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    The Beautiful W. Family

    Meet the W. Family…

    Wig1-196 web

    My daughter loves Kimberlee. She was her teacher and the giver of great big hugs. She has a wonderful way with kids.

    As I started shooting their family session, an image of Kimberlee popped into my head, and I knew I had to get this photo of her. Isn’t she stunning?

    Wig1-157 web

    and then I turned the focus to the two of them….

    Wig1-042 web

    love, love, love…

    Wig1-045 web

    And to their good-looking blued eyed kids, whom I immediately loved…

    Wig1-098 web

    Wig1-105 web

    Wig1-014 web

    Wig1-034r web

    Wig1-056 web

    Wig1-064 web

    Wig1-071r web

    Wig1-267 web

    Wig1-181r web

    Thank you so much for asking me to capture your beautiful family. I loved every minute of it!


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    Chasing Hayden

    Meet Hayden…

    Dut1-038 web

    He’s soon going to be two! ¬†He had us running for the entire session! He’s on the move, full of curiosity and energy.

    This was my first time meeting this family and they are awesome! Mom and Dad are patient and adore Hayden to pieces. The way they look at their little boy holds a whole lot of love and pride.

    Dut1-012r web

    Dut1-039 web

    Dut1-045 web

    Dut1-044 web

    Dut1-112 web

    I had about a half a second to get this shot, he’s so quick!

    Dut1-131 web

    Dut1-196 web

    Dut1-207 web

    Dut1-294 web

    Dut1-345r web

    Dut1-394 web

    Dut1-399 web

    There’s nothing better than a running hug ūüôā

    Hug Collage web

    Dut1-427 web

    Dut1-425 web

    Thank you so much for the fun morning! Hayden is adorable.


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    Family Time with the B. Family

    Meet the B. Family…

    Bro4-031r web

    I’m proud to say, this family is my family. Kendra is my first cousin. It’s been an honour capturing their special life moments: from their engagement, to their wedding (back when I still shot weddings), to maternity sessions, to newborns sessions, to family photos.

    I wish you could hear L.’s voice. ¬†It’s the cutest voice ever and he talks non-stop! I love his personality, so full of life and curiosity. I can’t wait till baby P. starts talking. I know there’s a cute little voice in there just waiting to pop out.

    One of the things I love about L., is his smile. It’s the EXACT same smile as Kendra’s. Takes me back to our days growing up together.

    Bro4-013 web

    Bro4-061 web

    Bro4-085r web

    Bro4-107r web

    Bro4-140r web

    Bro4-157 web

    Bro4-167 web

    Bro4-172 web

    Bro4-197 web

    Bro4-242 web

    Bro4-256 web

    Bro4-277 web

    Bro4-280 web

    Bro4-296 web

    Bro4-258 web

    Thank you for the fun evening! Your kids are adorable. I love capturing your beautiful family.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Seven Years Capturing the S. Family

    Meet the S. Family…

    swe12-016 web

    This was our 7th year getting together to capture their family love story. We meet on the same week-end every year, and it’s fun looking back through the years to see how the kids have grown and changed.

    I adore how this family makes the time to document the various stages in their lives. When you are in the middle of daily family life, it’s easy to forget that one day you’ll look back at those years and wonder where the time went. Perhaps even forget the “little” things that shape the days. The “little” things become important things because they become memories. To be able to document that is amazing.

    swe12-057 web

    swe12-072 web

    swe12-078 web

    swe12-089 web

    swe12-107 web

    swe12-128 web

    swe12-136 web

    …and out of nowhere, a spontaneous headstand

    swe12-148 web

    swe12-157 web

    swe12-159 web

    swe12-181 web

    swe12-193 web

    swe12-202 web

    swe12-210 web

    swe12-255r web

    Another yearly tradition, the family silhouette.  Love it!

    5-445 web2
    6-229r web
    swe12-290r web

    Thank you so much for once again making the trip out to see me.  I loved every minute of it.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Outdoor Cake Smash!

    Meet the B. Family…

    Bec4-032 web

    It’s been a little over a year since I photographed their family back when they were anxiously awaiting baby B.’s arrival to their family.¬†And now, she’s One! With a perfect +24 September day, we thought we’d take advantage of the beautiful weather and capture her cake smashing outside. Perfect.

    We started with family photos first…

    Bec4-013 web

    Bec4-026 web

    Bec4-047 web

    Bec4-059 web

    Bec4-185r web

    Bec4-192r web

    Bec4-261 web

    Bec4-249 web

    Onto the cake smashing! Mom made her sweet birthday girl an amazing big cupcake, nice work!

    Bec4-284 web

    Bec4-290 web

    Bec4-308 web

    Bec4-331 web

    Bec4-334 web

    Bec4-342 web

    Bec4-345 web

    Bec4-346 web

    Her brother and sister were itching to get in there and help a sista’ out…

    Bec4-371 web

    Bec4-393 web

    Thank you for the fun night! I loved spending time with your family.

    From my heart to yours,


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    The Beautiful L. Family

    Meet the L. Family

    Lan2-058 web

    Last year, I photographed Trevor and Bonnie for a fun trash the dress session. Check out that session by clicking HERE.

