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    Welcome Beautiful Ellie

    Meet the O. Family…

    Oly5-230r web

    Sitting on the same steps leading to their family home, these photographs are a little over two years apart…

    Olynyk family diptych

    They didn’t know if they were having a boy or girl, and they patiently awaited their treasured arrival a week over due. She was worth the wait, perfect in every way. Welcome to the world Ellie!

    Oly5-059 web

    Brynn is very excited to be a big sister

    Brynn Ellie Olynyk diptych

    Oly5-019 web

    Being a week overdue, her little soft nails are peeling and her delicate skin is flaking. These details are important to capture so they are always remembered, newborn love…

    Oly5-061bw web

    Oly5-118bw web

    Oly5-047bw web

    Oly5-054bw web

    Oly5-089bw web

    Oly5-090bw web

    Oly5-072 web


    There is nothing cuter than a newborn yawn…

    Oly5-152 web

    Oly5-188 web

    Oly5-204 web

    Oly5-224 web

    Thank you for asking me to photograph sweet baby Ellie, I adore your family! You are so blessed.

    From my heart to yours,



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    The Lovely T. Family

    Meet Marissa and Joseph and their much-loved dogs Annie and Teddy

    Tur1-018 web

    Their Dogs are very well behaved and you can tell they are showered with love.

    This is Teddy, their original baby…

    Tur1-037 web

    And this is sweet Annie, their newest addition to their family. ┬áMarissa saw her photo on a rescue site and they knew they could give Annie the perfect home. ┬áLucky Annie…

    Tur1-044 web

    For dogs who have only spent a few weeks together, you would think they’ve been together for years. They get along so well and where one goes, the other follows.

    Tur1-073 web

    We may have gone through many a cookie during their session… Did someone say cookie?!

    Tur1-074 web

    Tur1-045r web

    Tur1-055r web

    Tur1-113r web

    There’s lots of love within this family….

    Tur1-134 web

    Tur1-207 web

    Tur1-211 web

    Tur1-215 web

    Tur1-241 web

    Tur1-243 web

    Tur1-227 web

    Thank you for spending the evening with me T. Family!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Ethan Teaches Bella How to Smash A Cake

    Meet Ethan…

    Per1-059 web

    Isn’t he adorable?! He turned one last week, so he came over to smash a birthday cake. He is also a proud big brother to beautiful baby Bella, two weeks old.

    Per1-097 web

    Per1-113 web

    So much hair!

    Per1-145bw web

    What a pair of cuties; a very busy and blessed family.

    Per1-138r web

    Onto the cake smashing! Once again “Once Upon a Cake” made a fabulous cake for the birthday boy…the poor little monkey never stood a chance.

    Ethan Diptych web

    Per1-205 web

    Per1-214 web

    Per1-221 web

    Per1-227 web

    Per1-233 web

    Per1-236 web

    Per1-242 web

    Per1-250 web

    Per1-256 web

    Per1-257 web

    Per1-262 web

    Per1-264 web

    Per1-258 web

    And with that he had enough! Thank you so much for asking me to document his birthday cake smash, it was so much fun!

    From my heart to yours,