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    The H. Family with Big Personality

    Meet the  H. Family…

    Hood13-018 web

    I must admit that when Lindsay contacted me to photograph her family weeks ago, I was nervous but excited to book her in. You see she’s a very talented photographer and I adore her work.

    Check out her amazing work which if full of emotion and depth: Lindsay Hood Photography.

    I know right? You can see why I was a little nervous to do a great job capturing her family and having never met them officially, I wasn’t sure if they would “get” my level of weird. ha!  I knew within seconds that their kids are very out going, super friendly, and full of imagination. We all had a level of comfortable with one another very quickly. This family packs a ridiculous amount of love and personality!

    The kids kept us entertained the entire session…

    Hood13-271 web

    Hood collage web2

    Hood13-070 web

    Heart Melt…

    Hood13-075 web

    See what I mean?! The love they show one another is so sweet.

    And then there is their fun-loving Mom and Dad…so chill, authentic, laid back and completely in love. They make parenting look easy; encouraging their children to be themselves by focusing on their individuality with a great sense of humour and a HUGE amount of love.

    Hood13-186 web

    Hood13-191bw web

    Hood13-143bw web

    Hood13-148 web

    Hood13-054 web

    Hood13-059 web

    Hood13-065 web

    Hood13-031 web

    Hood Collage2 web2

    Hood13-243 web

    Hood13-247r web

    Hood13-007r web

    Thank you so much for the fun evening! You have an amazing family and it was so good to finally meet you in person.

    From my heart to yours,


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    8 Years of the S. Family’s Love

    Meet the S. Family. We have met on the same beautiful fall week-end every year for 8 years now.

    swe13-198 web

    We’ve known one another since we were kids, growing up in the same small town. And now, I get to photograph their kids as they grow and change. I love getting to know them a little better with each session. They are so expressive and have so much to say!

    swe13-008 web

    swe13-041 web

    swe13-064 web

    swe13-052r web

    swe13-106 web

    swe13-105r web

    swe13-102 web

    swe13-162 web

    swe13-188 web

    swe13-110 web

    swe13-211 web

    swe13-219 web

    swe13-205 web

    swe13-239r web

    swe13-229 web

    We’ve picked the same location for the past few years, so we can do comparison shots of their family silhouette. I can just imagine their future family wall covered with their yearly silhouettes.

    Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with me again, it was so great to see you all!

    Till next time, from my heart to yours,


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    Catching up to Jayden

    Meet my beautiful friend Jill and her amazing little family.  I always look forward to our yearly sessions together. Life is busy and it’s been years since we shared a dorm room at boarding school. I just love seeing her with her family, in fact it never gets old…because to me she’s still that girl I met back at Caronport High School with the infectious giggle and the ear to ear smile. We’ve shared so many great memories, and I adore being able to capture her loves in a photograph.

    Imp6-057 web

    Imp6-017 web

    Jayden is growing up so fast! He’s very inquisitive, smart, and wow is he active. We chased him around the park for most of the session. He switches gears so quickly! One minute he’s laughing, the next he’s trying to figure something out which involves many questions…

    Imp6-193 web

    Imp6-191 web

    Imp6-185bw web

    He’s surrounded by a ridiculous amount of love…

    Imp6-138rbw web

    Imp6-159bw web

    Imp6-045rbw web

    Imp6-174bw web

    Imp6-142 web

    Imp6-145r web

    Imp6-206 web

    Imp6-066 web

    Oh how life has grown in love for my dear friend Jillian.
    I love comparison photos because you just don’t realize the full extent of a memory captured within a photograph until life moves forward and you look back with a full heart. <3 Photos are 3 years apart

    Oh how life has grown in love…I love comparison photos because you just don’t realize the full extent of a memory captured within a photograph until life moves forward and you look back with a full heart. These photos are 3 years apart…

    Jill diptych web

    Imp6-176 web

    Imp6-029 web

    Imp6-098 web

    Thank you for once again asking me to capture your family love story. It was so good to see your family!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Meeting a Superhero in an Alley

    I met up with the most adorable little superhero in an alley…

    Ker11-003 web

    Sawyer turned 4! Every year we get together to celebrate his birthday so I can capture exactly who Sawyer is at each year of his active little life.

    His parents give him complete freedom to do whatever he wants during the session (which is awesome for me as a photographer). The results are 100% Sawyer…

    Ker11-016 web

    Ker11-040 web

    Ker11-017 web

    A little superhero love after saving his damsel in distress, all in a day’s work…

    Ker11-027 web

    Ker11-054 web

    Ker11-056bw web

    Ker11-063bw web

    Ker11-102bw web

    Ker11-123bw web

    Ker11-084 web

    Sawyer Triptych2 web

    Sawyer Triptych web

    Every superhero needs a side kick, lucky for Sawyer his side kicks enables him to fly…

    Ker11-215 web

    Ker11-218 web

    Ker11-180 web

    Ker11-196 web

    Ker11-312 web

    Ker11-252bw web

    Thank you for another fun session, I can’t wait to see what year 5 brings!

