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    Welcome to the World Sweet Lawson

    On a beautiful day back in January, I met with Rachel and Trevor who were getting ready to meet their baby boy.

    Millar1-288 web

    He’s finally here!!! Welcome to the world sweet baby Lawson! He’s absolutely perfect.

    Millar2-285 web

    Millar2-052 web

    It’s always an honour to capture the first official family portrait (and of course these parents look FABULOUS and make parenting look easy!)

    Millar2-202 web

    They are completely in love with him…

    Millar Diptych web

    Millar2-265bw web

    Millar2-223bw web

    Millar2-249 web

    Millar2-310 web

    Millar2-245 web

    Love the way Lawson looks up at his Mom…how sweet is that?!

    Millar2-085 web

    Millar2-062 web

    Millar2-060 web

    Millar2-049 web

    And so it begins. I’m sure there will be many more years to come of Lawson sticking out his tongue when Mom and Dad kiss. 😉

    Millar2-151 web

    Congratulations!!! I’m so very happy for you all. You have a very special family, full of love and joy. You are blessed.

    Thank you for driving to see me (a trip I understand was a little more tricky with a newborn this time)

    From my heart to yours,