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    Ryker Smashes a Cake!

    Meet the sweetest little birthday boy, Ryker…

    dec13-047 web

    He came over to smash his birthday cake. Before we got into the cake fun, we took some time to focus on the closeness and love that is so abundant within this family.

    dec13-086 web

    dec13-090 web

    dec13-118 web

    Onto the cake smashing! Once again,the amazing cake was made by “Once Upon a Cake” in Leduc. They always make the most detailed perfect cakes…

    dec13-123 web

    This little monkey really loved the little monkey…

    dec13-126 web

    dec13-129 web

    dec13-137 web

    dec13-138 web

    dec13-158 web

    dec13-164 web

    dec13-167 web

    dec13-173 web

    He wasn’t sure what to think about his first ever taste of cake…

    dec13-180 web

    dec13-184 web

    dec13-198 web

    dec13-213 web

    He’s so very close to walking on his own, luckily he always has a helping hand from Mom and Dad through this transition…

    dec13-219 web

    dec13-231 web

    dec13-234 web

    And with that, he had his fill! Happy birthday Ryker!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Cassey will soon be a Big Sister!

    Meet the M. Family…

    mil13-039r web

    mil13-031r web

    They will soon welcome a new addition to their family…

    Miller Diptych WEB

    Cassey has a lot of love to give! She’s going to be an incredible big sister. She’s already named the baby, and her amazing parents have decided to actually use the name Cassey has been calling the baby for months. How cool is that?!

    Miller Triptych WEB

    We’ve gotten together for the past four years for photos, and I truly appreciate the time they put into driving to see me. At some point during previous sessions, Cassey finds her way to a big pile of leaves. This year was no exception…

    mil13-270 web

    mil13-268 web

    Isn’t she adorable?!

    mil13-131 web

    I asked her to pick whatever pose she wanted for this next shot, love it!

    mil13-061 web

    mil13-068r web

    mil13-087r web

    mil13-081r web

    mil13-223r web

    mil13-221 web

    mil13-018r web

    Miller Diptych2 WEB

    Thank you so much for travelling to see me, I can’t wait to meet your newest addition!

    From my heart to yours,


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    The F. Family on the Farm

    Meet the F. Family…

    For13-048 web

    We discussed possible locations for their family session and she mentioned that her Dad had just built a new barn and we could do their session at his farm.

    When I pulled up to their family farm, I was blown away! Everywhere I looked there were perfect settings for photos.

    From the amazing barn…

    For13-008bw web

    to the beautiful horses in the pasture, and the perfectly stated quotes on this wall….

    For13-074 web

    to the rock pile by twisted trees right at sunset (I made them run through a pasture of various states of dried up horse manure to get this shot with just moments to spare as the sun dipped below the horizon, thank you!)…

    For13-194 web

    For13-204 web

    Ahhhhh!!!! I was in my glory!

    Not to mention this family is so photogenic and fabulous…

    For13-065 web

    For13-057r web

    For13-046 web

    Hello personality, love it!

    For13-098r web

    For13-099 web

    For13-101bw web

    For13-157bw web

    For13-125 web

    For13-132r web

    For13-138 web

    For13-163 web

    For13-167 web

    For13-083 web

    For13-079r web

    Thank you so much for asking me to capture your beautiful family! You are very blessed!

    From my heart to yours,


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    The Hopaluk’s in Autumn

    Meet the Hopaluk Family…

    NHop13-003 web1

    NHop13-132r web

    Yes, I’m proud to say this beautiful family in our family. Josh and my husband are first cousins. You may remember them from their snowy maternity session featured on the blog.

    And now, just a few months later, they are back for a family session.

    NHop13-066 web

    Their lives are enriched in love with the blessing of beautiful blue-eyed Sophie.

    NHop13-029 web

    NHop13-047 web

    She’s very interested in everything around her…

    From grass…

    NHop13-186 web

    To her own feet…

    NHop13-225 web

    At 7 months now, she just started pulling her self up to stand with assistance…

    NHop13-200 web

    She is adored beyond measure…

    NHop13-137 web

    NHop13-119 web

    NHop13-122 web

    NHop13-017 web

    NHop13-103 web

    Photographing babies at this age can be tricky. It takes a lot of patience from Mom and Dad as I attempt to get the attention of a very active little girl all while they hold their smiles without it looking forced.

    As I was crouched down framing them around the tall pieces of grass, Josh says to me “Ummmm, I think you have a piece of grass in front of your lens!” haha!

    NHop13-188 web

    Niki and I had a nice little giggle at his expense (sorry Josh, but it really was so cute) and it produced the most real smile of the session from Josh…

    NHop13-173 web

    NHop13-053r web

    NHop13-009 web1

    Thank you so much for traveling to see me for photos. Happy Thanksgiving Hopaluk’s! It was so good to see you again and finally meet Sophie, what a beauty!

    From my heart to yours,


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    The M. Family IN THE LIGHT!!!

    Meet the M. Family…

    mar13-077 web

    I’ve photographed their family for years, and they are good friends of mine. Over the years, we’ve gone to various locations in the Leduc area. A few weeks ago, I was in their neighbourhood and couldn’t believe the location opportunities! We decided to meet on the path behind their house and go for a walk through the field, into the trees.

    Now I had a fabulous time trudging through the trees looking for the light; however, I’m not sure they enjoyed following me as I screeched “LOOK AT THAT PATCH OF LIGHT!!! Get over there right this minute, the light is amazing. Oh my THE LIGHT!!! Look at it! It’s filtering through the trees, GO!!!” In retrospect, much of that commentary may have been in my head. If that was the case, my bulging eyeballs while I marvelled at the light should have been a clue to my thoughts.


    mar13-086r web

    mar13-106 web

    mar13-053 web

    mar13-108 web

    mar13-069 web

    mar13-095 web

    mar13-111r web

    mar13-126 web

    mar13-050 web

    mar13-133 web

    mar13-121 web

    mar13-037 web

    And then just as the sun was setting (and Darren thought we were done) I made them climb a big hill for silhouettes…

    mar13-147 web

    mar13-167 web

    mar13-169 web

    Thank you so much for asking me to document your family love story once again! Much love!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Sweet Natalie and Nolan

    Meet Nolan and Natalie…

    Kar13-114 web

    They are so sweet, polite, happy and loving. They look out for one another. Nolan will always be Natalie’s protector. Lucky little girl!

    They giggled through the entire session which made my job so easy! What more can I ask for?!

    Kar13-041 web

    Kar13-099 web

    Kar13-111bw web

    Kar13-018bw web

    Kar13-059 web

    Kar13-044 web

    Kar13-051 web

    Kar13-084 web

    Kar13-125 web

    Kar13-078 web

    Kar13-156 web

    Kar13-149 web

    Karabonik Diptych web

    I think the last photo just about sums up a brother and sister relationship, their reaction made me burst out laughing!

    Thanks for meeting me for photos, I had so much fun with these two. 🙂