

    From my heart to yours,