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    K & K ~ Little People with Big Personalities

    I first met R. at a photography workshop a couple of years ago. She had a kind smile and a welcoming personality that instantly made me feel at ease.  We exchanged business cards, and I hoped our paths would cross again.  I was excited to hear from her when she asked me to take her family photos. I will admit, there’s a whole different level of nerves that accompany taking photos for another photographer. I have much respect for R.’s work.

    K and K are adorable. They are little people with big personalities! Here’s a sampling of our time together as we braved the mosquito infested location (which needed to happen to capture the last shot in this series!)  The kids didn’t seem to mind, they had us running the entire session. 🙂

    zan1-007bw vintage web

    zan1-004rbw vintage web
    zan1-216bw vintage web
    zan1-231rbw vintage web
    zan1-125 web
    zan1-097 web

    I realize I have shared many silhouettes against the same tree, but this shot is brand new for each family that’s captured there.
    I’m building quite a collection of family love with this tree although this is the first time an airplane has completed the scene…

    zan1-245r web

    Thank you so much for asking me to document your family story. I had a great time photographing you all!

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    Leah at the Lake

    Meet my beautiful niece Leah.

    Aug4-165 web

    Leah graduated this year from high-school. We live a couple hours away from one another, so unfortunately I wasn’t there to photograph her on her actual grad day.  We decided the perfect time for a grad session would be during our family vacation at Loon Lake, SK (Makwa Lake).  I come from a large family; I’m one of six girls. Every year since my sisters and I were little, we’ve vacationed at Loon Lake.  We have many great family memories spending our summers together swimming, boating, fishing, and huddled around campfires talking over one another . We’ve continued our yearly vacation tradition as we’ve all grown up and now have kids of our own.  Leah is my sister Sharon’s daughter, and she’s the youngest of three. Sometimes it’s hard to believe she’s grown up.  I still have flash backs of Leah as a little girl sporting her huge smile and long flowing black hair.  I feel a special bond with Leah, and she often gets told that she looks a little like her Auntie Chrissy.

    We started our session on Jumbo Beach.  A special thank you to my sister Brenda, and to my niece Dianna for helping me for Leah’s shoot. You made the perfect “wind” and held the off-camera flash at just the right angle. 🙂

    Aug4-132 web

    Aug4-133 web

    Aug4-169 web

    At Steel Narrows there is a gorgeous view of upper Makwa lake that I’ve admired every time I’ve driven past it. I’ve always wanted to photograph it…this was the perfect opportunity.

    Aug4-218 web

    It was just after 8 p.m.  The sun was setting over the lake and the weather was perfect.

    Here’s a behind the scenes shot of my sister Brenda helping us out.  After 5 minutes of holding the light stand like that, I realized I didn’t tell her that she could simply drop the legs and tilt it rather than hold it up. Ooooopsie Daissssey 😉

    Aug4-216 web

    Aug4-230 web

    Aug4-231 web

    Just when the light was at it’s prettiest, we heard the coyotes howling. At first it was just a few, and they sounded (to me anyway) like they were far away. My sister looked at me with big scared eyes and says “WOLVES!!! We are surrounded by Wolves!” and I replied “It’s just a couple of coyotes, keep holding the light.”

    All of a sudden in the opposite direction, more coyotes joined in. I will admit they did sound very close and I’ve never actually heard that many all together howling. I looked at Brenda and she was panicking…running around in a small circle holding my light stand.  Her panic transferred to Leah who thought for sure we should run for our lives. Both of them were screaming “Wolves!!! Let’s get out of here! The shoot is over.”

    And what did I do?  I just kept shooting, even when Leah tried to run away. “Don’t move! Stand still. Don’t look so scared. it’s perfect light! They won’t hurt us I’m sure. Brenda stop running in circles and hold the light steady.”

    I will admit, when I got home I kind of expected to see 200 coyotes (or as Brenda would say “Wolves”) in the background of these photos. That would have been awesome!

    Aug4-222 web

    I can only assume the coyotes were scared off by Brenda and Leah’s screaming, and as quickly as they started…they stopped and we continued on for the best light of the night.