    From my heart to yours,


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    The G. Family at their Family Homestead

    Meet the G. Family…

    Glim13-383 web

    Glim13-261 web

    I have photographed their life milestones through the years and I have missed them since they moved to the States. I was so excited when they contacted me to schedule Lucas’ cake smashing and a family session while they were in Canada visiting. We did both sessions in one busy day!

    We met on their family homestead, a special location rich in history and meaning. Years ago before they had kids, they had their photo taken by this window; we recreated the shot in 2010 and then again in today’s version. Look at the life they have built together, brings tears to my eyes!

    Glimm Diptych web

    They also brought with them a special friend to their family whom they have known since she was 3 years old. Jess is beautiful inside and out, and so good with the kids. They adore her…

    Glim13-331r web

    Glim13-429 web

    Glim13-453 web

    These amazing kids have big personalities, and I love how their individuality shines through…

    Glim13-372bw web

    Glim13-219bw web

    Glim13-220 web

    Glim13-471 web

    Glim13-465 web

    Glim13-347 web

    Glim13-441 web

    Glim13-443 web

    Glim13-366 web

    Glim13-480 web

    Glim13-487 web

    Glim13-494 web

    Glim13-484 web

    There have been times when I’ve questioned if I found the right career. I love photography more than I can articulate; however, picking up my camera makes up a small portion of what it takes to run a photography business. I’m a creative, the book keeping part has always been a challenge for me. And then I have moments like this with a family I love, who have woven their way into my heart with their kindness & generosity. I respect and adore them and the life they have built. I have grown with them through their life moments over the years.

    At the end of their session I asked if there were any other photos they were hoping to get.

    Jody said: “We need one with you.”

    “Wait, Me?” I asked.

    And their girls giggled and pulled me by each hand to the barn for one last photo…

    Glim13-500r web

    Thank you Jess for taking this photo for us, I will always treasure it. This is my favourite part of photography, the close relationships built.

    Thank you so much G. Family for the amazing day and I look forward to seeing what the next chapter in life brings for your amazing family.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Lucas Smashes a Cake

    Meet Lucas, he just celebrated his first birthday.

    Glim13-064 web

    He has two big sisters who adore him.

    Glim13-009 web

    Glim13-019 web

    Glim13-029 web

    I have taken photos of their family for years, and was sad to hear they were moving to the States last year.  I’m so happy they made time in their busy schedule while visiting for a one year cake smashing session followed by a family sunset session.

    Onto the cake smashing! The fabulous cake was made by “Once Upon a Cake” in Leduc.

    Glim13-077 web

    Glim13-082 web

    Glim13-119 web

    Glim13-122 web

    Glim13-124 web

    Glim13-128 web

    Glim13-148 web

    Glim13-153 web

    The girls thought they should help a brother out…

    Glim13-167 web

    Glim13-187 web

    Glim13-195 web

    Glim13-201 web

    Glim13-202 web

    Visit Part 2, their family sunset session photographed at their family homestead: http://christinehopaluk.com/blog/2013/09/15/the-g-family-at-their-family-homestead/

    Happy birthday Lucas!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Highland Dancing at Sunset

    Meet the H. Family…

    Hug6-120r web

    I’ve photographed their family through the years, and I love seeing their children grow and change not only in their appearance, but also in their little/BIG personalities.

    Love these adorable, full-of-life, expressive kids…

    Hug6-016 web

    Hug6-007bw web

    Hughes Diptych web

    Hug6-126 web

    Jude is now on the move and sometimes when kids try and run away during photo time, one just has to improvise…

    Hug6-082 web

    Hug6-075 web

    Hug6-093r web

    Hug6-140 web

    Layla loves Highland dance. When she dances, her face lights up…

    Hug6-170 web

    Hug6-149 web

    Hug6-156 web

    “Let’s get a photo of you and your brother Layla”. She’s still jumping…

    Hug6-171 web

    As I was shooting this series of photos of their “free-style” dance, I knew it was going to be a touching representation of their relationship and strong bond.  Melts the heart…

    Hug6-177 web

    Hug6-179 web

    Hug6-180 web

    Hug6-181 web

    Thank you so much for traveling to see me once again! It was so good to spend time with your family.

    From my heart to yours,