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    Niki & Josh

    Meet Niki and Josh (and their baby bump too)

    Hop1-177 web

    This beautiful couple happens to be family. In March, they will welcome a new addition to their lives, their first baby. I’m so happy for them.

    I love that they wanted outdoor snow photos for their maternity session and they were troopers as they stood in the snow listening to me repeat “Just one more shot” over and over. Thankfully a couple of blankets and heated vehicle seats made for some relief between shots.

    Despite the chilly temperatures, they sure do exude a whole lot of warmth and love…

    Hop1-038bw web

    Hop1-163bw web

    Hop1-103bw web

    Hop1-133bw web

    Hop1-069 web

    Hop1-061 web

    I’ve been waiting for just the right couple to photograph by this blue wall to make those blue eyes pop.

    Hop1-188 web

    Hop1-191 web

    Hop1-205 web

    Hop1-206 web

    Hop1-194 web

    Hop1-251 web

    Hop1-273r web

    Thank you for travelling to see me. I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby. Congratulations!!!


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    Trevor and Rachel

    Meet Rachel and Trevor

    Millar1-168rbw web

    In 5 short weeks, they will welcome a baby boy into their world. This was my first time meeting them in person. I was immediately struck by their positive energy and love for one another. I had e-mailed Rachel back and forth leading up to the session; when I finally met her in person, I had no idea she would be sporting THE BEST Australian accent!

    They are a fun couple with a zest for life. They radiate excitement as they await the arrival of their much loved Valentine’s baby.

    I love the way Trevor looks at her…

    Millar1-191bw web

    Millar1-078 web

    Millar diptych web

    Millar1-061 web

    LOVE the striped socks too…

    Millar1-082 web

    Rachel rocks pregnancy with style and grace…

    Millar1-228r web

    Millar1-154r web

    Millar1-335 web

    Millar1-349bw web

    Millar1-322 web

    Millar1-295 web

    Millar1-289 web

    Millar1-288 web

    Millar1-291 web

    Millar1-301 web

    Thank you for travelling to see me; I had so much fun! I can’t wait to meet your baby boy.


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    Jude Smashes a Cake

    Meet adorable Jude…

    Hug5-022 web

    You may remember him from his newborn session and a family session last July. He continues to light up the room with a smile that couldn’t possibly get any bigger.

    He came over to celebrate his soon-to-be-first birthday with a cake smashing. Jude’s fabulous cake was made by Amanda Durocher.

    How cute is his hat and bow tie?!

    Hug5-047 web

    Hug5-056 web

    Hug5-068 web

    Hug5-081 web

    Hug5-083 web

    Hug5-084 web

    Hug5-087 web

    Hug5-089 web

    Hug5-095 web

    Hug5-101 web

    Hug5-105 web

    And then, just like that, he decided he had enough and the cake smash was over…

    Hug5-118 web

    Happy soon-to-be birthday Jude!