    Aug4-240 web

    Aug4-264 web

    Aug4-271 web

    Aug4-273 web

    Thank you so much Leah for the fun night! Love you and I’m so proud of you!

    Auntie Chrissy

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    The Best Surprise of All

    Meet M. and A.

    dec1-095 web

    dec1-101 web

    They will soon be welcoming a new addition to their family.  This is their first child and they have no idea if it’s a boy or a girl.  There are few surprises in life and this will be the best surprise of all.

    dec1-034 web

    dec1-038bw web

    dec1-127 web

    dec1-130 web

    A. is glowing and she’s so photogenic!

    dec1-140 web

    dec1-160 web

    As I was photographing them, I was touched by their tender and loving connection.  They laughed through out the session and they both have the best laugh ever! It’s the kind of laugh that makes you want to laugh along with them and you just can’t help but feel happy in their presence. I know they will be incredible parents and a strong example of love and devotion just as they have built within their strong marriage.

    dec1-191 web

    dec1-197 web

    dec1-213 web

    dec1-220 web

    dec1-222 web

    dec1-228 web

    dec1-238 web

    dec1-221 web

    Thank you so much for the wonderful evening! I can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or a girl!


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    Welcoming a boy into the mix

    If you’ve visited my blog before, you will recognize the G. Family…

    Glim11-017r web

    Glim11-100 web

    As I was getting ready for their session, I realized this will be our 11th session together. We’ve laughed through maternity, newborn, and family sessions for 4 years. This session was bitter sweet. Exciting changes happened for their family and they are moving to the States for a career opportunity. Dad was missing from the photos as he is already working there, but he’ll be back to Canada very soon to join in the waiting game as they prepare to welcome their newest addition.

    We’ve become friends through our 11 sessions together. Their sincerity, generosity, and kindness has made a memorable impact on me. They’ve invited me to their kid’s birthday parties, brought me home-made chocolate treats at Christmas, and most importantly they’ve shared the gift of their time. Truthfully, I have tears in my eyes as I write this blog post…I feel such a close bond with them as a family and I sure will miss them.

    Very soon they will be welcoming a baby boy into the mix of all-things-girl. A BOY!!!!

    Glim11-206 web

    Glim11-025 web

    Glim11-026 web

    Glim11-120 web

    Glim11-115 web

    Glim11-194 web

    J. is stunning as always. She’s an incredible Mom and pulls off the role with grace, patience, and beauty…

    Glim11-066 web

    Glim11-174 web

    Glim11-145 web

    We took a small break for snack time, and even during their snack-break they provided the most adorable displays of love to photograph…

    Glim11-148 web

    Glim11-150 web

    Glim11-152 web

    Glim11-035bw vintage web

    Glim11-212bw vintage web

    Glim11-159r web

    Thank you so much for asking me to document this exciting time in your life, and for the memories through our previous sessions as well.

    Much love (mixed with sadness that you are moving, but also mixed with excitement for your future),


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    At the Country Fair with the S. Family

    Meet the S. Family…

    sne1-013 web

    We met at the Vermilion Fair for their family session. I love, love, love the Vermilion fair, and this family is a HUGE reason the fair is as amazing as it is!  It was only suiting that their family session be captured at the fair grounds where they spend much of their time.

    I felt the close bond within their family immediately.  Their family is full of fun, laughter, and love. There is a comfortable and playful love that permeates from the natural exchange between all of them.

    sne1-025 web

    sne1-032 web

    sne1-029r web

    sne1-008r web

    sne1-073 web

    sne1-041 web

    sne1-078 web

    sne1-048 web

    As I turned around after talking to the parents, the cutest little scene unfolded in front of me…

    sne1-097 web

    Proud Grandparents! The love they feel for their grandchildren was evident with every exchange. Lucky in love…

    sne1-105r web2

    sne1-112r web

    After our session in front of the Barn (newly painted this year), we made our way down the midway…

    sne1-121r web

    The kid’s eyes lit up as we passed the carousel…

    sne1-157 web

    sne1-153 web

    sne1-147r web

    Thank you so much for the fun morning! It was a pleasure to wander the fairgrounds without anyone around. You are very blessed to have such an amazing close family.