• Connection Sessions

    Jace and Joni’s Connection

    Meet Jace and Joni…

    Qui15-216 web

    Joni contacted me with a fun idea for their shoot, tailored not only around their love for one another, but also their love of baseball. They are an active and fun couple, and so very in love. I absolutely loved photographing them.¬†Their connection is very sweet, fun-loving, and full of admiration and respect. Of course there’s a bit of competitiveness too ūüėČ

    Quick Diptych web

    We started the session with Joni’s other love, Volleyball. Isn’t she stunning?

    Quick diptych2 web

    I love that they brought a baseball with the date they first became a couple.

    Qui15-184 webQui15-103 web  Qui15-145 webQui15-130 web Qui15-134 web  Qui15-179 web  Qui15-203 web Qui15-087 web Qui15-251 webQui15-241 web   Qui15-281bw web Qui15-283bw web Qui15-311bw webQui15-289 web   Qui15-323 webQui15-222 webQui15-332 web Qui15-364 web

    Thank you both for an amazing session! You 2 were a dream to photograph!

    From my heart to yours,


    P.S. Special thanks to Jessica for your help in finding the perfect ball diamond, and to Sarah Grose for Joni’s fabulous Makeup!



  • Commercial

    Citadel Drilling Rig 3 Olympus

    I was honoured to photograph Citadel Drilling Rig 3 ~ Olympus

    Impressive is an understatement. As I pulled up to photograph the Rig, I couldn’t have ordered a more perfect sky if I tried.

    Citadel Drilling Rig3r_HDR2 web

    I photographed Citadel Rig 3 over the span of 3 different occasions.

    Here is a time lapse as they raised the derrick.

    CitRig3-066 web CitRig3-049 web CitRig3-276 web CitRig3-300 web

    We took the shoot to the air! What an incredible experience! Thank you Wes from Edmonton Regional Helicopters for the flight over the Rig (and for taking our photo when we landed). It was my first helicopter ride, and this one had no doors on it so we could get the best shots! I was able to photograph the rig from every angle without having to shoot through glass and I felt completely safe.

    Cit3Aerialb-200 web Cit3Aerialb-011 web Cit3Aerialb-125 web

    Citadel Rig 3 from the air…

    Cit3Aerial-274 web Cit3Aerial-267 web Cit3Aerial-260 web Cit3Aerial-229 web Cit3Aerial-209 web

    A view of Edmonton on the way back.

    Cit3Aerialb-301 web

    I returned again when the Olympus sign went up! Citadel asks their crews to name each rig, which gives each Rig it’s own identity. “Olympus” ~ perfect name for Rig 3.

    CitRig3-337 web  CitRig3-319 web

    Thank you Citadel Drilling for the opportunity to photograph beautiful Rig 3. Can’t wait to see Rig 4 (and more).

    From my heart to yours,


  • Family

    At the Lake with the B. Family

    Kristine and I were talking over a glass of wine at our annual May Long camping trip. She shared with me that their family had just purchased a lot in Leduc to build their new home. Now this is very exciting news to me as they will be closer to our family and we happen to enjoy them a ridiculous amount (even if they are East and we are West ūüėČ ). We talked about the a date and location for their upcoming family session and she asked what I thought about going to their current family home on the lake as a way of celebrating and honouring the time they lived there. Ummmm yes please!

    Their family home on the lake which they expanded as their family grew. Their home full of love where they brought their babies home from the hospital and tucked them into bed each night. The lake they watch from their porch as the sun sets and lights up the water like twinkling diamonds.  The beach they play on and skip stones across still water. Their family living room where homework is done, pictures are coloured, crafts are crafted. The bedrooms where beds are jumped on and books are read.

    As much as a new chapter is exciting, I’m so grateful they asked me to capture the home they will be moving from. Love lives here, and love will move to a new home where a whole new set of memories will be created. The best part is the extra time they will get to spend together as a long commute disappears.

    Bec15-012 web Bec15-019 web Bec15-021 web Bec15-032 web Bec15-028bw web Bec15-007bw webBec15-087 web Bec15-126 web  Bec15-112 web Bec15-126 web Bec15-133 web Bec15-158 web  Bec15-193 web Bec15-201 web Bec15-202 web Bec15-243 webBec15-171 web

    Thank you for inviting me out to your special place. All the best in this next chapter in your family love story!

