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Citadel Drilling Rig #1 Opening

I was excited I was asked to photograph the brand new Citadel Drilling Rig #1 as they celebrated with a Rig Opening.

As I pulled up, there was the most brilliant perfect sun dog around the towering Rig…lucky sign!

CitRig1-003 web

CitRig1-339 web

CitRig1-548 web

CitRig1-196 web

CitRig1-221 web

CitRig1-226 web

CitRig1-118 web

There was a great sense of pride within all who are involved with this beautiful Rig. A true labour of love.

CitRig1-363r web

CitRig1-023 web

The crew is anxious to get Rig 1 out drilling…

CitRig1-464 web

CitRig1-469 web

Along with the beautiful weather and an amazing lunch, the day also held tours of the Rig and the equipment.

CitRig1-073 web

CitRig1-087 web

CitRig1-103 web

CitRig1-095 web

CitRig1-326 web

CitRig1-173 web

CitRig1-184 web

CitRig1-139 web

CitRig1-147 web

CitRig1-144 web

CitRig1-285 web

CitRig1-155 web

CitRig1-106 web

CitRig1-318 web

CitRig1-361 web

CitRig1-286 web

CitRig1-280 web

CitRig1-041 web

Citadel Collage2 web

Being an Oilfield Wife myself, my favourite part of the day was when friends and family came to show their unyielding support. Kids walking hand-in-hand with a parent to get a tour of this huge amazing rig they’ve heard so much about.

CitRig1-529 web

CitRig1-533 web

An Oilfield life is a family investment. Through the trials, blood/sweat/tears, hard work, time apart from family… there is an incredible amount of pride that lives within this culture.

As I was taking these photos of families standing in front of the Rig they’ve invested their lives within, I couldn’t help but realize this moment captured within a photograph is one that will be remembered within the time vault of their life story. The start of something amazing, and worth every bit of sacrifice…

CitRig1-486 web

CitRig1-446 web

CitRig1-398 web

CitRig1-515 web

CitRig1-519 web

CitRig1-437 web

CitRig1-542 web

Citadel web

Cheers to all your hard work and making this dream into a reality. Congratulations on the unveiling of Citadel Rig #1! Can’t wait to see Rig #2 (and many more). 🙂

From my heart to yours,


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