cake smashing

Halle Smashes a Cake!

Sweet Little Halle is one! It’s been a whole year since I last blogged her family, it seems fitting to blog their newest chapter in their family love story on Mother’s Day (I know how much you love the blog post Char!)

Halle was so excited about her beautiful cake, no one could hold her back from taking a little taste test.
thank you Once Upon a Cake

LitH15-094 web

LitH15-097 web LitH15-099 web LitH15-101 web

As ever, her big sister was there to cheer her on. These two have a very special bond. Their personalities compliment one another perfectly. Best friends for life.

LitH15-030 webLitH15-043 web  LitH15-120 web

Onto the cake smashing! Halle was hilarious as she attacked her cake.

LitH15-134 web LitH15-136 web LitH15-164 web LitH15-175 web LitH15-184 web LitH15-200 web LitH15-234 web LitH15-240 web LitH15-263 web LitH15-276 web  LitH15-298 web LitH15-312 web LitH15-319 web LitH15-342 web LitH15-358 web LitH15-374 web LitH15-386 web

Happy birthday hilarious, adorable, sweet Halle. I can’t wait to photograph more of your milestones (and the moments in between).

From my heart to yours,




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