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    Chasing Cassey, 1 Year Later

    Meet the M. Family…

    Mil3-039r web

    It was exactly a year ago that we met for family photos and I chased (tried to keep up with) Cassey while she giggled wildly. She’s still on the run! Their family has expanded by one beautiful Lab.

    They make pretty amazing guardians for sweet Cassey.

    Mil3-025 web

    Cassey has the best personality, I adore her to bits. Better yet, she talks a lot now!

    Mil3-002 web

    Mil3-006 web

    Mil3-010 web

    It was quite the challenge to get the dogs looking my way, but luckily we managed to get a few shots. 🙂

    Mil3-050 web

    Mil3-054bw web

    Mil3-071r web

    Mil3-082 web

    Mil3-086 web

    Mil3-112 web

    Cassey’s parents are patient, loving, and balance one another out so well. Perfect couple

    Mil3-138 web

    Mil3-131 web

    Mil3-116r web

    At the very end of our session, the rain settled in.  Today we have a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. I’m thankful we were ahead of the weather as they travelled for their session.

    Mil3-168 web

    Thank you so much for another wonderful session. I loved spending time with you all.


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    Running in the Wind with the P. Family

    Meet our friends, the P. Family…

    Pra3-146 web

    Our family’s have known one another for years. We’ve been planning this family shoot for quite some time. They’re from the Grande Prairie area and with the logistics of timing and travel, it just didn’t work out the past couple of years.  I was excited when I heard they were travelling my way, and we decided on the date.

    The day of their session came and we were graced with gusting winds of 40km/h.  Either way, this session was happening after all that travelling. It’s not easy getting a family of five ready for photos! We made due with the wind, found some sheltered areas, cozied up with blankets, and had fun with it.  The kids did amazing!

    These adorable kids are so polite, kind, and smart.  The boys wanted to show me just how strong they are….

    Pratt Collage2 web

    The boys are so loveable with one another…

    Pra3-083 web

    They are going to be great protectors of their sister, isn’t she a sweetheart?!

    Pra3-175 web

    I asked them to bring along any items that are special to the kids at this stage of their lives. K. brought along his very treasured blanket, which he named “Hemi”.

    Pra3-004 web

    Pra3-016 web

    Pra3-024 web

    Pra3-114bw web

    Pra3-210bw web

    Pra3-042r web

    Pra3-156r web

    Pra3-205 web

    Pra3-217 web

    Pratt Collage web

    Pra3-323 web

    Thank you so much for coming to see me! I loved spending time with you all. Looking forward to a longer visit in the future. 🙂


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    The Face Painting Talents of Mélissa Zizanis

    Mélissa Zizanis is an amazing face painter. I was invited over to a birthday party at a friend’s house to capture Mélissa’s face painting talents. The kids sat perfectly still as she expertly painted each of their faces, and they were so proud to get their photo taken after.

    The beautiful birthday girl…

    Ziz1-004 web

    Ziz1-035 web

    Ziz1-017 web

    They wanted matching faces 🙂

    Ziz1-043 web

    Ziz1-025 web

    Ziz1-049 web

    Ziz1-068 web

    Princess twins!

    Ziz1-072 web

    Ziz1-080 web

    Ziz1-092 web

    Ziz1-094 web

    I was so impressed with her wonderful way with kids and talents that I invited her to my daughter’s birthday party.  She was the highlight of the whole party! The kids had a blast. Thank you so much Mélissa!

    This is my happy girl, proudly posing on her 8th birthday…

    sept23-035 web

    and her friends who loved the whole face painting experience…

    sept23-065 web

    sept23-070 web

    sept23-112 web

    sept23-145 web

    sept23-150 web

    sept23-058 web

    sept23-094 web

    I think the expressions of pure happiness on all the kid’s faces are a true testament to what a great artist Mélissa Zizanis is! I highly recommend booking her for your next party.

    She also carries temporary glitter tattoos.

    To book her services in the Edmonton and surrounding area simply e-mail Mélissa: melissa.zizanis [at] gmail.com

    Thanks again for making my daughter’s party so memorable!


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    Welcome M. Family

    Meet the beautiful M. Family…

    McC1-011r web

    This lovely family are also my new neighbours. Welcome to the neighbourhood!  My kids are so excited to have more friends to play with.

    They shared with me that this was their very first family photo session. I’m so happy they asked me to photograph their family.

    I love it when families bring their much loved pets to their session; they are a big part of the family. This pretty puppy was all too happy to pose perfectly. It’s as if she understood just where to stand at the right time. 🙂

    McC1-016r web

    McC1-027r web

    Sweet sisters who have a best friend for life in one another…

    McC1-043 web

    McC1-051 web

    McC1-072 web

    McC1-082r web

    McC1-109 web

    McC1-110 web

    McC1-113 web

    McC1-119 web

    McC1-125r web

    McC1-139 web

    McC1-150 web

    McC1-191 web

    Thank you for the amazing session, see you around the block! 😉


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    The Many Faces of Maya

    Meet Maya…

    Hay5-011 web

    I’ve had the honour and privilege of photographing Maya and her loving parents since she was a baby. I’m not sure how I lucked out to have met this special family.

    One of my favourite things about Maya are her many faces; she gives me a variety of expressions throughout our time together.  Love them all!

    Maya collage web

    Hay5-419 web

    A shot from our first session together, and our latest session…

    Haydey Comparison web

    Hay5-032 web

    Hay5-070 web

    Hay5-165 web

    Hay5-237 web

    Hay5-256 web

    Hay5-347 web

    Hay5-370 web

    Hay5-379 web

    Maya sure is lucky to have such uplifting, loving, encouraging and supportive parents…

    Hay5-384 web

    Hay5-428 web

    And she was blown away by the sheer force of her own giggle…

    Hay5-411 web

    Thank you H. Family for yet another awesome session! And thank you Maya for bringing along your favourite doll “Boots” who was my very important lighting assistant. 😉