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    The 2 Little Dudes Who Stole my Heart

    Meet the two little dudes who stole my heart…

    Bla2-098 web

    Bla2-096 web

    I photographed L. a few years ago. He’s changed just a little 😉


    0__049 web

    and now….

    Bla2-087 web

    I was thrilled to meet his little brother M. who, by the end of the session, decided he was going to hold my hand in between shots…

    Bla2-081 web

    They happened to have stolen their entire family’s heart as well! There’s a lot of love within this family.

    Bla2-043r web

    Bla2-112 web

    Bla2-117 web

    Bla2-030r web

    Bla2-140 web

    I love photographing couples who have been together for many years. Their bond, connection, and strength amazes me. Lucky in Love for 42 years…

    Bla2-165 web

    Bla2-178 web

    Bla2-194 web

    Bla2-198 web

    It threatened to storm for half of our session together, but we wouldn’t have had this sky if it didn’t…

    Bla2-213r web

    Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your beautiful family. I had a great time!


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    The B. Family Together Again

    Meet the B. Family…

    bro5-015 web

    The cute little blondie, camera right, is my cousin. We figured out I’ve photographed her beautiful little family 7 times! She asked me to photograph her husband Rob’s family as his sister was home from Montreal and this was the first time they were meeting their sweet niece Olivia.

    She is a doll!

    bro5-050 web

    I love the connection their family share, they have lots of fun together. Mom and Dad are sure proud of their kids who now have beautiful families of their own.  They are lucky in love, 37 years strong. That’s a pretty amazing milestone.

    Brosseau diptych WEB

    Their adoration for their grandchildren is very apparent…

    bro5-093 web

    bro5-094 web

    bro5-247 web

    bro5-069 web

    bro5-076bw web

    bro5-106rbw web

    bro5-002 web

    bro5-045 web

    bro5-204 web

    bro5-022r web

    bro5-141r web

    Thank you so much for the fun evening!  Enjoy your much needed time together!