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    Huge Hearts & Big Personality, the W. Family

    Meet the W. Family…

    Weir14-032 web

    It’s been a 4 years since we last met for photos. I was really excited to photograph them again, they are so full of personality and they have HUGE hearts. They are one of those family’s you automatically feel comfortable around when you spend time with them. Yup, they are awesome.

    Weir14-062 web

    When we pulled into the location, there were a few other families/photographer’s there (’tis the season!) making for a crowded venue. Sometimes things happen for a reason…we wouldn’t have gotten this image if we hadn’t gone for a little walk to give others the respect of their family session time. Add to that a windy day, and it made the perfect conditions for a leaf throwing photo…

    Weir14-078r web Weir14-085 web Weir14-096 web Weir14-102 web Weir14-111 web Weir14-113 web Weir14-130 web Weir14-144 web Weir14-155 web Weir14-175 web Weir14-179 web Weir Collage webWeir14-204 webMy favourite part of the session, time to play! Pose how ever they want, and they do this so well!!!Weir14-211 web Weir14-212 web Weir14-213 web Weir14-218 web

    Thank you so much W. Family for asking me to document your family love story once again, I had so much fun with you all.

    From my heart to yours,




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    The U. Family in Sunny September

    Meet the U. Family…

    und14-005r web

    I was thankful we had such a beautiful September evening for their session, as last year they braved the snow. They brought the other members of their family this year too (who were full of energy and character)!

    und14-016 web


    und14-025 web und14-042 web und14-050 web und14-059 web und14-074 web und14-081 web und14-087 web und14-091 web und14-102 web und14-108 web und14-122 web

    und14-033bw web


    und14-130 web

    Thank you so much for the fun evening! You have a beautiful family!

    From my heart to yours,




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    9 yrs. of Beautiful Weather with the S. Family

    If you follow my blog, you’ll recognize the beautiful S. Family. We meet on the same week-end every year. We were talking about how we’ve never had bad weather on this date…in all of our 9 years meeting up. I don’t even check the weather forecast on their date anymore. So if you’re planning an event, you should be safe with the third week-end of September 🙂

    It was so good to see them again, the kids have grown so tall. As always, their family is a pleasure to photograph. They are kind, thoughtful, and so very genuine.

    I always appreciate the care and attention they put into planning their annual photography session right down to their outfit choices. Nice work!

    swe14-049 web swe14-078 web swe14-079 web  swe14-116 web swe14-129 web swe14-134 webswe14-104 webswe14-157 web swe14-146 web  swe14-162 web swe14-177 web swe14-185 web swe14-197 web swe14-209 web  swe14-247 web Sweeney Collage web

    Their family silhouette just might be my favourite part of their yearly session (love how it turned out this year!)…

    swe14-236r web

    Thank you so much for travelling again to see me! I absolutely adore your family and I’m thankful for our annual visit!

    From my heart to yours,




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    Pinup Bride

    Pinup Bride ~ MUA: Makeup by Kailee

    Meet the gorgeous, confident, full-of-life, vivacious Megan.


    Mil14-043 web

    Isn’t she absolutely stunning?

    Mil14-066 web

    She contacted me with the BEST gift idea for her soon-to-be hubby, a pinup shoot. In fact, as I’m typing this, it’s their wedding day and her hubby is about to be blown away by his gorgeous wife’s pinup beauty.

    This is her other love, her Harley. Megan and her husband share a passion for riding, what a fun adventurous couple!

    Mil14-139 web

    Mil14-100 web

    She has the best infectious laugh ever, you can’t help but laugh along with her.

    Mil14-105 web Mil14-131 web Mil14-132 web   Mil14-160 web Mil14-180bw web Mil14-206 web

    Mil14-137r webMil14-217 web Mil14-224 web Mil14-261 web

    Congratulations to you both on your wedding day! May your life together be an amazing adventure full of love and laughter. Thank you so much for asking me to capture your beautiful spirit Megan.


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    First Family Portraits

    Meet the D. Family

    Dou14-009 web

    This is their first ever family portraits!

