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    Welcome to the World Sweet Jordyn

    Meet sweet little Jordyn, she’s an absolute doll…

    Joh15-048 web

    She’s a very special early Christmas present to her adoring Mom. I’m happy to call this beautiful Mamma my friend and I can’t wait to watch Jordyn grow right along with her ever expanding heart.

    Joh15-344 webJoh15-250 webJoh15-491 webJoh15-374 web Joh15-281 web Joh15-201 web

    She’s already an Oiler’s fan…

    Joh15-293 web Joh15-307 web  Joh15-357 web  Joh15-381 web Joh15-385 web Joh15-394 web Joh15-402 web Joh15-430 web

    Thank you so much Kristina for having me over to photograph Jordyn. She’s such a precious gift. You are doing amazing at Motherhood, as I knew you would. I love you both!

    From my heart to yours,




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    Welcome to the World Mallie

    I’ve had the pleasure of capturing this family’s milestones through the years. I was so honoured to photograph their newest bundle of joy…Mallie, a beautifully perfect 9 pound 2 ounce baby girl.

    Mallie Olynyk Collage copyOLY15-096 webOLY15-292 web

    A sister for the girls. Three little beauties who will always be one another’s best friend and confidant…

    OLY15-073 web OLY15-083 web OLY15-257bw web

    Mallie is one loved little girl…

    OLY15-114bw web OLY15-220 webOLY15-133 webOLY15-174 webOLY15-103 web

    OLY15-165bw web        OLY15-276 web OLY15-268 web

    A comparison photo of each sweet baby girl, taken on the steps leading to their family home full of love.

    Olynyk Triptych web2

    Congratulations! Your family is very blessed, Merry Christmas!

    From my heart to yours,