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    The Beautiful L. Family

    Meet the beautiful L. Family…

    Laf14-171r web

    They haven’t had professional family photos taken since their kids were young. I’m excited they asked me to capture their family at this stage of their busy lives.

    What a good-looking family!

    Laf14-044 web Laf14-058 web Laf14-061 web Laf14-072r web Laf14-084 web Laf14-093 web Laf14-146 web Laf14-158 web Laf14-181 web  Laf14-199 web Laf14-203 web Laf14-212 web Laf14-265 webLaf14-229 web Laf14-237 web Laf14-191 web

    Thank you L. Family for the fun evening!

    From my heart to yours,



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    Meeting Sweet Baby Jane

    Meet the lovely M. Family….

    Mil14-020r web

    I was thrilled to hear from them again, as the last time I saw them they were expecting baby Jane (who was named by her big sister). She is one adorable little doll! She’s in good company with a very loving sister, attentive & adoring parents, and two much-loved golden protectors…

    Mil14-041r web Mil14-025 web  Mil14-056 web Mil14-070 web Mil14-072 web Mil14-006 webMil14-096r web Mil14-113 web Mil14-126 web Mil14-139 web Mil14-148 web Mil14-152 web Mil14-168 web Mil14-179 web Mil14-228 webMil14-186 web  Miller Collage web

    Mil14-104r web

    Thank you so much for travelling to see me again, you are so blessed! I had a great time photographing your beautiful family.

    From my heart to yours,



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    The Beautiful S. Family at their Acreage

    Meet the kind-hearted, generous, loving & fun S. Family…

    Sir14-010r web

    I was so excited when Laurie invited me out to their beautiful family acreage for their family photos. Everywhere I looked, there were beautiful lines, pole fencing, golden hazy fields, interesting twisted branches, amber skies and vibrant autumn trees. I was in my glory!  It’s been many years since they’ve had photos taken, so it’s pretty special to have them done at their home where love lives.

    Sir14-152 web

    As we were walking to the next spot for photos, a rainbow appeared! Lucky family 🙂

    Sir14-012 web Sir14-018 web Sir14-029r web Sir14-043 web  Sir14-059 web Sir14-073 web Sir14-083 web Sir14-091 webSir14-058 web Sir14-093 web Sir14-098 web

    Sir14-115 web   Sir14-121 webSir14-143 web Sir14-146 webSir14-135 web

    Thank you so much for inviting me out to capture your beautiful family! I had a great time!

    From my heart to yours,



  • Children

    Running Through the Leaves

    I had the pleasure of meeting up with these two cuties at the park. They are so adorable together, Lilly will always have a protector in her big brother. He entertains her and takes great care of her…

    Qui14-005 web Qui14-006 web Qui14-012 web Qui14-036 web

    They had me running! They are so full of life, they never stopped running through the leaves. Full of curiosity and energy!

    Qui14-093 web Qui14-121 web Qui14-126 web Qui14-138 web

    Qui14-366 web Qui14-204 web Qui14-210 web Qui14-232 web Qui14-251 web    Qui14-388 web Qui14-407 web

    This photo illustrates the big brother and little sister relationship perfectly…

    Qui14-262 web

    Heart Melt…

    Qui14-307 web

    Thank you so much for the fun evening!

    From my heart to yours,



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    The G. Family’s Love

    Meet vivacious, full-of-life, fun, strong & smart Linda!

    Gla14-047 web

    As I type this, she is competing at Muscle Beach (and hopefully soaking up a whole lot of pride at this moment). To celebrate all her hard-work and dedication we did a few fitness photos. I’m so happy she decided to document her transformation.  Gla14-050 web Gla14-055 web Gla14-064 web Gla14-075 web Gla14-083 web

    Onto family photos… Linda told me they have never had extended family photos done before! Grandma and Grandpa were so full of pride throughout this session. It was so touching to see how much these photos and their family means to them. Gla14-111 web Gla14-122 web Gla14-125 web Gla14-129 web Gla14-135 web Gla14-105 webGla14-150 web Gla14-161 web

    The following image is payback for a duplicate image taken at Greg and Linda’s wedding (in reverse) 😉

    Gla14-192 web Gla14-164 web Gla14-168r web Gla14-173 web Gla14-189 web  Gla14-195 web

    Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your beautiful family!

    From my heart to yours,



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    Yearly Visit with the H. Family

    Meet the H. Family…

    Hug14-048r web

    I look forward to our yearly visits and seeing how much their kids have grown and changed. My favourite part is waiting to see what adorable outfits the kid’s are dressed in, always so fashionable. Layla’s long flowing curls get a little longer each year and Jude’s smile seems to get a little bigger…

    Hug14-026 web Hug14-027 web Hug14-033 web  Hug14-055 web Hug14-071 web Hug14-098 web Hug14-101 web

    Hug14-119 web Hug14-131r web Hug14-159 web Hug14-161 web Hug14-164 web Hug14-243 web Hug14-275r web

    Sanchez, the original baby, so very loved…

    Hug14-295 web Hug14-300 web

    Thank you so much for travelling to see me! As always, I love photographing your family.

    From my heart to yours,


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    5 Fabulous Years of Sawyer!

    Meet the ever adorable, smart, full-of-personality, hilarious Sawyer on his 5th birthday…

    Kerr14-016 web

    Every year we get together so I can photograph his amazing personality to show exactly who he is at each birthday. I love these sessions, his parents bring his favourite things and allow him to play without direction. The result is 100% Sawyer surrounded by his family who love him to the moon and back. I only wish you could hear his little munchkin voice, so cute!

    Kerr14-009 web Kerr14-020 web

    Kerr14-040r web Kerr14-060 web

    This is his much loved Teddy “JoJo”, the first stuffy he named by himself…

    Kerr14-074 web Kerr14-080 web Kerr14-097 web Kerr14-132 web Kerr14-139 web Kerr14-164 web Kerr14-182 web Kerr14-214 web Kerr14-223r web Kerr14-230 web Kerr14-266 web Kerr14-278 web Kerr14-346 web Kerr14-348 web Kerr14-363 web

    Thank you so much for another fun year of photos. Happy Happy Happy birthday Sawyer!

    From my heart to yours,



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    Four Generations of Beauty and Strength

    Meet Nanna and her loves…

    Knie14-065r web

    Four generations of strength, love, and beauty are represented with pride. I’m so thankful I was able to capture their family love story. Their family loves deeply and supports one another through all of life’s beautiful moments as well as the times of adversity.

    They are as close as can be. Nanna has a very strong and special bond with each one. She exudes pride and her face lights right up when she sees them.

    Lucky kids to have such a strong and positive Matriarch of their family…

    Knie14-005 web Knie14-020 web Knie14-035r web Knie14-044 web Knie14-048 web Knie14-053 web Knie14-055 web Knie14-058 web  Knie14-071bw web Knie14-079 web Knie14-084 web Knie14-095 web Knie14-115 web Knie14-122 web Knie14-134r web Knie14-146 web

    It rained for the majority of our session together (thank you for being so patient as we dealt with the weather!). Just as we finished up, the sun filtered so beautifully through the clouds as they stood together.  I love the symbolism here ~ through life’s trials, there will always be sunshine through the storm.

    Knie14-155 web Knie14-159 web

    Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your beautiful family!

    From my heart to yours,