    Dou14-020 web

    I had a moment of reverie as I was shooting their family session. I want to thank them for reminding that the type of photos I cherish most of my own children are the ones that show off their unique personalities. As much as I try and get family photos where everyone is looking and smiling, my main goal is to give families photos that will remind them of exactly who they are at that stage in their lives.

    Dou14-267bw web
    As I stalked the hilarious, full-of-energy James while he ran non stop, I tried as best I could to remember my own Son (who will soon be 18) at 4 years old. And it hit me that many of my memories are because of a photo. A freeze frame of loved-so-deeply-personality forever preserved in a photograph.
    So if I am photographing your family and I tell you to relax and take a break while I chase your kids, it’s because as much as you think you’ll remember this very stage and this very day…memories will fade. But not if you have a photo of the knee scrapes, the sticky-outy tongue, the crazy hair, the belly button, the way they look at you/pull your hair, and the infectious giggles. 
    THAT is what being 4 yrs old is all about.

    Dou14-002 web Dou14-007 web

    Doucett Collage web

    Dou14-273 web Dou14-279 web



    Dou14-044bw web Dou14-049 web Dou14-066 web Dou14-101 web Dou14-111 web Dou14-155 web Dou14-161r web Dou14-175 web Dou14-183 web Dou14-208 web  Dou14-269bw web   Dou14-343r web

    Thank you D. Family for asking me to capture your family love story!

    From my heart to yours,



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    Beauty and Grace Doubled

    May I introduce you to 2 of the most sweet, gentle, and kind twins you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting…

    Mou14-068 web

    They were a little reserved at first, but in no time they got over their shyness and dazzled with their charm, grace, and personality.

    I love photographing twins, their relationship is like no other. There are unspoken words shared between them, exchanged in a single expression.

    Mou14-138 web

    Mou14-191 web

    Mou14-018 web

    Mou14-033 web

    Mou14-041 web

    They also have a very close relationship with their beautiful Mom who adores them (which is apparent within each and every exchange between them)…

    Mou14-164 web

    Mou14-077 web

    Mou14-186 web

    Mou14-075 web

    Mou14-205 web

    We convinced Dad to join in for a family photo.

    Family Love…

    Mou14-091 web

    As I was photographing the girls, their inquisitive eyes locked on this little guy. Never has a grasshopper been held with such care…

    Mousseau Collage Web

    Mou14-159 web

    Mou14-148 web

    Mou14-124 web

    Mou14-229 web

    Mou14-208 web

    Mou14-061 web

    Thank you so much for spending the morning with me. I had a great time with you all.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Celebrating 10 years with my Fancy British Friends

    Meet my very fancy British friends, the G. Family (no matter what they say, it sounds incredibly fancy).

    Grose14-126 web

    They moved from England to Canada with a dream when Maddy was just a little girl. Marley was welcomed into their first home here as they started their next chapter of life in Canada (Marley’s a very proud Canadian). Together they have built a life full of adventure (thanks to Marley) and a whole lot of love (softy-hearted girls will bring that quite nicely to a family). As their friend, I have witnessed them persevere and grow as a family…through their residency, careers, schooling, and all the wildly unpredictable adventures that come with raising an awesomely spirited family as a team.

    Grose14-041 web

    Grose14-073 web

    Grose14-176 web

    Sarah and Steve booked this family session as a way to celebrate and commemorate their 10 year anniversary.

    Grose14-304 web

    Grose14-338 web

    Grose14-286 web

    Grose14-313 web

    Grose14-091 web

    Grose14-101r web

    Grose14-104r web

    Grose14-106 web

    Grose14-138 web

    Marley the spirited boy with a grand sense of adventure and curiosity. His eyes just sparkle…

    Grose14-027 web

    Grose14-276r web

    Grose14-252 web

    Maddison, the softy-hearted girl who loves riding horses and gardening…

    Grose14-014 web

    Grose14-228 web

    Together they make a pretty great team…

    Grose14-162 web

    Grose14-333bw web

    Grose14-190bw web

    Congratulations on a decade of life lived and loved together as you continue to go after your dreams. Your children are beautiful and full of imagination and wonder.

    You are very blessed (but I know you know that) xo

    From my heart to yours,