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Hanging with the K. Family

Meet the K. Family

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They are lots of fun…

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I was so excited when Megan asked me to photograph this amazing time in their lives, and also a little nervous since Megan is a talented photographer with such a genuine, pure, and unique style.  She rocks. Check out her work here if you want to feel a whole range of tug-at-your heart emotions:

As I was getting ready for their session I was remembering my Elementary school days.  Why? Because Megan’s Mom Mrs. Bauer was my favourite Elementary school teacher. She was (and still is) the most patient, engaging, and fun music teacher IN THE WORLD.  She had this commanding yet gentle fun way of gaining the whole school’s attention during assembly.  She would clap a rhythmic little series, and we would clap back.  Vermilion peeps, you know what I’m talking about, there’s undoubtedly clapping going on in your mind right now and if I say “Ta Ta Tee Tee Ta”, you will revert back to your Vermilion Elementary School days.

So onto more of the story…Megan is creative, talented and musical. We grew up together in the same church and I watched her grow in talent and beauty. The best part about Megan is her authentic, quirky, fun, and genuine personality.  She later fell in love with Kyle who is a funny, kind, and gentle soul. They are a PERFECT match. He’s also a talented musician and they would often lend their musical talent to the Sunday morning worship team. After I moved to Leduc, I was back in Vermilion to shoot a wedding and I ran into Megan at the wedding. She told me she had a passion for photography and I told her about Hope Walls who I was taking workshops from in Edmonton. Megan took the workshops the next year, and we had the opportunity to both be a part of team “Clickin’ Cancer’s Butt” photographing the Edmonton Relay for Life a few years ago.

Fast forward to today…Megan and Kyle have a sweet, curious, full-of-energy 2 year old little boy named Sully, and baby #2 on the way. Yesterday, I was lucky to capture this incredible stage in their lives. I was so excited when Megan told me her Mom would be coming along to the session, it brought back great childhood memories and I wanted to clap when I saw her. 😉

Without further adieu…Meet the BEST music teacher in the world, Mrs. Bauer (who is obviously head-over-heels in love with her grandson)

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Enough talk, onto a sneak peek of their fun family love story….

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Thank you so much for the fun morning. You are so blessed (and the best part is: you know just how blessed you truly are).

Love: Christine


  • Megan Keller

    Oh my goodness…Words cannot even describe how in love I am with each and every one of those! You TOTALLY captured our family to a tee and I could not have asked for anything better. P.S. We also had to send Sully away with Gramma and Grampa for the first time just before looking at these — first time Mommy will be away. So OF COURSE – I bawled tears of joy even harder seeing these of my lovely, wonderful little family. So thank you for everything that you do, Christine! We ARE very blessed. 🙂

  • Megan Keller

    Haha! Thanks Hope! You might think I’m a cute preggy lady — but I don’t think I’m a very pleasant one! 😀

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