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    James and Friends

    Meet James…

    Hum1-014 web

    He’s a happy little boy with a big personality. I just want to pinch those cheeks, adorable!

    Meet Jame’s friends Boss and Cain (Yes Boss is the little one).

    Remember that little skit on Sesame Street staring Grover where he screams “Near” and “Far”?  That’s what I thought when I saw these two photos.


    Hum1-171r web

    and “Faaaaaar”…

    Hum1-172 web

    James is well loved let me tell you! His parents shower him with love and affection. It’s no wonder he’s so happy.

    This. Family. is. awesome.

    Hum1-029 web

    Hum1-016 web

    Hum1-017 web

    Hum1-061 web

    Hum1-166 web

    Hum1-075 web

    Hum1-091r web

    Hum1-103r web

    Hum1-118 web

    Hum1-139 web

    Hum1-142 web

    Hum1-144 web

    Oh how I adore silhouette shots. This shot was a little tricky to get given the dogs needed to be in just the right spot, but after a few attempts we got it.

    Hum1-158r web

    Thank you for the fun afternoon! You have a beautiful family!


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    Hiding in Plants with Layla and Jude

    Meet Layla and Jude.

    Hug4-281bw web

    Hug4-283 web

    You’ve seen them here before, back when I chased Layla around the park and Jude was still baking in the oven. Jude was the newborn that smiled through his session, and he continues to smile non-stop….

    Hug4-179 web

    Well unless he’s hungry, and then not so much.

    And on the 5th day of July, in the year of 2012 at the 10th hour of his sad mornin’…I was Jude’s least favourite person in the entire universe for 3.2 seconds…

    Hug4-024 web

    While Jude was eating, Layla asked me to play hide-and-seek.  I learned the most important element of playing hide-and-seek with a 3 year old. Apparently, as long as the hider can’t see the seeker, you are in fact hiding perfectly. So I started counting loudly, and her little legs ran as fast as they could. She stopped abruptly at a plant and proceeded to stuff her head into it screaming “I’m READY”!!!

    Hug4-151 web

    Naturally, I took pictures while she giggled in the plant.

    Then she told me it was my turn…

    Hug4-240 web

    Given I only had to the count of 3 to hide, I chose a wood beam quite a bit skinnier than I am and I closed my eyes because hey it’s the perfect place as long as you can’t see the seeker. After she found my limbs and closed eyes awkwardly jutting from behind my small hiding place, she declared it was Mom’s turn.

    Funniest thing I ever saw was my friend from high school running in circles trying to find a hiding place and then shoving her head in a plant at the last moment. She even looks terrifyingly shocked that Layla found her…

    Hug4-154 web

    Then Layla hid here…

    Hug4-238 web

    and here…

    Hug4-241 web

    FOUND YOU!!!!

    Hug4-242 web

    And with that Jude finished eating and we were on with the session.

    Best. Smile. Ever.

    Hug4-186bw web

    Hug4-234 web

    Hug4-196 web

    Hug4-051 web

    Hug4-081 web

    Hug4-084 web

    Hug4-265 web

    Hug4-270 web

    Hug4-331 web

    Hug4-342 web

    For these shots below, Layla asked me to do summer-saults and back rolls. I learned it’s kinda hard to focus after a few rolls, but anything for a smile and it’s actually impossible to resist Layla’s charm. Marty and Kristen, I don’t know how you say no to any of her requests.

    Hug4-385r web

    Hug4-403 web

    Hug4-317 web

    Hug4-194 web

    Hug4-255 web

    Hug4-318 web

    We ended on a kissy face. Perfect.

    Thank you so much for the session full of laughter! Your kids are hilarious!