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Chaundra’s Journey to Success

Meet the incredibly strong, vibrant, driven, kind & beautiful Chaundra..

Sar14-188 web

I’m so happy she found her way to me so I could photograph her amazing accomplishment. She also happens to be the proud Mom of 2.

I love hearing other’s story, in her own words: “I set out on a journey back in Sept 2013 toward improved health and vitality. I was unhappy with my weight and was ready to make change for myself. As I began to lose weight and improve my physique I found myself falling in love with fitness. My ultimate goal evolved into wanting to step on stage at a figure competition with the best body I could. On June 7th I realized my goal and walked proudly on stage with a brand new physique, outlook on life, strength and confidence. Success!” Chaundra

Chaundra’s hard work paid off, she placed 4th in her figure class! An amazing accomplishment after all of her hard work. Congrats girl!

Sar14-018bw web

Sar14-121 web

Sar14-227 web

Sar14-137 web

Sar14-201 web

Sar14-280bw web

Sar14-182 web

Sardoff Diptych web

Sar14-273 web

Sar14-107 web

Sar14-191 web

Sar14-048bw web

Chaundra and I wanted an image showcasing motion and colour that symbolized freedom, strength, and the courage it takes to conquer a goal. This last image was a collaboration towards those feelings…

Sar14-288 web

Thank you Chaundra for making the trip to see me. You should be so proud of yourself. You are ridiculously amazing and have inspired me simply in the time we spent together.

From my heart to yours,


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