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    A Decade of the S. Family’s Love

    I’ve had the privilege and honour of capturing the S. Family’s love for a whole decade! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since our very first family session together.

    Swe15-024 web

    Each year I don’t think it’s possible for the kids to change that much from the pervious year, but they never fail to surprise me. They both shot right up and D. is sportin’ a few less teeth. As ever they have a very special fun bond.

    Swe15-021 webSwe15-081 web  Swe15-079 web

    Swe15-053 web Swe15-057 web Swe15-059 web   Swe15-087 web Swe15-107 web Swe15-117 web Swe15-141 web Swe15-161 web Swe15-202 web Swe15-204 web Swe15-226 web Swe15-255 web

    At the end of our session together, we both said we had to grab something from the car…I had a bottle of Merlot and a thank you card for them to celebrate our 10 years together. As I turned around to give it to her, she met me with the most genuine sincere smile as she held a bottle of 10 year old Port and a thank you card for me. ha! Great minds think alike. I’m very thankful that we both cherished this special session and the memories through the years of working together. We’ve grown up together, and I just love that I get to watch your children grow up too. Thank you so much, I’ve loved photographing your family love story over the past decade. Here’s to another 10 years!

    From my heart to yours,



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    One Tree, 5 Years of Family Love

    This series summarizes the reason I’m a family photographer (images of the same family from 2010-2015).

    I have the honour of forever capturing ever-changing stories and relationships as each family grows and evolves. One thing remains constant through the years, Love.

    We have no idea a seemingly insignificant moment is actually a cherished memory years later. And those memories materialize from fleeting synapses of time simply because of a photograph.

    I always say family photography found me because of my respect for the love story that lives within families. Who doesn’t love a good story? Isn’t that what life’s all about?

    From my heart to yours,


    1 Tree, 5 years of family love collage web

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    Updated Photos for a Beautiful Family

    Over the years, I’ve had the honour of capturing Brandy as she’s graced the stage for several fitness competitions. We always have a lot of fun working together to capture her strong spirit.

    Der14-338 web

    I was so excited when she asked me to photograph her beautiful family as they haven’t had family photos for many years. I can’t quite articulate how special it is when a family treasures their photos and understands the importance of capturing their family love story. It truly makes my heart sing…

    Der15-039 web

    Their girls are so beautiful and full of life!

     Der15-024 web  Der15-045 web

    Der15-087 web Der15-102 web Der15-091r web Der15-095 web  Der15-120 web Der15-131r web Der15-143 web  Der15-195 web Der15-209 web Der15-163 web Der15-151 webDer15-225 web

    Thank you so much for the fun afternoon! I had so much fun photographing your beautiful family.

    From my heart to yours,



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    Lawson’s Loves

    Meet smart, adorable, active, inquisitive, Lawson….

    Millar15-140 web

    I last photographed this little guy when he was one. He sure has changed, he talks a mile a minute and he runs even faster! Now he’s 2…

    Millar15-152 web

    And so very loved and cherished…

    Millar15-078r webMillar15-058 webMillar15-121 webMillar15-090 web    Millar15-158 web  Millar15-203 web Millar15-085 webMillar15-207 web  Millar15-284 web

    This beautiful family travelled to see me for their photos, the morning of their session the sky opened up and poured rain. We decided since they had already travelled, we would just hope for the best. The rain stopped for the exact amount of time it took to capture their family love story and made for some fun puddle jumping opportunities….

    Millar15-347 web Millar15-348 web Millar15-363 web Millar15-409 webMillar15-268 webMillar15-392 web Millar15-183 web

    Thank you so much for the fun afternoon, as always you are a pleasure to photograph!

    From my heart to yours,


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    The W. Family’s Love Story

    Meet the W. Family…

    wig15-094 web

    I just love photographing this family. They are really laid back, fun, and all around amazing people (with a great sense of style too!)

    wig15-255 webwig15-235 webwig15-241r webwig15-013 web wig15-019 web wig15-037 web wig15-045rbw webwig15-194r webwig15-059 web  wig15-066 web  wig15-111bw web  wig15-208 web

    This has to be one of my favourite jumping photos of all time, everything just came together perfectly and they are some pretty high jumpers.

    wig15-275 web

    Thank you for the beautiful evening! You are blessed.

    From my heart to yours,




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    The M. Family’s Love Story

    Meet the M. Family…

    Mar15-144 web

    I’ve had the honour of capturing their family love story for 8 years now. I love comparison photos…2010 and 2015. The kids grow, but their parents stay young!

    Martineau Diptych copy

    There’s a whole lot of love within this beautiful family, I love photographing them all. It’s always stress free and laid back. My kinda family…

    Mar15-071bw web Mar15-079 web Mar15-085 web Mar15-089 web Mar15-010 webMar15-100 web Mar15-135 web  Mar15-172 web Mar15-182 web Mar15-184 web Mar15-203 web Mar15-213 web Mar15-231 web Mar15-238Redit web Mar15-249 web

    Thank you for another fun family session, Much love!

    From my heart to yours,



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    The Beautiful B. Family

    Meet the beautiful B. Family….

    Bon15-011 web

    Their boys have big personalities and so very sweet & kind hearts. They are equal parts curiosity and hilarity…

    Bon15-004 web

    This next photo sums up photographing boys (never a dull moment!)…

    Bon15-032 web

    Their family is full of love, patience, respect and adoration. I loved photographing their family love story.

    Bon15-110 web Bon15-081 web  Bon15-115 web Bon15-183 web Bon15-250bw webBon15-133rbw web Bon15-161r web  Bon15-200 web Bon15-219 web  Bon15-237 web  Bon15-269 webBon15-228 web

    Thank you so much for the fun evening! It was a pleasure (and totally worth losing a radio trigger to the water) 😉

    From my heart to yours,