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    Acreage Life with the O. Family

    I’ve photographed the O. Family through the years, before they were engaged, expecting their first baby, welcoming beautiful Brynn, a family session, and yesterday I made the trip to their beautiful acreage to capture their next exciting chapter…

    Oly4-454 web

    Olynyk Diptych WEB

    The best part is, they didn’t find out what they are having. Perfect surprise, I vote girl.

    We were blessed with the most beautiful sky that changed with every minute that passed allowing rays of sunlight to flood through…

    Oly4-488 web

    Oly4-503 web

    Oly4-512 web

    Oly4-521 web

    Oly4-527 web

    Oly4-534 web

    Oly4-546 web

    The acreage photo-bomber…

    Oly4-587 web

    Oly4-588 web

    Oly4-596 web

    Oly4-612bw web

    Oly4-623bw web

    Oly4-573bw web

    Brynn’s Dad brought home these matching tops from Mexico. We looked around their beautiful property for the perfect place to take the last photos.  We thought the garden would be fitting; Mom and Daughter by the garden they plant, weed, and eat together. These are the types of photos daughter’s treasure when they grow up and look back on their childhood. There is something so special and memorable about Mom’s garden…

    Olynyk Triptych WEB

    Thank you for once again asking me to capture your amazing family! I can’t wait to meet your newest addition.

    From my heart to yours,


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    The H. Family Ten Years Later

    Meet the H. Family…

    Hub2-014 web

    About 10 years ago we used to live in the same town. I remember their adorable kids sitting together in a row in church with their little legs dangling over the pew.  Fast forward to now…when they got out of their vehicle for their session my jaw dropped when I saw their kids. They grew up from cute little blondies who were always on the run into good looking teenagers.

    Hub2-064 web

    Hub2-073 web

    Three years ago I photographed S. and D. for their Connection Session. I seriously could photograph them all day…

    Hub2-135 web

    Hubert diptych2 WEB

    Hub2-051bw web

    Hub2-205bw web

    Hub2-102bw web

    Hub2-032 web

    Hub2-083 web

    Hub2-085 web

    Hub2-090 web

    Hubert diptych web

    Hub2-146r web

    Hub2-181 web

    Hub2-209 web

    Hub2-173 web

    Hub2-166 web

    Thank you so much for travelling to see me. I had lots of fun photographing your beautiful family. You are very blessed 🙂


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    Leduc Relay for Life 2013 Part Two

    The start of our Relay was literally full of rainbows and butterflies too (thanks to Team Butterfly of Hope).

    LeducRFL13-261 web

    As the sun set, we gathered around the stage to celebrate the incredible amount of funds that each team brought into the event for the Canadian Cancer Society.

    LeducRFL13-230 web

    LeducRFL13-231 web

    LeducRFL13-233 web

    LeducRFL13-237 web

    LeducRFL13-238 web

    it’s tricky to take a photo of our team with my long arm… lol

    LeducRFL13-239 web

    thank you Darren for taking our team photos for me!

    LeducRFL13-241 web

    Laurie beautifully spoke from her giving heart about love and loss while the relayers huddled around one another in support and understanding. It was a touching tribute for the Luminary ceremony.

    LeducRFL13-277 web

    LeducRFL13-287 web

    LeducRFL13-286 web

    After a moment of silence in memory and honour of all those affected by cancer, everyone made their way to their luminaries. I can’t begin to describe the emotion that floats and lives along the track. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time.

    Remembrance, love, loss, respect, mourning, honour, thanksgiving, celebration…It’s all of that and so much more.

    LeducRFL13-291 web

    LeducRFL13-295 web

    LeducRFL13-304 web

    I’m so thankful for my Dad who received amazing news this year that his prostate cancer levels are as close to zero as it can possibly get…

    LeducRFL13-308 web

    LeducRFL13-314r web

    LeducRFL13-320 web

    These are just a few of the luminaries that lit our path as we walked during the night. Each luminary signifies a precious, important, loved-to-the core life…

    LeducRFL13-327 web

    LeducRFL13-294 web

    LeducRFL13-323 web

    LeducRFL13-330 web

    LeducRFL13-343 web

    This is why we relay…

    Relay Collage1 web

    LeducRFL13-348 web

    LeducRFL13-350 web

    We relay so that one day there will be a cure…

    LeducRFL13-352 web

    As the morning arrived, many luminaries still burned on with tenacity…

    LeducRFL13-367 web

    We huddled together for the closing ceremonies and walked our last lap together.  It was an amazing night, and us relayers will be back next year to do it all again. If there is a Relay for Life near you, put together a team and join in. Your heart will forever be changed.

    We Remembered

    We Celebrated

    We Fought Back!

    Click HERE to go to my photography Facebook page where I’ve uploaded more photos from the event. I will continue to add photos to it as I edit. If anyone wishes to order a print of one of the photos you see here, please use the contact form on this blog to send me an e-mail or give me a call at 780.980.0703.  All proceeds will go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Leduc Relay for Life 2013 Part One

    The 2013 Leduc Relay for Life was once again an amazing event. From 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. we relayed with love and pride and collectively we raised almost $80,000! A HUGE thank you goes out to all the organizers, survivors, supporters, and those who donated their time and funds all in the fight to make Cancer history.

    The Relay for Life is more than just an overnight event to raise funds for cancer research, it’s a living breathing entity that pitches a tent within your heart and lives there because of the people involved. Their stories of survival and hope will never be forgotten…combine Hope and Love, and you have one powerful force. If you haven’t had the chance to be part of a relay, what are you waiting for?! I promise, it will touch your heart in a big way.

    The evening starts out celebrating the survivors with a much deserved banquet. The room is a sea of yellow, the colour signifying strength and wisdom.

