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Chandler’s Grad

The last time I had the opportunity to photograph the beautiful H. family was back in 2009.

I was invited out to their family farm to capture a pretty amazing life event for Chandler, her High school grad.

She has grown into a confident, brilliant, kind, genuine young woman.

Hof14-065 web

Hof14-031 web

Hof14-101 web

Hof14-140 web

Hof14-091 web

Hof14-128bw web

Hof14-121 web

Hof14-149 web

She’s surrounded by a whole lot of love and support…

Hof14-169r web

Hof14-182 web

Hof14-178 web

Her adoring parents are ridiculously proud of her…

Hof14-228 web

Hof14-221 web

Hof14-215 web

Hof14-198r web

Hof14-246 web

Hof14-255 web

We took a break so they could change into something more comfortable.

Hofstra Collage Web

Hof14-314 web

Hof14-327 web

Hof14-337rainbow web

Thank you so much for asking me to capture this amazing event in your lives. Enjoy your grad today Chandler!

From my heart to yours,


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