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Leduc Relay for Life 2014

Once again, the amazing people of Leduc came together to collectively raise $58,900 towards the fight against cancer in the 2014 Leduc Relay for Life!

This year the Leduc Relay for Life was blessed with the highest turnout in history of 75 amazing Survivors.

What a beautiful group of strength and courage!

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The night started with the Survivor Reception to honour & celebrate those who have a common bond of strength. A special thank you to M&M Country Catering for the beautiful dinner you provided. Everyone absolutely loved it, so delicious!

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I love seeing familiar faces year after year. These friendly ladies are awesome! They are always smiling and laughing.

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Nolan Yaremko spoke so eloquently about his journey and displayed all the beads he received as he bravely fought cancer. He’s an amazing young man!

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Nolan and Matt obliged me and allowed me to photograph them after supper. Thank you both!

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The Survivors kick off the event by walking the first lap while the teams cheer them on…

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The Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life is an all night family friendly event starting at 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. Teams take turns (or walk together) all through the night to bring funds and awareness in the fight against Cancer.

The top fundraising team was Team Hier Power. Yearly they bring in an incredible amount of funds with a whole lot of passion in honour and in memory of loved ones. They are most definitely a powerful force of support and love.

Hier Power web

The teams always come dressed to impress and have a lot of fun with it…

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Team Kako couldn’t be with their loved ones as they Relayed in Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia if I remember correctly), so they Relayed through the miles in Leduc.

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Kids were having a great time at the event as well!

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One team even set up a photo booth!

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When you are walking along the path marked by luminaries symbolizing a loved one with cancer, it gives you the opportunity to visit with other relayers and hear their stories. I had the good fortune to meet a very special Mother who handed out Dora stickers in memory of her Angel daughter Meaghan. She recalled memories of decorating Meaghan’s hospital room for all the holidays, and at times the holiday decor would overlap. Christmas and Halloween settling in together in harmony to bring a little girl some cheer during long days.

She told me about her daughter’s amazing spirit of positivity and strength.  Meaghan touched the heart of every person she met. Her loving Mom walked the track passing Meaghan’s luminary and with each lap she honoured her daughter’s memory with her enduring love that will always live within her cherished memories.

Leduc Relay for Life2014 web

With each luminary the Relayers walk by, there is both sorrow and hope represented with respect and remembrance.

A reminder of why we Relay…

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As the darkness settled in, the luminary ceremony began. Cheryl Hier spoke straight from her kind heart and the whole room was touched by her words.  We all made our way to our luminaries to light them and take a moment to remember and honour those we love/support and those we have lost to this devastating disease.

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It is with a sad heart as I recall my very first relay when I lit one luminary…this year I lit 6. Words can’t describe how much I love these amazing people.

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Every one of these luminaries are so very important to those who remember and honour their loved one. Love lives here…

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This event wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of the committee that volunteers their precious time to organize it all. Thank you so much for all the things you do, both big and small!

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See you at next year’s Relay for Life!

From my heart to yours,


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