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    Leduc Relay for Life 2012 Part One

    I’m not sure I can articulate the range of emotion that lives within a Relay for Life event. My eyes have changed through the years of volunteering as a photographer at the Relay. Five years ago, my dear friend Hope Walls introduced me to the Edmonton Relay for Life event and within minutes my heart was taken by the amazing people that walked the track all of which share a common bond…cancer. Three years ago, my home city Leduc held their very first Relay for Life. My friend Jackie registered “Team Hope” and for the first time I was able to participate in the event as a Relayer along with my lovely girlfriends. I relayed in memory of my Aunty Lorraine, and my friend Chris. Little did I know that just months after walking the track in Leduc’s first Relay, my Dad would be diagnosed with prostate cancer. And so my eyes changed as our family rallied around my Father as he bravely fought cancer.  You view life differently when cancer seeps in, some days it invades like a flood and other days like a dripping tap. But it’s always there, hiding in the shadows. I quickly learned cancer is a family disease.

    This year as the Relay approached, I put off fundraising a little longer than I usually do and I even considered not participating in the relay…because it hurt. It’s been a tough year of treatment for my Dad. And then I realized that’s the whole point. That’s the reason I Relay…To raise funds to fight the monster. To find purpose within chaos. To etch Hope into the landscape of this beautiful life. To support my Father, because he deserves all the support we can give. I set out to raise what I could and littered my facebook news-feed with pleas for donations.

    And then something happened…

    Hope happened.

    I was reduced to tears as the generosity and support of my friends and family poured in to the tune of $5,000.

    This Relay for Life, more than any other, held so much meaning. It represents loss and sorrow. It represents the power of community, support, and friendship.

    But above all, the Relay for Life represents Hope.

    We Celebrated.

    We Remembered.

    We Fought Back.

    Up first was the Survivor banquet.

    Let me introduce you to Matt. He’s an incredibly strong man with a powerful story of survival. After he was done speaking, one gentleman stood up in appreciation and the whole room followed suit.

    Matt Relay Speach web

    Celebrating Survivor Collage2012 web

    After the supper, we made our way outside for the survivor group photo and balloon release.

    Relay12-064 web

    Relay12-072 web

    Relay12-080 web

    Survivor Balloon Release 2012 web

    They kicked off the Relay with the first lap.

    Relay12-105 web

    It was so good to see familiar faces from the last two Relays.

    Relay12-116 web

    Relay12-120 web

    Relay12-131 web

    Relay12-134 web

    This is Al, he is such a sweet man!

    Relay12-136 web

    Relay12-147 web

    Relay12-159 web

    The Relay teams on their first lap…

    I think Leduc has one of the prettiest walking tracks for the Relay.

    Relay12-187 web

    Relay12-191 web

    Relay12-282 web

    These two lovely angels greeted us with a “hello” at every lap, and a “Good Morning” as the sun rose.

    Relay12-284 web

    Relay12-286 web

    The amazing team Hier Power who raised an astonishing $15,500!

    Hier Power 2012 web

    I was honoured to be a part of Team Hope. Together we raised $8,670. I sure do love these soft-hearted girls…

    Team Hope 2012 web

    Even if you aren’t participating in the Relay, the event is a wonderful place to bring the kids for some fun.  There’s always lots to see and do.

    The Leduc Kanata Gymnastics Club put on an amazing show of young talent.

    Relay12-227 web

    Relay Gymnast 2012 web

    Relay Gymnasts 2012 web

    Relay12-293 web

    Relay12-313 web

    As I ran the track, I was very touched by the messages of encouragement to all on some of the luminaries….

    Luminary 2012 web

    We were blessed with beautiful weather, it was even made sweeter as we remembered last year’s June snow storm. The sun shone brilliantly warming all of us Relayers on the track.

    Click here for PART TWO of the Relay. It was a beautiful sight to see when the sun went down.

    *All images are copyright of the Canadian Cancer Society

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    Leduc Relay for Life 2012 Part Two

    As the sun went down, Christine McCourt made her way to the stage to speak at the Luminary Ceremony. Her speech touched all of our hearts. She is such a strong, devoted, and empathetic woman.

    Relay12-349 web

    After a moment of silence we made our way to our luminaries to light them.

    In honour of my soft-hearted Dad Ralph Dicke, who greets each day with a smile and a heart full of gratitude…

    Relay12-354 web

    Yes, there is Hope Dad.

    Relay12-410 web

    In memory of our Aunty Lorraine. We miss her vivacious spirit and caring heart…

    Relay12-351 web

    In memory of my dear friend Chris who’s infectious laughter still sings within my memory. I wish I could stop by her house for a coffee and talk about how amazing her daughter is.

    Relay12-353 web

    Along this silent track there are stories that live within each luminary lit…

    Relay12-360 web

    There is more loss than one person should endure in a lifetime.

    Cheryl Hier 2012 web

    There are tears of remembrance and hope for strength…

    Relay12-392 web

    Relay12-362 web

    There is respect and understanding…

    Relay12-370 web

    Relay12-372 web

    Relay12-374 web

    Relay12-412 web

    And most importantly, Hope lives at the Relay for Life.  It is the very promise that urges us to the Relay.

    Glorious Hope…

    Relay12-405 web

    Relay12-402 web

    Relay12-429 web

    As I was taking these photos, the “Hope” luminaries magically transformed into “Cure”.

    Relay12-419 web

    In Part One, I introduced you to “Al”. He told me that he had a luminary along the track in memory of his Mom. It was only when I downloaded these photos that I realized I laid down in front of his precious luminary to take this photo…

    Relay12-445 web

    Relay12-459 web

    Relay12-463 web

    Given the much better weather, the night flew by fast and before we knew it the sun peaked over the skyline. I walked by this devoted young team enjoying the sunrise.

    Relay12-482 web

    Relay12-489 web

    Relay12-494 web

    Relay12-507 web

    Relay12-515 web

    Relay12-527 web

    Relay12-522 web

    7:00 a.m. marked the end of the Relay and as we were came together for the closing ceremony, I turned around and saw the same team that enjoyed that sunrise gathered together in a supportive group hug.

    How amazing is that?

    Relay12-536 web

    Thank you to the organizing committee of this year’s Leduc Relay for Life. You did an amazing job. Much respect!

    Click HERE to go to my facebook page where I’ve uploaded more photos from the event. I will continue to add photos to it as I edit. If anyone wishes to order a print of one of the photos you see here, please use the contact form on this blog to send me an e-mail or give me a call at 780.980.0703.  All proceeds will go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society.

    See you next  year,


    *All images are copyright of the Canadian Cancer Society

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    Beautiful Brandy Six Weeks Later

    If you follow my blog, you will no doubt remember buff Brandy!  She booked two fitness shoots six weeks apart to document her hard work as she trains for the Alberta’s which is only days away.

    Click HERE to view her fitness shoot from six weeks ago. My jaw literally dropped at the difference in her body within such a short six week period!  I have so much respect for her dedication, motivation, and work ethic.

    Here are two comparison shots to show what Brandy has accomplished with her hard-work!

    Brandy's 6 Week Transformation web

    Brandy's 6 Week Transformation2 web

    You amaze me Brandy!

    2-005 web

    2-107 web

    2-092 web

    2-093 web

    2-141 web

    2-126 web

    Brandy's Poses web2

    2-228bw web

    2-298bw web

    2-171rbw web

    2-255 web

    Good luck Brandy! I have no doubt you will be successful.