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    Candy Cane Wishes

    My friend Shannon asked me to photograph her two blondie beauties. Her vision was clear…her 2 beautiful daughters, elegant dresses, pretty hair, and a crisp white backdrop. Classy, fresh & fancy…Yes please! I was so excited to photograph these sweethearts, they have the best personalities. One is a mini-me of Mom and the other a mini-me of Dad.

    I had lots of fun with them!

    So sweet…

    Ols13-013 web

    Ols13-027 web

    Both the girls have a love and passion for dance. They exude confidence and joy when they start dancing.

    Ols13-057 web

    Ols13-079r web

    Ols13-140 web

    Ols13-130 web

    Ols13-044 web

    Ols13-114 web

    Love their goofy side too!

    Ols13-115 web

    Ols13-032 web

    Ols13-120 web

    Ols13-039 web

    Candy Cane Wishes…

    Ols13-105 web

    and sisters sharing secrets over a cup of hot chocolate…

    Ols13-149 web

    Ols13-152 web

    Ols13-158 web

    Ols13-171 web

    Ols13-181 FBweb

    these sisters will always have one another, and that’s pretty special…

    Ols13-184r web

    I think these girls are just a “little” excited for Christmas!

    Ols13-185r web

    Thank you so much for asking me to capture the girl’s beauty and awesome personalities.  I loved every minute of it!

    From my heart to yours,