    Leduc RFL13 WEB

    After supper, they make their way outside to gather together linked by an unspoken bond to release their balloon with pride and celebration…

    LeducRFL13-027r web

    LeducRFL13-031 web

    LeducRFL13-032 web

    LeducRFL13-035r web

    Together they start the Relay by walking the first lap while everyone cheers them on. The lap is .7 km, so it really is quite a distance around. I’m always in awe of the impressive display of determination and pride.

    LeducRFL13-039 web

    LeducRFL13-043 web

    LeducRFL13-050 web

    LeducRFL13-061 web

    LeducRFL13-065 web

    LeducRFL13-071 web

    The enthusiastic cheering section is very appreciated to the survivors who walk the lap…

    LeducRFL13-103 web

    LeducRFL13-108 web

    LeducRFL13-117 web

    LeducRFL13-118 web

    Just as the survivors were done their lap, it was time for the team laps.  The rain started quickly and poured on all of us.  Within half a lap I couldn’t believe my eyes at the beautiful rainbow that covered the sky around us….

    LeducRFL13-133 web

    LeducRFL13-132 web

    LeducRFL13-134 web

    LeducRFL13-135r web

    LeducRFL13-137 web

    BMS Bootcamps was there to lead us in a warm up, 12 hours of walking will take it’s toll on a person!

    LeducRFL13-151 web

    The team outfits were awesome this year!

    LeducRFL13-006 web

    LeducRFL13-018 web

    LeducRFL13-083 web

    LeducRFL13-156 web

    I was honoured to be a part of team Hier Power this year…

    LeducRFL13-122 web

    As always, there was something for everyone. Bingo, Zumba, Bouncy Houses, Face painting…

    LeducRFL13-252 web

    Each team was asked to put on a game… Bra Pong was a hit!

    LeducRFL13-249 web

    Connectivity Dance did a Fabulous job entertaining everyone with their dancing talents…

    LeducRFL13-159 web

    LeducRFL13-177 web

    LeducRFL13-209 web

    Leduc has one of the most beautiful walking routes for the Relay…

    LeducRFL13-394 web

    As our team was walking the track, my friend Ang told me to look over the edge down to the water.

    LeducRFL13-192r web

    LeducRFL13-193r web

    Through out the night, symbolism was all around…first with the double rainbow that covered the track to start the Relay, and also within these delicate eggs. Such precious cargo amongst frigid water, wind, and debris . Through such adversity, life forges on with a little help and support.

    Although the weather forecast was for thunder showers, wind, and rain, we lucked out for the night.

    Click HERE to view Part Two of the Relay.

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    Running with the O. Family

    Meet the O. Family…

    Ors1-039 web

    This was my first time meeting them in person, although we spent lots of time exchanging emails before their shoot. When they pulled up to my house before we headed out to the location, their oldest daughter got out of the car and went straight to playing with my little girl while we talked.  I love how kids can make fast friends!

    I really loved photographing their family.  They showed a lot of tenderness and affection for one another. Thank you for being so patient and waiting for my calendar to open up. I’m so happy we finally made this session happen.

    Ors1-028bw web

    Ors1-026bw web

    Ors1-052r web

    Ors1-071 web

    L. has a love of dance, and I love that she brought an element of movement to show off her personality.

    Ors1-135 web

    Ors1-151 web

    This excited face brought to you by a book…

    Ors1-156 web

    Ors1-174 web

    Ors1-429 web

    Ors1-257bw web

    Ors1-277bw web

    Ors1-340bw web

    Ors1-275 web

    Ors1-356 web

    Ors1-369 web

    Ors1-344 web

    Ors1-346 web

    Ors1-097 web

    I really wanted to give them the above shot as they requested it, and I love the addition of the flying ribbon to their Family Love silhouette. What a beautiful family!

    From my heat to yours,


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    Brandy and her Beautiful Girls

    We started the day off with Brandy’s fabulous fitness shoot, and in the golden light of the evening we ended with a mother/daughter session celebrating their connection.

    These girls are confident, fun, and full of energy! I loved spending time with them and watching their close bond as I photographed them. Activity and love are a big part of their daily lives.

    There’s a whole lot of power, determination, respect, and adoration between these girls…

    Der4-071 web

    This photo just might be one of my most favorite personality photos ever…

    Der4-158 web

    Der4-123 web

    Der4-130r web

    Der4-039 web

    Der4-021 web

    Der4-113 web

    Der4-082 web

    Der4-227 web

    Der4-277 web

    Der4-248 web

    Der4-254 web

    Der4-284 web

    Der4-287 web

    Der4-363 web

    Der4-368 web

    Brandy Family Love web

    Thank you so much for asking me to capture the special relationship you have with your daughters Brandy! My heart was full after our day together.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Brandy’s Back!

    You may remember Brandy from last year, she’s back with even more focus and determination and ready to compete once again!  When we began our session, I immediately saw differences from last year’s shoot. First of all she has this glow!

    Der3-363 web

    We thought it would be fun to do another comparison shot. The white backdrop photos were taken exactly a year ago (six weeks apart from one another) and the black backdrop is this year. I can definitely see you added more muscle and definition Brandy!

    Brandy Comparison web

    Look at that back!!!!

    Der3-276r web

    Der3-285bw web

    Der3-289bw web

    Der3-394bw web

    Der3-116bw web

    Der3-017 web

    Der3-337 web

    Der3-385 web

    Stay tuned for part 2 of our session, Brandy and her two gorgeous girls (yes, this strong woman as 2 kids!).  We had lots of fun together and I loved photographing their connection.

    Thank you Brandy, best of luck in your competitions!