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    Meredith & Darina’s Connection

    Meet Meredith and Darina…

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    This is the fabulous life they have built together…

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    I have known Darina for many years, she’s my best friend. We didn’t get to know one another until our senior year of high school even though we were raised in the same small town (a town where one can be chased by a Cow down main street‚Ķjust ask Darina) ūüėČ We were just two awkward girls who had an awkward conversation and ended up realizing that we shared the same mind¬†with the very same twisted sense of humour. We became fast friends and shared life’s moments with support, love, & humour‚Ķthe good times and the hard times too. ¬†Talking to Darina is like writing in a diary. I love her so much.

    When she met Meredith, I was over the moon happy for her. They compliment one another perfectly and he brings so much happiness out of Darina. They just get one another, and if you spend any amount of time with them you will have a ridiculous amount of respect for their connection and love. They are a ton of fun too, if you can find that one person in life who makes you laugh daily, then you are pretty blessed…

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    This photo sums our session together up pretty well. Poor Chase wasn’t feeling well, so he took some NyQuil before the shoot (I have dozens of yawning frames!) And Darina‚Ķthis is why I love her so much. She makes everyone around her laugh constantly…

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    I’ll end with my favourite photo from our session together, they are so much fun! Poor Jess also wasn’t feeling good, but he was a trooper.

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    Merry Christmas my friends! Thank you so much for meeting up with me, I loved every second of our time together.

    From my heart to yours,