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    Inspiring, Strong & Beautiful Kathi

    Meet beautiful, strong, inspiring and motivated Kathi…

    Ber15-062 web

    I was so excited to captured her dedication and hard work. I love photographing milestones, especially fitness, and this is one Kathi should be very proud of. Strong, confident and proud, love it!

    Ber15-244 webBer15-098 web Ber15-046 web

    She’s also a fabulous personal trainer and a fitness kickboxing instructor. Woman of many talents. Check out her FB page: Total Balance Personal Training.

    Thank you to Glam Girl Hair & Makeup Artistry for the beautiful job on hair and makeup!

    Ber15-145 webBer15-174 web


    Ber15-102 webBer15-049 web  Ber15-087 web      Ber15-203 web  Ber15-261 web

    Thank you so much for the fun morning Kathi! Congratulations on reaching another fitness goal, you inspire me!

    From my heart to yours,


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    The Loving M. Family’s Session: a Thanksgiving Tradition

    It has become a tradition now to get together with this beautiful family for a family session on Thanksgiving week-end as they travel through visiting family. I can’t say enough good things about their family, they are kind, considerate, and so very genuine. I love capturing their family love story.

    Mil15-026r web

    The girls have grown so much! Little Jane doesn’t sit still for long, we chased her around for most of the session which made for some sweet candid personality shots. Adorable kids, well-behaved dogs, loving parents…sweet perfection!

    Mil15-010 webMil15-003 web   Mil15-059 web Mil15-096 web Mil15-104 web Mil15-118 web Mil15-135 web Mil15-138 web Mil15-170 web  Mil15-200 web Mil15-230 web Mil15-240 web Mil15-302 web Mil15-308 web Mil15-315 web Mil15-321 webMil15-186r web Thank you so much for another great session! It was a pleasure as always!

    From my heart to yours,



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    The K. Family’s Connection

    I’ve had the good fortune of photographing this beautiful family through their family milestones. I started when A. was just a few months old, and continued as she grew into her awesome personality and welcomed a little brother with an equally awesome personality. You can’t help but smile around this family.

    This session was the first session we focused on their family connection rather than one of the kid’s milestones. I just love photographing their close connection. They are a fun-loving family and are so very in tune with one another.

    Ker15-014 web Ker15-041 web Ker15-050 web Ker15-089 web Ker15-098 web Ker15-104 web Ker15-146 web Ker15-145 web  Ker15-239 web Ker15-265 web Ker15-341 web Ker15-379 web Ker15-395 web Ker15-411 web Ker15-431 web Ker15-461 web Kerr Collage web Ker15-307 web Thank you so much for the fun afternoon. It was a pleasure as always.

    From my heart to yours,



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    2 Times the Family Love and 1 Door

    I was excited when my lovely neighbours asked me to photograph their extended family. The morning of the session they texted me that they had an idea to bring an old door and to come over and check it out to see if it would work. Ummmm yes! Love it!

    These two families are extremely close and so much fun. In the hour we spent together, I could really see their fun-loving connection. They are creative too! I love it when families come with ideas for their family session so I can bring their vision to reality.

    FARSLO15-008 webFARSLO15-022 web  FARSLO15-073 webFARSLO15-034 web FARSLO15-055 webFARSLO15-051 web   FARSLO15-081 web FARSLO15-087 web FARSLO15-175 web FARSLO15-189 web FARSLO15-289 web FARSLO15-295 web FARSLO15-412 web FARSLO15-442 web FARSLO15-485 web FARSLO15-490 web FARSLO15-496 web FARSLO15-500r web FARSLO15-506 web FARSLO15-520 web

    Thank you so much for the fun evening and for your creativity and vision.

    From my heart to yours,



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    BMS Bootcamps and Fitness

    I was invited to one of BMS Bootcamps and Fitness classes. With the kids by their side, these ladies worked so hard and they had a lot of fun in the process (I mean who smiles while they wall-sit…these ladies do!)  I was very impressed by their work ethic and the way they support and motivate one another. It’s an inspiring community of strong, dedicated, and motivating people. The uplifting trainers push them on as they work toward their individual fitness goals. If you haven’t checked out BMS Bootcamps, what are you waiting for! Click HERE for their website, and HERE for their Facebook page.

    BMS15-017 webBMS15-001 webBMS15-008 webBMS dyptich web    BMS15-032 web BMS15-075r web BMS15-121 web BMS15-208 web BMS15-216 web BMS15-226 web BMS15-274 web BMS15-282 web BMS15-299 web

    The beautiful, strong, and motivating trainers of BMS Bootcamps & Fitness…

    BMS15-429 webBMS15-373 web BMS15-369 webBMS15-334 webBMS15-315 web    BMS15-458 web BMS15-479r web BMS15-484 web BMS15-511r web

    Thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your amazing group. I had a blast with you all, you made me want to drop my camera and join in. 🙂

    From my heart to yours,



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    The M. Family Six Years Later

    Six years ago, the M. Family had recently built their beautiful home on their acreage. They invited me out to capture some family photos and we thought it was fitting to get a photo on the steps of their new home. Fast forward to 6 years later, we recreated the same photo on the same steps that lead into their home filled with love….

    Messer Collage web 

    They have one new addition: JD. He’s one big loveable, jumping, running, fetching, full-of-life puppy and the kids adore him….

    Mes15-002 web

    I love recreating photos; the comparison tells a story of the love that lives within the passing of time.

    September 9, 2009…

    MES09__024 web

    September 29, 2015…

    Mes15-044 web Mes15-086 web Mes15-092 web Mes15-098 web Mes15-110 web Mes15-115 web Mes15-142 web Mes15-204 web Mes15-242 webMes15-214 web  Mes15-283r web Mes15-400r web Mes15-411 web

    Thank you M. Family for the fun evening! The smile on your faces when JD jumped on my back like a backpack was worth it, you had the biggest smiles in that photo. ha!

    You are very blessed, your family is beautiful.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Jayden’s Loves

    Meet my beautiful, chill, kind friend Jill. She has the type of laugh that is 100% infectious, I just love it when she breaks into her giggle.

    Imp15-416 web

    We went to boarding school together and I just love photographing her family. We had no idea all those years ago just where life would take us, and I’m so thankful that we continue to have a friendship through the years.

    Imp15-067 web Imp15-141 web Imp15-146 web Imp15-164 web Imp15-173 web Imp15-184 web Imp15-208 web

    Jayden stole my heart, isn’t he adorable? He’s grown so much since I last saw him (along with his hair!)

    Imp15-238 web Imp15-265 web Imp15-277 web Imp15-299 web Imp15-314 web Imp15-327 web Imp15-339 web Imp15-347 web   Imperato Family15  Collage web Imp15-362 webThank you for the fun evening, I appreciate your time travelling to see me so I can capture your beautiful family!

    From my heart to yours,