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    Beautiful M.

    Meet beautiful M.

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    This session was a celebration of who she is as a woman. She is beautiful both inside and out.

    If I could use one word to describe her, it would be Authentic. Through times of adversity in her life, her spirit has grown in strength and character. Through it all, she has tapped into her true self. Her authenticity is a gift; it allows others the freedom to be themselves. A genuine and accepting heart is a rare find; it’s a true measure of beauty.

    Among the gift of authenticity, she is also confident, intelligent, fun, spiritual, kind, and soft-hearted. She has this brilliant genuine smile that travels to her eyes and turns into a twinkle. Her smile immediately transfers to others and you can feel the joy in her heart when you spend time with her.  During the session, her favourite music played in the background. She has music in her soul let me tell you! I spent the entire session with a smile on my face and at one point, broke out into spontaneous dance along with her. You just can’t help but feel her amazing energy. Thank you for that!

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    This last photo touches my heart, with tears in her eyes I could feel the range of emotions she felt as we celebrated the amazing woman she is. Thank you M. for sharing the gift of your true self with me, I left with a full-heart. You inspire me.

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    There is nothing better than capturing a woman’s true beauty.

    All you women out there, you are beautiful!  We can be so hard on ourselves.  We wait for the “right” time to be photographed, but the right time is now! Beautiful is confidence, wisdom, knowledge, and strength.

    Be good to yourself, because you are amazing.


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    Why I Relay for Life 2012

    Many of you have supported my Father’s journey as he’s been fighting Prostate cancer.  You have no idea how much your well wishes, thoughts, prayers, and support means to my Dad.

    You see my Dad is the most social person I have ever met.  His smile lights up a room, and he loves to meet new people. In fact where ever we go, most often than not he runs into someone he knows. This happens in the most obscure and remote areas. I can only assume it is his mission to talk to every human he comes into contact with.

    His heart is so generous. He would give you the shirt off his back, and he would even buy you an extra one. The very thing that drives him forward in life is to help others with words of kindness, gestures big and small, and the gift of his accepting heart.

    He makes me proud of him daily.  My heart also breaks for him daily as he struggles with his health.

    Cancer has taken little pieces away from my Dad that are a part of who he is as a man. It has invaded parts of his pride, dignity, joy, energy, and health. However, cancer has not succeeded in taking away any part of his Faith nor his Hope.  If anything, it has allowed his Faith and Hope to grow and by sharing his story, he has supported and uplifted others who share and understand this fight.

    Here’s the thing, talk ing about cancer is uncomfortable.  It’s ugly. But how can we not talk about it?  I don’t know many people who aren’t touched by cancer in some way.  But what if we didn’t talk about it? What if we kept all talk of cancer behind closed doors because it’s too personal to talk about?  How will we ever hope to find a cure if we don’t do something? How would we raise awareness?

    But I have to share something that cancer has given us as a family. This ugly disease has brought our family closer. It’s taught us to appreciate the gift of health, because it is indeed a gift. It’s taught us to value life, cherish those we love, tell our loved ones how much they mean to us, laugh a little more, and complain a lot less. And don’t sweat the small stuff!

    I know I’ve shared photos of my Dad before, but here’s a little video featuring my soft-hearted Dad. (Click the link below)

    Why I Relay for Life Video 2012

    On June 15th, 2012 I will once again be joining Team Hope in the Leduc Relay for Life as a way to fight back.

    Team Hope Collage web copy
    Team Hope, Last year 2011

    From 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. we will be walking the track in honour of my Dad, in memory of my Aunt Lorraine and my friend Chris, and in honour/memory of my team mate’s loved ones. I’m excited to capture the event through photography as well, click HERE to view photos from last year’s Relay. If you would like to join the fight by making a donation, please click:


    All donations big and small make a difference!  The Canadian Cancer Society advance in their research towards finding a cure each year with the help of your donations.  You can make a difference. No one can take away our hope. Let’s join together to fight this fight. If we don’t come together to make a difference, who will?

    I will leave you with a photo of my Dad taken on Easter Sunday. Awww, he’s so cute.

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    From my Dad’s heart to yours,


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    Grandma’s Hands

    These are the beautiful hands of my Grandma who will soon be 95.

    These hands have carried pails of milk, worked the field, prepared many home-cooked meals, and swaddled babies.

    But above all, these hands trace the words within her well-worn and much loved bible which she reads daily. The living word has shaped her life for 95 years.

    I will treasure these photos for the rest of my life.

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    Grandmas Hands6

    These are my Grandma’s hands. The soft and steady hands that lovingly knit wash cloths and mittens for those she adores.

    Grandmas Hands7

    Grandmas Hands8 web

    And this is her tea pot. She’s poured many a cup of tea for her guests who come to visit.

    Grandmas Hands9

    I took these photos on Easter Sunday after family dinner.

    Five days later, my Grandma fell and broke her hip. Just two days ago, she had surgery and is now recovering in Edmonton.  She is one tough woman!

    The day before her surgery, I went to sit with her.  She was of course worried about her surgery, and all the recovery ahead of her. Laying on the table beside her hospital bed was her beloved bible.  I picked it up and asked her if she would like me to read to her.

    As I read, all the worry and stress faded away from her face.  She laid peacefully still with her eyes closed, one finger resting on her lip.  At times when I thought she was sleeping, I would quit reading for a moment.  As soon as I stopped, she opened one eye with a look that told me to keep going.

    In those moments while I was reading, there was no pain on her face, only peace.

    We read through the entire book of Matthew, and then I read various verses that I saw were underlined.



    My Grandma is an amazing testament to the power of Faith.

    We are so blessed to have her as a role model for our big loving family.

    I Love you Grandma!


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    Welcome Beautiful Baby Hannah

    Meet my cousin’s sweet addition, Miss Hannah…

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    Isn’t she beautiful?! She’s 8 weeks old, and has the brightest eyes.

    Meet her big sister Hailey…

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    I hadn’t officially met Hailey until this session, the last time I saw her she looked like this…

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    If you have the honour of spending any amount of time with their family you will feel a whole lot of love within it. They are amazing.

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    Congratulations!!! My kids are so excited to have another baby cousin to love. You are very blessed!

    Love: Christine

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    Meet Stephen.

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    I met Stephen a few years ago through a dear friend. I was so happy he contacted me to photograph him for his business head shots.

    Stephen is the Business Development Manager for Iamfx.com

    He’s kind, genuine, smart, and talented. The future is very bright for you my friend!

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    Thank you for the fun morning!