    I was excited when Bonnie asked me to capture her family. Their kids are so cute! Oh my are they ever…

    Lan2-038 web

    Lan2-131 web

    And they’re also hilarious…

    Lan2-051 web

    Lan2-185r web

    I asked the kids to pick whatever pose their little heart’s desired. They had no problem with that…

    Lan2-203 web

    I love their personalities!

    Langton Collage web

    Lan2-068r web

    Lan2-073 web

    Lan2-018 web

    Lan2-146 web

    Lan2-134 web

    Lan2-081 web

    Lan2-006bw vintage web

    Thank you so much for the fun evening. You have a beautiful family my friend!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Three Fun Years of Sawyer!

    Meet Sawyer (I adore this boy)!

    Sawyer 3 yr Triptych web

    I’ve been taking photos of Sawyer and his sister since they were babies. Every year their parents book me for their birthdays to document exactly who they are at each stage of life. The BEST part about this arrangement is their parents give them complete freedom to do whatever they want during their sessions. It’s completely unstructured and I just chase them around for an hour.

    Because they each get their very own birthday shoot, the only tricky part for the kids is that it’s frustrating when it’s not their turn. ¬†Take for example Sawyer’s expression during his sister’s artistic birthday shoot earlier this year…

    9-250 web

    Now it’s Sawyer’s turn and he’s into dump trucks, playing in dirt making mud pies, exploring with walking sticks, and making “alphabet soup potion” in the water.

    He’s lively, inquisitive, energetic, talkative, and 100% ¬†hilarious.

    Ker10-056 web

    Ker10-066 web

    Ker10-067 web

    Ker10-075 web

    He was enthralled with making mud pies, until he realized he was dirty…

    Ker10-180 web

    Then he beckoned for wipes…immediately. STAT.

    Ker10-208 web

    All clean…

    Ker10-228 web

    His big sister and Dad joined in for a couple photos (by the way, that tree trunk has magical powers).

    Ker10-043 web

    Ker10-047 web

    You may not be able to tell from these photos, but he’s really fast. He had us all running the entire session!

    Ker10-240 web

    Ker10-255 web

    Ker10-257 web

    Ker10-261 web

    Ker10-263 web

    Ker10-127 web

    Happy birthday Sawyer!

    Thank you for yet another fun session. I can’t begin to explain how much I love documenting the kid’s milestones.

    From my heart to yours,


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    Fun with the E. Family

    Meet the E. Family

    Ehr1-170r web

    Besides the odd snapshot, they told me they haven’t had family photos since the girls were in Elementary school. I’m so happy they asked me to capture their family for updated photos!

    This was my first time meeting them all, and I was immediately taken by their fun personalities! They had me laughing through out the session.

    This series of photos is a perfect example as to why…

    Ehr1-204 web

    Ehr1-205r web

    Ehr1-207 web

    I love how the girls kept their composure with their giggling parents behind them. ha!

    All that laughter and love has made for a very important milestone that’s approaching. They are coming up on their 30th wedding anniversary! Congratulations and much respect!

    Ehr1-167 web

    Ehr1-013 web

    Ehr1-034 web

    Ehr1-066 web

    Ehr1-052 web

    Ehr1-185r web

    Ehr1-202 web

    Ehr1-223 web

    Ehr1-239 web

    Thank you for the fun evening. It was a pleasure!


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    Little Farm Girl at Heart

    Meet the O. Family…

    Oly3-024 web

    It’s been over a year since we captured Brynn’s newborn session together. ¬†Brynn was born with a full head of hair, and now at 15 months her hair is all the way down her back. I’m completely smitten with her, she’s such a sweetheart.

    Oly3-060 web

    Oly3-061 web

    I have so much respect for their family. There’s an abundance of patience, love, and happiness within it. ¬†They are surrounded by people who adore them simply because they are amazing. I would say they are lucky in love, but it’s not luck…they deserve every bit of it.

    Oly3-033 web

    Oly3-041 web

    Oh my, isn’t her kissy face the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?!

    Oly3-073r web

    Oly3-109 web

    Oly3-231 web

    Oly3-238 web

    Oly3-227 web

    Oly3-249 web

    Oly3-044 web

    Oly3-143 web

    Brynn is a little farm girl at heart! She has no fear. She runs full-tilt down hills knowing she will land safely in the arms of her parents (although I’m sure it’s a full-time job keeping up with her!). I wish you could hear her little laugh paired with the sound of her “squeaker” shoes as she ran.

    Oly3-282 web

    Oly3-290 web

    Thank you for asking me to capture your family once again. You are very blessed!

    From my heart to yours,


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    Welcoming Lucas with Love

    Welcome to the world sweet bright-eyed Lucas.

    12-106 web

    Oh my, he’s adorable! As the G. family walked into my house for his newborn session, I could feel the huge amount of love for this tiny little boy. A few week ago, we met for a maternity session (click HERE to see the post). The girls were excited to finally meet their baby brother and now that he’s here they are full of devotion (and kisses) for him.

    12-010 web

    12-006 web

    12-014 web

    12-133 web

    Their excitement is infectious!

    Lucas was bright-eyed for most of the session, he finally gave in to sleep thanks to his Mom’s gentle touch.

    12-066 web

    12-084 web

    12-110bw web

    12-082bw web

    12-201rbw web

    12-241 web

    12-271 web

    12-225 web

    12-236 web

    Congratulations G. Family. ¬†I’m over the moon happy for you all. Much love!