The Loving L. Family

Meet the loving L. Family…

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This was my first time meeting them, and I was immediately struck by how much they support one another. They show their deep loving & fun connection within their interactions. In between shots, I could hear their laughter behind me. It was a pleasure to photograph them.

This photo maybe an unconventional family photo, but one that is true to life. This amazing couple have shared 33 years of marriage and adore their family. Through the busy years (4 girls which include twins!) they have persevered through life’s trials and joys, and through it all they stand proud in love and strength.

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Their eyes light right up when they are with their grandsons…

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Just months apart, these cousins will be life long friends…

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It was so great to meet you all, thank you for the amazing evening! Much respect for your beautiful family

From my heart to yours,


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