    From my heart to yours,




  • Personal

    My Happy Place

    My main floor is undergoing extensive renovations (including my office space), which makes editing within a construction zone a little tricky. Our outdoor space has been my saving grace…

    My son Lucas made me the LOVE sign on the side wall. My son Ty made me the adirondack chair camera bottom left. These little personal hand-made-with-love touches make this space my happy place.

    Christine Hopaluk Photography ~ Pergola/Gazebo Outdoor Space
    My happy place

    From my heart to yours,


  • Children,  Family

    Sophie’s Loves

    Meet sweet, chatty, curious, dainty and oh so adorable Sophie…

    NHop15-003 web

    The last time I photographed her, she smashed a cake. She has grown up so much, and she talks‚Ķa ¬†lot! ¬†She has¬†a¬†big personality packed into her little body. She is one loved little girl…

    NHop15-086 web NHop15-084r webNHop15-023 webNHop15-040 web NHop15-065 web NHop15-204r web  NHop15-182 web

    She’s highly distractible, everything catches her eye…

    NHop15-114 web NHop15-125 web NHop15-127 web NHop15-280 webNHop15-135 web NHop15-138 web  NHop15-167 webNHop15-153 web     NHop15-239 webNHop15-248 web NHop15-225r web

    It was so good to see you all again, thank you for making the trip! Your family is beautiful!

    From my heart to yours,



  • Family,  Grad,  Personal

    My Ty

    Meet My Ty…

    GradA2015-084 web

    After years of photographing Grads, I had the proud honour of capturing our own¬†ridiculously handsome Grad. We are¬†so proud of the man he’s grown to be‚Ķ.kind, funny, smart,¬†strong-willed, determined, witty, and full of life.

    LCHGrad15-066 web LCHGrad15-068 web

    Our little family watched with pride as he confidently walked the stage to receive his diploma…

    untitled-199 web

    Our 3 amazing kid, love them so much!

    untitled-168 web

    untitled-173 web untitled-177 web

    Ty and his gorgeous, kind-hearted girlfriend Kaila…

    untitled-328 web

    Ty asked his Aunty Brenda (my little sister) to be his escort for the March (isn’t that awesome?) ¬†Love, love, love this moment…

    untitled-366 web

    My boys at the banquet…

    untitled-379 web

    GradA2015-167 web

    I’m a pretty proud Mom…

    untitled-336 web

    We don’t have many family photos, what’s that saying: the shoe maker’s kids have no shoes? ūüėČ ¬†Thank you so much Laurie for capturing our family on such a special day.

    untitled-311 web

    Congratulations Ty, we are so proud of you! Can’t wait to see what your future holds.

    All my love,


  • Grad

    Leduc Composite High School Grad 2015

    I was honoured to capture a few of the Leduc Composite High School graduating class of 2015. They were lots of fun to photograph, their excitement was infectious.

    I love photographing Grads, and this year really pulled at my heart-strings as one of the grads is my son Ty (I’ll blog another post devoted to him, I’m so proud!)

    We started out at Telford Lake where the hugo limo-bus pulled up to take them all to their ceremony….

    LCHGrad15-148r webLCHGrad15-093 web  LCHGrad15-136r web  LCHGrad15-114 webLCHGrad15-154 web

    The ceremony was full of tributes, speeches, and words-of-wisdom as a¬†theatre¬†full of loving¬†families watched with pride. ¬†We met again at the Legislative grounds in Edmonton, it was packed with other grads from all over Edmonton and surrounding communities. I was thankful to find a little patch of somewhat unoccupied space to photograph them all. ¬†Don’t they look amazing?

    untitled-222 webuntitled-225 web untitled-227 web untitled-212 webuntitled-217 webuntitled-218 webuntitled-245 web untitled-247 web  untitled-298 web untitled-299 web untitled-300 webuntitled-250 web

    Congratulations to you all and thank you for your patience during the two mini-sessions! You all have a bright future!

    A note to the parents and grads: The private online gallery of images is ready to view should you wish to order, please use the contact section to request the password and information. Thank you!

    From my heart to yours,