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The M. Family IN THE LIGHT!!!

Meet the M. Family…

mar13-077 web

I’ve photographed their family for years, and they are good friends of mine. Over the years, we’ve gone to various locations in the Leduc area. A few weeks ago, I was in their neighbourhood and couldn’t believe the location opportunities! We decided to meet on the path behind their house and go for a walk through the field, into the trees.

Now I had a fabulous time trudging through the trees looking for the light; however, I’m not sure they enjoyed following me as I screeched “LOOK AT THAT PATCH OF LIGHT!!! Get over there right this minute, the light is amazing. Oh my THE LIGHT!!! Look at it! It’s filtering through the trees, GO!!!” In retrospect, much of that commentary may have been in my head. If that was the case, my bulging eyeballs while I marvelled at the light should have been a clue to my thoughts.


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And then just as the sun was setting (and Darren thought we were done) I made them climb a big hill for silhouettes…

mar13-147 web

mar13-167 web

mar13-169 web

Thank you so much for asking me to document your family love story once again! Much love!

From my heart to yours,


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