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Cassey will soon be a Big Sister!

Meet the M. Family…

mil13-039r web

mil13-031r web

They will soon welcome a new addition to their family…

Miller Diptych WEB

Cassey has a lot of love to give! She’s going to be an incredible big sister. She’s already named the baby, and her amazing parents have decided to actually use the name Cassey has been calling the baby for months. How cool is that?!

Miller Triptych WEB

We’ve gotten together for the past four years for photos, and I truly appreciate the time they put into driving to see me. At some point during previous sessions, Cassey finds her way to a big pile of leaves. This year was no exception…

mil13-270 web

mil13-268 web

Isn’t she adorable?!

mil13-131 web

I asked her to pick whatever pose she wanted for this next shot, love it!

mil13-061 web

mil13-068r web

mil13-087r web

mil13-081r web

mil13-223r web

mil13-221 web

mil13-018r web

Miller Diptych2 WEB

Thank you so much for travelling to see me, I can’t wait to meet your newest addition!

From my heart to yours,



  • Deanna

    I LOVE all of them! Thanks so much for capturing Cassey’s soon to be 4 year old energy and also our last moments as a family of 5! I know someday Baby Jane will see these pics and see how excited her family was for her arrival. Poor girl has no idea what she’s getting into 😉

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