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    Chandler’s Grad

    The last time I had the opportunity to photograph the beautiful H. family was back in 2009.

    I was invited out to their family farm to capture a pretty amazing life event for Chandler, her High school grad.

    She has grown into a confident, brilliant, kind, genuine young woman.

    Hof14-065 web

    Hof14-031 web

    Hof14-101 web

    Hof14-140 web

    Hof14-091 web

    Hof14-128bw web

    Hof14-121 web

    Hof14-149 web

    She’s surrounded by a whole lot of love and support…

    Hof14-169r web

    Hof14-182 web

    Hof14-178 web

    Her adoring parents are ridiculously proud of her…

    Hof14-228 web

    Hof14-221 web

    Hof14-215 web

    Hof14-198r web

    Hof14-246 web

    Hof14-255 web

    We took a break so they could change into something more comfortable.

    Hofstra Collage Web

    Hof14-314 web

    Hof14-327 web

    Hof14-337rainbow web

    Thank you so much for asking me to capture this amazing event in your lives. Enjoy your grad today Chandler!

    From my heart to yours,


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    The Story of Halle

    It was only three weeks ago, when I photographed the L. Family as they anxiously awaited the arrival of their baby girl. It was a trying pregnancy with preterm labour at 32 weeks, a successful stopping of contractions that led to bed rest, and a fast delivery 24 days early.

    Welcome to this beautiful world sweet and perfect-in-every-way Halle Bri!

    LitNB14-419 web

    She is one loved Little girl. The L. Family are cherished friends to our family, we are very thankful we get to share so many of life’s poetic moments together. Halle was dreamed about for a couple of years before the happy news was finally brought to their hearts when they were least expecting it.

    I will never forget the text I received from Char sharing their amazing news with us. I think our faces tell the story of just how excited we were for their family…

    Char Story

    Halle must have known how lucky she is to be a part of this loving family, that she arrived ahead of schedule. Happily so…

    LitNB14-035r web

    Shy is the best Little big sister ever, she adores Halle. What a beautiful duo, friends for life…

    Little Diptych3 web

    There are few things in life more adorable than newborn details. From her tiny toes, rosebud lips, delicate fingers, to wisps of peach fuzz that covers her tiny body.

    Halle in Detail web

    I love photos that tell a story through the years. The top photo was taken in 2010 when Shy was just days old, the bottom photo was taken a few days ago: Shy (3 1/2 yrs), her little sister Halle (10 days), and their protector Duke…

    Little Diptych web

    The L. Family: 22 days apart, grown by 2 feet…

    Little Diptych2 web

    LitNB14-362 web

    Char and Barry are completely in love with their perfect little princess…

    LitNB14-220 web

    LitNB14-201 web

    LitNB14-174 web

    LitNB14-238 web

    LitNB14-226 web

    A predestined football fan…not sure how this one will pan out as Mom and Dad have different favourite teams 😉

    LitNB14-394 web

    LitNB14-391r web

    Either way, she’ll be happy to cheer along with her family…

    LitNB14-405 web

    As we took a break so Halle could eat, I had this vision of the girls as adults looking back at these photos and seeing how very loved they were from day one.

    LitNB14-182 web

    LitNB14-187r web

    LitNB14-116 web

    Shy has much to teach her. She’s full of personality and spunk

    LitNB14-009 fb web

    LitNB14-353 web

    Thank you for once again asking me to document your family love story. Can’t wait to see what the next years hold for you all.

    From my heart to yours,