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    It’s a Girl! Welcome Sweet Charly

    Last month, I met up Linda and Greg for a snowy maternity session (check them out HERE). They had no idea if they were having a boy or a girl, and many of their friends (including me) thought they were definitely having a boy.

    Just 9 days ago, they welcomed sweet baby girl Charly into their hearts and family! She’s perfect in every way, and completely adorable!

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    She can already Vogue… 😉

    3-108-1 web

    Charly is surrounded by a ridiculous amount of lot of love and support. She has three siblings to look after her. They argue over who gets to hold her next, and they can’t get enough of her.

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    She looks so much like her Dad. This picture makes my heart melt…

    Glaicar Collage web

    It’s amazing seeing my dear friend Linda so happy. She looks fabulous. She takes on the role of Mom to four with such style; she makes it look easy!

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    Congratulations! It was such an honour documenting this amazing time in your lives.


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    Welcome Sweet Baby Knox

    Meet sweet baby Knox…

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    Isn’t he adorable?! He also happens to be my cousin’s little guy! I am so happy for her family. He was so good through out the entire session…sleeping, smiling, and cuddling. He’s perfect.

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    Along with the smiles, he also has a serious side…

    0-089bw web

    As I was taking this photo, Knox reached up and grasped his Daddy’s hands. Heart melt!

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    Congratulations, and thank you so much for letting me play with Knox. He’s so cute!


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    Hey Jude, You are Adorable!

    Meet the completely adorable baby Jude.

    3-037 web

    Jude’s family have been dreaming of his arrival, and we got together last Autumn for a family maternity session to capture this amazing time in their lives. Click HERE to take a peek.

    He’s finally here, and he seems pretty happy about it! He’s only 8 days old, and already smiling at Mom…

    3-049 web

    3-051 web

    Jude was in no mood to sleep at the beginning of our session. He spent the first hour  looking around and taking it all in…

    3-017 web

    3-025 web

    He finally got tuckered out, with a little help from his Mom’s loving touch…

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    3-067 web

    3-064 web

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    3-134 web

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    3-081 web

    Isn’t he precious?! We sure lucked out with the smiles, it must be a sign he’s going to be one happy little boy!

    Thank you for coming to visit, I loved every minute of it.


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    The F. Family of Four, Soon to be Five

    Meet the F. Family…

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    They will soon welcome a new addition! There is no doubt this baby will be surrounded by a lot of love….

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    These two love birds celebrated their anniversary the day after our session. There’s so much tenderness and love between them. Happy Anniversary!!!

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    0-304 web

    You are so beautiful C.!

    0-399 web

    0-407 web

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    0-224 web

    I was just about to take the photo below, when at the very last second, sweet T.

    popped in behind Mom and Dad. The look on her face is full of love.

    0-425 web

    0-432rbw web

    Congratulations F. Family! I can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or a girl. You are one lucky family.


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    My Favourite Personal Photo of 2011

    Now that we are into 2012, I’ve been looking back at some photos from 2011.

    As I look back, there is a clear favourite image that makes my heart sing every time I look at it.  I come from a big family; I have 5 sisters. It’s hard for all us 6 girls to get together in one place and when we do it’s full of laughter and chaos. We have 16 kids between us 6 sisters, and it’s amazing to see our kids playing together just as we did growing up.

    I happened across this cousin-moment at Thanksgiving. There was no time to think about camera settings and exposure, just enough time to click one frame.

    One frame that I need to frame….

    Oct8-141 web

    I hope your day is ridiculously amazing,