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    Sophie’s One: a Cake Smash & a Bath

    Happy Birthday Sophie! To celebrate her special day, she came over to smash a cake, followed by a bath…

    Sophie Diptych Web

    She has grown since I last saw her, and she’s almost walking!

    SHopaluk13-003 web

    SHopaluk13-005 web

    SHopaluk13-020 web

    SHopaluk13-026 web

    Onto the cake smash! Her Mom did a fabulous job making and decorating her little girl’s first birthday cake. A special gift for her little love that will always be remembered through these photos…

    SHopaluk13-034 web

    SHopaluk13-040 web

    SHopaluk13-050 web

    SHopaluk13-055 web

    SHopaluk13-063 web

    SHopaluk13-068 web

    She wasn’t a fan of the icing on her hands, so a bubble bath was the perfect solution. She sure does love her baths…

    SHopaluk13-086 web

    SHopaluk13-097 web

    SHopaluk13-103 web

    SHopaluk13-106 web

    SHopaluk13-110 web

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    SHopaluk13-153r web

    SHopaluk13-155 web

    Happy birthday beautiful girl!

    From my heart to yours,